So. Superman was back.


Super Man.

He wore an "S" on his chest. An "S". What kind of screwed up family crest was that? And tights? And a cape? He even curled his hair, for God's sake. That obnoxious, stupid, flimsy curl that just lay on his forehead, which was obviously fake.

God dammit, he couldn't even hate the man.

How could he? Superman saved screaming women and crying children. He lifted continents into space, foiled the plans of master criminals, and righted planes from near disaster. He held the world on his shoulders. Atlas. God among men. He had the power to control all of Earth, and instead he used his strength for good. Good. Truth, justice . . . And not just the American way, but the way of all, the way of humans, and he wasn't even one of them, he was an alien. He did all this because it was right.

How could you hate a person like that?

How could you win against a person like that?

He sat down in his chair, swiveling to face the wall instead of the windows into the rest of his workplace. The wall, hung with pictures of her. His love. The mother of his child. The one woman he would give the world for.

Only the world wasn't his to give.

How could he beat someone who took her flying? Who appeared in a swirl of red and blue and launched himself back into space, leaving you wanting more? What could a mere mortal offer, that Superman could not give twice over?

Lois was his everything. His life. And he wasn't going to stop fighting for her, wasn't going to back away.

But it was inevitable, wasn't it? In the end, Lois would pick Superman. In her heart, that was her choice. Even if she stayed here, she would always love Superman more. Theirs was a love written by destiny, that of star struck lovers.

Christ. Christ. Why did he have to be the wrong one? The obstruction. He loved her. Wasn't that enough?

Why wasn't it enough?

If Superman landed on their deck today and extended his hand and said, "Come with me," Lois would reach out and take it. And fly away.

And when she came back home and smoothed her tousled hair and pretended nothing had happened, he would pretend along with her. Because he wanted to. Because he wanted her and her love, and this would be the only way he could have it, and he knew that in time, even this would slip away. For a day would come when the alien god took her away to an ice castle in the Artic, and never came back.

But Richard would wait for her anyway, vain as it may be. For one could not love the same woman as Superman and expect to come out first.

I will always love you, Lois.

But so would Superman.