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I watched Saedi fall and stiffened. "I do not have horrible taste, and I resent that."

Behind Saedi's fallen form was a girl with short, pink hair. She had very green eyes and was dressed in a red, sleeve-less dress that was split up the sides. The headband she wore held her hair back off her face.

"Sakura." Kakashi shook his head. "That was a bit much."

"She's insane!" Sakura said in her defense. "I didn't want her hurting anyone."

I began giggling. Saedi hurt someone in her insanity, I'd never actually thought of that. The giggles grew and I burst out laughing.

"Should I get her too?" Sakura asked, cracking her knuckles.

"I'll do it!" Naruto jumped forward and I threw out my hands.

"No-heehee-don't! I'm o-haha-ok." I choked out between laughter. "Really. I'm okay…whew."

We all stood there staring at each other for a few minutes and then Kakashi sighed. "I suppose you should come back and see Lord Hokage."

"Ok." I shrugged.

"Or we could leave you here."

"That's-No! Please take us!" I made a puppy dog face.

"Don't ever do that again."

"Deal." I nodded and smiled. "So, what about her?"

Kakashi looked thoughtful. "You'll have to carry her."

I was going to complain, thought better and bent to get the knocked-out Saedi onto my back. Kakashi took pity on me and lifted her onto my back.

"Soo, how far away is this place we're going?" I asked as they began walking.

"Two days." Sakura answered. "But we've got to stop somewhere on the way and it could take longer."

I groaned quietly and followed her as she led the way.

It had taken a couple of hours for Saedi to wake up. She finally stirred and muttered something about salsa.

"Off." I let go of her legs and she fell off. She must not have been totally conscious, because her legs didn't hold her and she sat down.

Kakashi stopped and glanced back at us as I stretched my sore shoulders and back. Julia sat rubbing her eyes and mumbling something. "I had the weirdest dream, Mom. I dreamed I went to this weird place from a TV show Anne watches."

"You're not dreaming." I pushed her over onto her back. "Open your eyes."

She did as I said and peeked through one eye. "NOOOOO!"

I rolled my eyes as Saedi moaned piteously and threw herself back onto her back. I bent over her and shook by head. "Oh the drama. I can see how you got in so many plays."

Saedi stared at me for a minute and then sat up straight and glanced around.

---Saedi's POV---

My world was flipped upside down. Well, no, actually it wasn't even my world. It was a TV SHOW! I'd always wished to go into one of my favorite books or movies, and now I was stuck in Anne's favorite TV show. Which I knew nothing about. The world, any world, is twisted, cruel place. Now that I was awake, I was getting use to my surroundings, and the girl with pink hair had stopped looking at me as if I would turn mad ax woman in any moment. I was calming down. At least my heart rate was slowing to a normal rate.

No one was really paying me any mind. Anne was looking spastic and excited, as if all her wildest dreams had come true, and I'm sure they had. All except for exceeding me in good-looks and smarts. Speaking of good looks, even though I was completely out of whack (yes, even more that usual, scary as that sounds) I noticed that the rather moody guy with black hair and a headband was really cute. In that untouchable sort of way. The girl with pink hair was all over him, so maybe I was wrong about the whole untouchable part.

Even Anne is ignoring me! What am I, some ignorant, crazy person who has no idea what she's doing? Ok, let me rephrase that…Still, SOME ONE could be courteous enough NOT let me wallow in my own confusion. I'm not homesick exactly, I mean this is a dream come true even if I haven't a clue who anyone is. This didn't happen, couldn't happen…How would Anne and I get home? What if she wanted to stay? What if she abandoned me? HERE?

"Are you alright? You look like you're about to pass out," The boy with whiskers commented. He was a little too hyper for my taste, like he'd had one too many sips of Mountain Dew, or what ever soda has a lot of caffeine. Did they have soda where I was? Oh, I am so lost…

"Yes, well, if I do, don't bother to revive me. In fact, please don't." I replied blandly. The boy laughed while I kept a straight face. I was dead serious. He came to notice this and his smile fell a little.

"Anything I can do to help?" He offered, looking distinctly uncomfortable. I was going to say, 'Explain why in the world you have whiskers,' but thought that might be rude. Instead I settled for a sigh. "No. It's not really fixable, you see. Thank you for offering, but I'll just walk here, alone, off to one side, ignored, except for when I'm on the verge of unconsciousness…"

So Anne was right in that I was way over-dramatic. I'm a born actress, what can I say? The boy seemed like he was fighting not to laugh.

"Sorry about landing on you, by the way. I didn't break anything of yours, did I? You didn't break my fall much, anyhow," I said, actually pretty worried I had seriously hurt him. He was up and about, though, that had to be a good sign.

"I'm fine. Don't do it again." He said. We were still walking down some dirt road. Anne looked at me talking to the whisker boy and smiled. She herself was speaking with the only grown man in the group.

"I'll try my best," I told him, divulging a small smile.

"Where are you from?" He asked, looking up at the sky as if to see there was some spacecraft floating up there.

"Someplace far away," I replied. He looked both curious and annoyed.

"A.K.A you're not telling?" He asked skeptically.

"Pretty much," I said, putting my hands behind my head. To tell you the truth, I was feeling pretty cool. I hate using that word, my sarcastic, uncaring, slightly dark demeanor was one I put on back in my own world to be "cool," and it evidently worked here too. Even more so since I was already interesting, having fallen from the sky and landed on the poor guy's head. The boy rolled his eyes and muttered, "Typical," under his breath.

"What that people don't tell you information? Yes, well, I can only imagine how routine that must be for you." I said bluntly. I was really enjoying myself. The boy scowled.

"Who are you?" He asked.


"So it's not 'Rae,' the name you said before?" He asked, eyebrows raised.

I slapped myself mentally. I completely forgot that, in my state of delirium, I had given myself a non de tlume.

"Nope. That's, er, my middle name," I said lamely. I'm proud of my name, Saedi. It's "ideas" backwards. I get really annoyed when people spell it, "S-a-d-i-e" though I know they could have no way of knowing. Anne would tell anyone that it's really stupid my name backwards is idea since I don't think, but really I do. Sometimes I get silent and stare at one spot and people back away because that's very strange, but really I'm just thinking.

"Well, Saedi Rae, I am Naruto Uzimaki," He said brightly, "the next Hokage!"

Naruto…Wasn't that the name of the show? Oh, and this boy was the main character! Wait, this was the main character? How odd…

"Just Saedi. So, where are we going?"

"To see Lord Hokage." Naruto replied.

"Right…" Not even bothering to ask who "Lord Hokage" was. "Do you mind telling me everyone's names? I've no idea who anyone is besides Anne."

"Kakashi," He went in order from tallest to shortest, "Sasuke and Sakura." So, Sasuke was the cute one…that was good to know. He looked so serious and brooding...almost creepy. But that just accented his cuteness. I never realized before now how boy crazy I am. I can pick out a boy to like just about anywhere I go, even in a TV show. Of originally cartoon character, although they seemed pretty real now.

I am seriously insane.

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