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The End of Book Seven

Scene: Harry and Voldy are fightin' while Hermione and Ron hide/watch.

Harry is about to finish off Voldemort

Harry: AVAD--

Ron: (jumps out of a bush) NO MY LOVE!

It goes through Ron and hits Voldy as well (they're both dead)

Harry: oops...bleh, I never liked him anyway.

A Dementor comes from nowhere

Dementor: Did you kill him?

Harry: Yeah, but he killed my friend first.

Dementor: LIAR! YOU killed him.

Harry: W-What! Why would I kill my best friend? I didn't do it!

Dementor: Dude, I just saw you...

Harry: You're the liar!

Dementor: You killed him then you said: "Oops...bleh, I never liked him anyway" and, OH! That's right. Now I have to kiss you!...!


Harry: BLEH!

Hermione dies

Dementor: I'm telling.

Harry: No!

Dementor: Want a cookie?

Harry: What? Um..sure.

The Dementor leaves as Harry starts to eat cookie

Harry: That was weird...(starts to choke)

Harry chokes to death.

And so ends the life of The-Boy-Who-Lived-Who-Then-Killed-Some-People-Then-Choked-On-A-Cookie-And-Died. I guess you should never accept cookies from strangers.

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