A Glimpse Into the Past

By Andie O'Neill

Summary: It's been years since John Sheppard was thrown into the future, and now it seems to be Lieutenant Colonel Jason Sheppard's turn to take a little trip in time, only this time it's the past… but what is he supposed to be fixing, and why were his friends sent along with him?

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Part Four "Identity Crisis"

When the strange man had collapsed on the steps, Elizabeth immediately noticed. Rushing out of her office she hurried to check on the officer wearing military clothing. "What happened?" she asked one of the technicians.

"I don't know ma'am… he just collapsed."

He was pale, and his skin was clammy. Not a good sign. "We better get this man to the infirmary. Call Doctor Carson. Tell him we have a medical emergency in the gateroom."

"Yes ma'am."

Elizabeth looked back down at the man lying before her. She moved to check his eyes, hoping he'd awake, but there was no movement. Strange. He looked almost familiar, but she knew she'd never met him before. He must be an officer on the Daedulus. It would explain why he looked so familiar, but one of the reasons why he looked familiar was his likeness to John Sheppard. Same hair, same eyes… even the facial structure was similar, only his hair seemed lighter, with a hardly noticeable highlight of strawberry. Weird.

"What's the problem?" asked Carson as he ran towards them, making Elizabeth jump.

"He passed out, we don't know why. I think he might be an officer from the Daedulus. Do you have all the medical records from the Daedulus?"

"Aye, of course. Alright people, let's get him up!"

Elizabeth watched as Carson's nurses helped the man onto the stretcher and took him away. She'd have to check on them later to see what was going on. In the meantime she'd have to contact Caldwell and let him know. It seemed fate just didn't want to give her a break just yet.

After Jason was out the door, the rest turned to each other. It was becoming time for them to part ways for the day. "Well, I better get going. I bet Ani's probably wondering what the hell happened to me… I'm surprised she didn't hunt me down," Ian muttered as smoothed out his clothes and brushed down his hair with his fingers.

"I should be in the infirmary right about now," Malcolm added, straightening himself out as well.

"I think I'll go try and find Jason. See how much trouble he's in," Lena told the other two, moving her hair behind her ears.

Ian nodded, walking out the door. After about four seconds he walked back inside, a disturbed look on his face. "Okay… we may have a slight problem…."

"What?" questioned Lena, walking over to him.

"Ummm… well I just saw my mom and dad walk past making dinner plans," he explained.

"Ian… you're mother passed away when you were ten," Malcolm reminded him as if he'd forgotten.

"Yeah… that's why we may have a slight problem here! Obviously something is a little screwy if my sixty-something year old father and my DEAD mother are having a brief talk about upcoming plans! We gotta figure out what's going on here."

"Oh crap…."

"What Mal?" Lena turned around to look at her older brother.

"Anyone else remember what happened yesterday during our little celebration?"

"Not a clue," said Ian.

"It's all foggy," Lena added.

"We may have more than a slight problem here."

"Maybe we should just focus on finding out where we are before we worry about our memories."

"That's not what I meant. I DO remember a little about yesterday. Ian, remember that story you told me about when Colonel Sheppard went forward in time? You were a teenager at the time. My father told me that this strange device that looked much like a lava lamp brought John to the future."

"What does that have to do with anything, Mal?"

"Lena… I REMEMBER SEEING the lava lamp device. Ian accidentally knocked some things over so we tried to put everything back… including the device that took John to the future!"

"Oh… my… god. We must be in the past," Ian whispered, groaning at the thought.

"No wait… dad said he LOOKED like the John from their timeline, Mal. I checked myself in the mirror, and I look just like me."

"Well we can't be sent into our past selves if we're not born yet," Ian reminded her.

"Oh god… that can't be good," said Lena.

"We need to find Jason!" exclaimed Ian. The three ran out the door. "Ani is gonna kill me if we ever find a way back to our timeline."

Jason groaned, slowly opening his eyes just in time to see Doctor Carson Beckett talking softly with Doctor Weir… this was just too weird. "It seems he just fainted, nothing too serious, although he did manage to dislocate his shoulder during the fall. I've taken care of that and he should be just fine… have you contacted Colonel Caldwell to check and see if this young man is one of his men?"

"Two of his men, a Major Seinfeld and a Lieutenant Colonel Fockner may fit the description we gave him. He's going to check it out just in case. In the meantime we wait for him to wake up and we'll figure things out from there."


Oh crap, this was NOT good! He's so screwed. He's gotta think of something… quick! Oh screw it! Jason groaned, slowly sitting down, getting the other's attention. "Ah, you're awake," Elizabeth noted, walking over to his side.

Jason sat up, noticing suddenly the fact that his arm was in a sling.

"You took a bit of a fall, young man. You dislocated your shoulder."

"Right," he muttered, looking at the two. They looked so… young.

"Aye, well I've looked over everything, and you seem to be just fine other than the shoulder. Do you know why you might have fainted son?"

"Oh I have a bit of an idea…."

"And?" Elizabeth asked.

Jason shifted in the bed. "I need to talk to Colonel Sheppard… immediately. It's important."

"What's wrong?" Carson asked, folding his arms.

"Nothing… not a thing, I just need to speak with him. He's the only person who'll understand."

"Of course, but first, could you perhaps tell me your name? Are you from the Daedalus?"

Jason shook his head. "I'm from Atlantis… just not the one you're familiar with. My name is Jason, and I'll explain everything, just bring John here. It's important if I'm ever to get back."

"Back where?" Elizabeth asked, completely confused.

"Back home, Elizabeth. I need to get home."

John walked into the infirmary to see Elizabeth sitting on one of the cots. "So… you said someone needs to see me?"

Elizabeth nodded her head. "He's not just anyone… he knows things… I think the reason he wants to talk to you has something to do with what happened a couple years back before my… coma."

"What do you mean?"

Elizabeth sighed. "Come on… you really need to talk to him."

John frowned, knowing she looked a little shaken up, why he wasn't sure. Elizabeth took him to a back room and opened the curtain where a young man was standing… he looked familiar, but he still wasn't sure why he'd been called. "Hello…" John greeted.

"John? It's Jason!" he said, looking almost relieved.

"Uh… hi… Jason… nice to meet you."

"You don't recognize me?" Jason asked, suddenly looking pale.

John frowned, confused. "Should I?"

The young man… Jason took a step back, confused. "You touched a device… it sent you into the future."

John frowned, surprised. "And you are?"

Jason ran a hand through his hair, looking more disturbed by the minute. "Who am I?! Who am I?! I'm your son! Jason Sheppard! You were sent to the future to save your marriage… your future marriage. You don't remember any of it?!"

John's eyes widened as he looked over at Elizabeth. Without delay he reached into his pocket and fished for the necklace he'd kept with him since he'd awoken, completely confused about what had happened.

Jason looked down at the necklace and smiled. "That was mom's."

John nodded. "I do know you… don't I?"

Jason smiled.

"Uh… could anybody fill me in on what just happened here?" Elizabeth asked finally.

"How the heck did you get here?" John asked, completely ignoring Elizabeth's question.

Jason blushed. "Uh… that would be a long story. But something tells me we really need to find Rodney… and quick. Whatever's going on… I have a feeling McKay'll know what to do."

John turned to look at Elizabeth, who was still staring at the two completely in the dark. "Well?"

"Doctor Elizabeth Weir… meet my future son… Jason-"