So, this is your not so average (I hope) self-insertion fic. My friend and I wrote this up when I was bored one day and here you go. I hope you like it and find it funny. (Sorry if anyone is OoC) I updated the chapter because ZukoKrazy pointed out that I had changed POV too fast without indicating it. So, sorry about that, and here you go.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Saedi (she's my friend's)

I sat at my computer and typed a message to my friend. Saedi and I have been friends for years, but she had to move to Europe and I haven't seen her in a long time. She's pretty, has shoulder-length brown hair with highlights and hazel eyes. I've got red/blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyway, as I was talking to her, it was storming outside.

The computer beeped and a message appeared.


#Who's Kakashi?#

#What! (gasp and fall down dead) Shame one you! I think I'm gonna faint!#

#You're a dork. Who is he? Quickly, or I won't care anymore#

#He's the coolest adult ninja in Naruto.#

#Well now I don't care#




#If that's all you're gonna say then I'm getting off# I could see the smug look on her face.

#Alright alright# I sighed and sat back. #I still find it disgusting that you don't know who he is#

#I do. He's "The coolest ninja"#

I shrugged. #That works too#

#So I was a word off. Sue me#

#You're sued# I bent around to check the time on the clock behind me. #What time is it there?#

#Late. It's one AM#


A flash of lightning lit the room and the crash of thunder made me jump. I cursed under my breath.


#There's a storm here. Pretty bad one too#

#oh poor baby# Gee, she sounded interested.


Another flash of lightning made me glance over my shoulder. When I looked back, the computer screen had gone dark.

"Noooo! Stupid piece of junk!" I yelled. "Don't do this to me now!"

The screen flashed and I sagged back into the seat in relief. The screen flashed white again and I leaned closer. "What the heck?" The screen's rapid flashing made me leaned back and scramble out of my chair. "Oooo! Not good! Not good!"

The screen flashed a final time and I stood against the fridge. After a minute the screen remained black and I took a step closer. "Did I break it? Please! Noo!" I threw myself into the chair and pouted at the screen. "I hate you."

In response, the screen gave a huge flash, like the lightning, and I had to throw my hands up. Warmth surrounded me and I squeezed my eyes shut as a bright, white light shone. Something was seriously wrong. I felt the floor fall from beneath me and wondered vaguely what Saedi was doing.

---- ----

The warmth faded and the light changed. Now it was like sitting outside on a warm, fall day with no clouds. My eyes snapped open and I saw a clear, cloudless, (called that one) blue sky. I also felt air rushing past me and knew the sky was getting further away.

I opened my mouth to scream and hit something solidly; cutting me off before I could get started. I sat up and glanced around, but before I could get a good look at anything, the thing I had landed on threw me off. Let me rephrase that, he threw me painfully into a tree.

"Ouch! Hey, what was that for?" I sat up and glared at the person.

It slowly hit me that he looked oddly familiar. He had messy, black hair and cold, black eyes. He was wearing a blue T-shirt with a high, wide collar and white shorts.

"Y-y-your Sasuke!" I yelled, pointing at him. "Cool! I'm dreaming."

"Who are you?" I turned on a calm, cool voice. A tall man with white hair stood a few feet in front of me. His hair was styled…strangely. He had a headband tied so his left eye was hidden and a mask on the lower half of his face.

"Oh-my-" I couldn't figure out the right word.

"I said, 'who are you?'."

"I'm…uh…" Dang, should I tell them or not? "I'm…Riku."

"Riku? That's weird." The last boy had spiky, blonde hair and bright, blue eyes. He had his arms behind his head and was laughing. He was dressed in an orange and blue jacket and orange pants.

"You…shut up!" I shot him a glare, but my heart wasn't in it.

Naruto glared at me. "What's with your clothes?"

I glanced down at what I was dressed in. I had on my black pants with the green Yodas on them and my black T-shirt with, 'MUGGLE' written on it in orange.

"What do you mean? I like these." I stood up and brushed said pants off.

"That's weird."

"You mean, like the whiskers on your face?"

"Hey, jerk!" Naruto stiffened.

I felt bad after that and I glanced down at my feet. "Sorry about that. Force of habit."

Kakashi shook his head. "You fell out of the sky. An explanation would be nice."

I stretched. "So would a plasma TV and a bottle of Pepsi." I winked at him. "You see, I was talking to my friend and there was a flash of light and now I'm here. More or less."

"More or less? Then you're hiding something." Sasuke glared at me.

"Well, duh. I'd have to be stupid to tell you everything right off."

Kakashi laughed and shook his head. "You aren't as clueless as I assumed."

"You don't need to be a jerk." I wagged a finger at him.

"-elllp!" We all looked up as a voice yelled. Another figure had fallen from the sky. She hit Naruto and knocked him off his feet.

"Owwww." The girl sat up and rubbed her head as she glanced around. She had brown highlighted hair around her shoulders and hazel eyes. Hmmmm...uh-oh.

--- Saedi's POV ---

"What the-" I said, butAnne put her hand over my mouth before I could swear. What is it with her and my rather harsh dialect? I had just fallen down from the sky and landed on some weird guy with whiskers for goodness' sake. She could've let me off this one time. I bit the inside of her hand and she let me talk.

"Where am I?" I demanded, looking around. I had just been digging into a bag of Cheeseballs so my fingers and lips were covered in an orange powder. I licked my lips as I gazed at my surroundings, which was not, evidently, the smartest thing to do in this situation.

"Are you ok?"Anne asked worriedly as my eyes went out of focus and I began swaying.

"What's wrong with her?" A boy with messy black hair said. That's all I could make out from behind my rather blurry eyes.

"Shock, possibly," a strange looking man with white hair and a covered eye said. He turned to Anne, "You know her?"

I sawAnne nod and then somebody else spoke. "She's in shock? She landed on me; I should be in shock!" The boy with whiskers said. Whiskers. I began laughing rather manically.

"This is the weirdest dream I've had in years! I mean, come on, whiskers? HA HA! Maybe...back at home...Sprite's like licking my ears again! Yeah...that's it...I fell asleep while talking toAnne about Naruto and weird cool ninja guys, and now I'm dreaming about them!" I stood up, feeling much better, and took everyone's hand in mine, shaking it a few times.

"Hello, hello, I am...Rae! See, now I get a cool name too! Nice to meet you all. Now, Anne, let's leave. This TV show, or at least what I imagine it to be like, is weird. You have horrible taste." Something hard hit me on the back of the head, and I was knocked out.

This may come as a shock, but Saedi had never heard of Naruto before I made her help me write this. Now she's a big fan, yay for her! I feel so proud. (Sniff)