When he emerges from the shower one morning to find her clad in overalls, hair pulled back in a pert little ponytail, he stares and asks hesitantly, what's with the new look?

When she replies cheerfully, hiding her delight that she's made him curious enough to ask, that she's thinking of taking up carpentry as a hobby, his stare turns blank.

When she shows him the pictures and instructions for the pretty, dainty cradle that will be her first project, he stares even more blankly.

When she adds that she might have to take up knitting to supply some blankets to put in it, and thinks, satisfied, that he'll have to catch on now, he unwittingly proves her wrong.

When she finally gives up on hinting and spells it out for him, B-A-B-Y, Y-O-U I-D-I-O-T, he promptly passes out.