They All Fall Down

Notes: Okay...this one is twisted. In case dark stuff doesn't appeal to anyone, I thought I'd put a note up here so no one would find out too late. I thought it would be interesting to try a story focusing around Legato after so many about Vash. Call me crazy...but Legato's really fun to write!

In the end, they all fall down, but just for a moment—for even a second—he loves the feeling that he feels right now.

They move around him as he looks down at his hands, not daring to lift his gaze. Is this what family is? Gentle laughter strains to his ears, bringing an eerie smile to his soft, pale lips. His teeth catch the lower lip and chew it thoughtfully, nervously, before letting it go. A hand alights on his shoulder and a voice says, "You'd better hurry up! We're going outside to play!"

He doesn't look at her face but he knows it by heart. Pale hair, doe-brown and chin length, caresses her beautiful face. Angular features are complimented by the smile of kindness that always turns her pink mouth up. The smile runs all the way to her emerald eyes. Her walk is graceful, quick and yet unhurried. Her name is Fawn. She is sixteen. A small boy follows her out the door. Again without looking, the indigo-haired child recalls the young one's face. Blond hair, this time, sticking out in odd places. Buck teeth and a grin that rivals the sun. Brown eyes like chocolate, and a laugh that makes grumpy old men smile. Ethan; six years old.

The parents have the same brown hair, except the man's is straight, thick, and flecked generously with gray while the woman's is still solidly brown, falling in ringlet curls down a long, compassionate face. Their names are Samuel and Eden.

The father walks to join the girl, and for the briefest of moments, he allows his gaze to move enough to see the father's beckoning hand. He can imagine the words. Son, come join us!

His breath catches in his throat and the boy falls forward onto his hands, tears dripping from eyes that do not match his mother's or father's, eyes that are the deepest of amber-yellow, animalistic and brimming with sorrow. The tears make silent tracks down his face, but his expression reflects none of his sorrow because he doesn't know how to show it. What he wouldn't give for a warm embrace right now.

That's what family is for.

Fawn walks slowly inside, soft voice cooing whispers of comfort. Her arms wrap around him and he at last does the thing he's been avoiding. He looks up to her expressionless face. All this time, he has expected it, braced himself for it, but he can't help the horrible emptiness that spreads inside him upon looking at her. Those eyes are lightless, blank, and the smile is a forced grimace over her teeth. Her skin, usually pale, is waxy and without warmth. The embrace presses her freezing cold skin to his neck, and he feels sick.

"What's wrong?" he makes the lifeless voice speak.

He blinks and lets more tears fall down his face. Her voice does not soothe him.

Ethan wanders inside, skipping, and Samuel and Eden walk behind him. The yellow-eyed boy looks at them, at the tilted heads and expressionless faces, and he hears dusty words of comfort.

With a sob, he uncrosses his arms and the family drops lifelessly to the ground, falling without care for themselves, because they are dead. He grins maliciously at himself. Malice. This is an emotion he knows, an expression his face can make. He is weak to do this. He's weak to wonder what family is like, what love is like. In life they smile, but that smile stays on their face as they betray. They release their allegiance with honey and kisses.

He knows this. He knows their flaws. Why then, does he still desire the warmth of an embrace?

"I don't need you!" he screams at the corpses. He gets to his feet in a house that is not his own and races from the door.

He doesn't. He doesn't need this love...this warmth...this security. It can end too fast.

Because in the end...they all fall down.

Author's Notes: Want a family? Kill one and control them remotely. Eek. Legato is scary. Or maybe, by association, I'm scary? I sure hope not. (hugs fluffy teddy bear) See? I'm all sweetness and light. This is placed at some time in Legato's childhood, and could be either anime or manga-verse, since the origins of his abilities are rather vague in both. is it? Please Review?