Disclaimer: The characters described, appearing, or mentioned are not the creations of the author, who is not so good at the "making up interesting characters" thing.
He can tell that it's bothering her. He might be engrossed, but he's not heartless, although the spandex-clad woman whose bones are just starting to give under the steady, relentless pressure of the Omnidroid's massive claw might disagree. He can see that Mirage is turning pale and faintly green, and he can see the horrified tears gathering at the corners of her eyes.

It's not a surprise, either – it's the first time he's ever let her watch this with him, so it'd probably just be scary if she took it all in with a maniacal giggle.

But he knows she's stubborn as hell, too, and she'd probably trade places with the broken, bloodied heap on the jungle floor before she'd admit that she's about to be sick or she's going to wake up screaming from the nightmares for weeks. So it doesn't surprise him, either, when she stands abruptly, but doesn't scream or cry or beg him to call off the Omnidroid, just heads for the door, gait as upright and graceful as ever, after muttering something about needing some air.

Notes: Okay, this is kind of a reworking of my Syndrome/Mirage entry for the 1sentence livejournal community. I really frickin' loved that thing, but I didn't want to submit a big, random, meandering block of fifty sentences, each for a different theme. So, I decided on fifty tiny random, meandering drabbles that have no conceivable beginning or end! Or point! Yaay! Go me! Each one serves as a snapshot of Syndrome and Mirage...doing something. Most likely cute, as I am me. Some are fluff, some are angst, some are a combination, and some are just silly. And...this note just got longer than the chapter. Crap.