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Thoughts of Mizuki flew through her older brother's head. When he had come home and discovered her gone, he was disappointed. After all, he was her older brother and he was away at college. He thought that she would respect him a little more and tell him she was leaving. But, he couldn't stay disapointed at his baby sister. When he had finally recieved a letter from her, she sounded happy, so he had no choice but to seem happy for her.

Halfway up the driveway, he paused when he heard loud noises coming from the neighbor's yard. Fearing the worse, he ran into the backyard, quickly opening and closing the gate to the fence. He peered over the fence, only to find Julia, Mizuki's best friend, singing loudly to music. "Julia was the one making the awful noises," he thought, but ended up saying aloud.

Not realizing anyone was around until Shizuki spoke up, Julia immediately stopped singing and stalked over to the fence.

"Are you saying I'm a bad singer, even though you know I have won many contests with this very same voice!" she shrieked over the fence, standing with her hands on her hips and an annoyed grin on her face. Julia had started performing at young age and began taking voice lessons at a young age, which Shizuki had to hear about constantly from Mizuki, who was always bragging about her friend.

Shizuki's cheeks flushed red and he didn't know what to say. Girls were so temperamental, the wrong thing could set them off and he would be the one to live with the consequences. The last thing he needed right now was an angry Julia for a neighbor, especially since Mizuki tended to call Julia more often than she called him.

"I didn't mean it, I swear. It's probably just the original singer or the recording you have," he stammered out, trying to make it sound like an apology.

"That's not true. This has been digitally remastered from the original. Nothing's going to get you out of this one. I guess I'll just have to tell Mizuki all about what you did and all the horrible things you've done since she's been gone!" Julia shouted back, before letting an evil grin settle on her face. She knew how much Shizuki adored his little sister and if Mizuki was mad at him, it would just about kill him. He'd do anything to make Mizuki happy, as obvious by the fact that he allowed her to stay in Japan when he really wanted her home.

"What is the name of the song anyways? It sounds old. And don't you dare tell Mizuki anything," Shizuki pleaded.

"If you don't want me to tell Mizuki, it's going to cost you. Oh, the song is a classic called 'It's In His Kiss'. I have an outdoor performance and I need to practice these kinds of acoustics," Julia added knowing Shizuki would agree to her requests. As an afterthought, Julia added quietly, "You should know the song, after all, you're ancient."

"Fine, fine. What's it going to cost me?" he sighed as he turned around to look in his wallet, knowing there would be something involving money. He did not expect her first request.

"Oh it's quite simple. All you have to do is show up to the performance. It's going to be held at the town park this Saturday. I'm performing around eight, so don't be late!" With that, Julia turned around, walked away from the fence, headed into her house, and slammed the door shut.

Shizuki slid down the fence, leaning against it as he thought about her request. It was a simple request, considering she could have demanded a lot more from him. She could have demanded dinner, money, or worse. Shizuki didn't want to think about his little sister's friend like that, but she was a beautiful girl, even if she was a lot younger than him. Wait, why did that even cross his mind? He shook his head and headed inside his own house, trying to think what he was doing Saturday night. He hadn't had a date in ages because he was overwhelmed with being an intern.

Settling into the most comfortable chair in the house, he though back to his last date, where the girl told him he looked spacey and that he needed more sleep. He apologized profusely, but never saw the girl again. That was almost two months ago, he realized. Sure, girls had approached him, but none of them were his type. Most were just interested in his looks, but he wanted a girl who was more entertaining to talk to than look at. Looks change more easily than a personality, he reasoned.

Why was he even worried about a girlfriend now? She had just asked him to watch her perform, right? There were no other conditions. Maybe he could also convince her to talk Mizuki into coming home. Sure, he had just visited her in Japan, but he missed his baby sister, though he supposed he should be used to it by now, she had run off once before and ended up quite far from home. As the older brother, he had to go rescue her, lecture her, and then give her a brief hug. That was the job of the older brother and he hated being useless and having to go through Julia.

Julia flopped down onto her bed, wondering why she had even asked Shizuki to go watch her perform. It wasn't a big event, just something the town was putting on for the senior citizens of the community. She could have asked for a ridiculous number of things, including ice cream which she had been craving. Her particular favorite was any kind of ice cream with cookie dough, but she only ordered it on special occasions. Well this was a special occasion, wasn't it? Shizuki was paying attention to her, even if it was only because she had threatened to tell his precious little sister, oh that Mizuki! If only that fence hadn't been her in way, Julia probably would have punched Shizuki, but the fence protected both of them. Now she would at least have someone in the audience cheering for her besides her boyfriend Matt.

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