"If only I could make you mine," Julia thought while she drank what Shizuki called 'Death by Chocolate.' Without ever even asking if she wanted him there or not, he just sat there as she poured her soul out to him. Why she was so upset over losing Matt, who had been her first serious boyfriend of over a year and he had thrown it all away for some random fling? Sure she had boyfriends in middle school, but those didn't really count.

As she babbled on about missing Mizuki and not really having any one to talk about something like, Shizuki smiled, knowing how much his presence meant to the poor girl. She was obviously hysterical about losing her boyfriend so suddenly and he wished he could take all of her pain away. At the same time, he didn't want to just be a rebound and didn't want to do anything rash. He cursed himself silently for being the rational one, but knew someone had to be rational and it usually wasn't the one crying over her now ex-boyfriend who had cheated.

Julia asked if he minded watching a movie with her, as having someone around helped when she fell asleep. Falling asleep in the recliner was a habit she had picked up recently while her parents argued upstairs about her leaving for Japan. Shizuki agreed, adding that they should watch a comedy, voicing that Monty Python and the Holy Grail was always a classic movie that one could fall asleep in the middle of and not really miss too much.

Julia agreed and the two of them settled into the family room, with Julia lying back on the recliner and Shizuki sitting down on the loveseat. About 45 minutes into the movie, Julia was no closer to falling asleep, but Shizuki obviously was in a deep sleep as little snores could be heard coming from his direction.

Gently shaking Shizuki awake, Julia wondered what she would do now. Before she could say anything Shizuki headed towards the back door. Not wanting him to leave without her saying anything, she followed quickly.

"Thank you for everything Shizuki," Julia whispered.

"Seriously Julia, if you need anything, ever, please don't hesitate," Shizuki added.

"I know, really," Julia responded before standing on her toes and kissing Shizuki on the cheek, not wanting to overstep her bounds.

"G'night Julia," Shizuki said in one breath, since he now wanted to leave faster than before. What had that kiss meant? Just friends? More than friends?

"If only I could make her mine," Shizuki thought as he headed across the yard inside. Knowing she was leaving soon made this situation more complicated than it already was.