This is my second fanfiction. Instead of Neji and Hinata, this story focuses around Gaara and Hinata. Hope you like it!

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Now on to chapter one!


Falling Angel, Rising Demon Chapter 1: Loneliness and Sympathy

Hinata stood on top og a large, grassy hill within Konoha. Her pale eyes scanned her surroundings until they stopped on a certain location: the Hyuuga compound.

The young 19 year old girl felt her eyes fill tears. She could just see her father and the rest of the Hyuuga clan go on with daily life without even noticing she was gone.

'Not that they would even care if they did notice,' thought Hinata, sadly.

Turning away from her home (more like a prison), Hinata directed her thoughts to herself. Closing her eyes tightly, she had to ask herself: "Why should they care?"

"Why should anyone care? All I am is just a hindrance. Extra baggage. An annoyance."

Hinata's eyes could no longer hold back the tears that they were trying to desperately withhold. Pulling her large jacket tighter around her, Hinata let her all to familiar tears fall freely as she scolded herself inwardly for being a failure.

"All I am is weak and pathetic," Hinata aloud in a raspy voice. "Damn it! Why do I have to be this way? Why can't I strong like Shino and Kiba? Or confident like Naruto?"

Hinata's thin shoulders shook with silent sobs. Little did the Hyuuga heir, she was being watched…


Gaara stood in nearby tree watching Hinata cry. His normally emotionless eyes and cold heart were filled with sorrow and sympathy for the girl beneath him. Gaara closed his eyes. Somehow, he found himself relating his and Hinata's lives. They were not all too different.

Both had uncaring fathers and equally uncaring families. Both their mothers were the only ones who truly cared and now they were both dead. Hinata was looked upon as weak and a hold up. Gaara was viewed as a monster and a threat. Both were not looked upon with pride or love from the ones they both wanted to please.

And yet they were different.

Hinata was kind and caring. She hated to fight and always tried to bring peace. The young, dark haired girl constantly insisted that the weight of the world be on her shoulders instead of her friends; she was always putting others' feelings before her own.

Gaara was cold and hateful. He loved death and only felt alive when his sand and hands were stained with the blood of another. He could care less about those around them and how they felt.

She was innocence and purity while he was darkness and hatred. She was light and he was dark. They were very different and yet very similar at the same time.

Maybe that was why Gaara felt drawn to Hinata.

Opening his aquamarine eyes, Gaara noticed that Hinata had stopped crying. Shaking a piece of dark red hair out of his eyes, the young Sand Jounin saw that Hinata was now staring blankly in front of her.

He could see the loneliness and sadness in her pale orbs. Her long, navy blue hair blew around her, covering part of her face. This did nothing to hide the emotions Hinata was feeling. Gaara heard himself say his name under his breath.


Ignoring the hair that had fallen in face, Hinata's gaze missed the dark haired boy watching her. Instead, her eyes drifted to the sky where she could see storm clouds forming.

As the first drops of rain began to fall, the Hyuuga heir slowly stood up. Tucking her blue hair behind her ear, Hinata took one last glance at the sky. Turning slowly on her heel, Hinata began to walk back to the Hyuuga compound.

All the way home, a pair of light blue eyes lined with black watched her with interest…