infinite Ryvius fic by Elise

These shorts were written as part of my alphabetical drabble self-challenge on my writing journal, and ending up being almost a set. So, upon editting, I made them one.

With Ryvius, it is the friendships that I feel are most important in the series, far more than the romantic relationships. So I have been exploring that a little.

These short stories (and I do mean short!) take place around or after episode 26, so it is important to me that you don't spoil yourselves before you see the ending of the series, and the return to the Ryvius.

Ryvius is property of Sunrise, and distributed by Bandai in the US. No profit is being made from this work; it is purely for entertainment only.

This part takes place during a completely made-up-by-me incident during the second voyage, in which Ikumi refuses to return to the Vital Guarder team, and Kouji finds out and confronts him on it.


Part 2- Kouji and Ikumi

"Why aren't you in the Vital Guarder program any more?"

Ikumi looked up, startled by the fury in Kouji's tone. "What are you talking about?"

Kouji stood in the middle of his room, fists clenched at his sides and eyebrows furrowed. His tie was crooked like he'd been pulling on it. "Aoi said that Yuki said you weren't at VG training the first day. She heard you quit."

"I did," Ikumi said matter-of-factly.

"Why?" the other boy demanded. "You're an excellent pilot, and you're more of a leader than the others. Even Yuki follows you when you're operating the VG. So why did you quit?"

Ikumi gave him a level look. "As if you need to ask that, after what I did with that machine."

"I knew it would be a stupid reason," Kouji spat.

"That's not a stupid reason. I can't be in charge of the VG. I'll ruin everything again." Ikumi stood and put his hands on Kouji's shoulders. "I don't want to hurt anyone ever again. Surely –you- understand that." Ikumi moved the thumb of his left hand gently over Kouji's shoulder. Underneath his maroon jacket and pale yellow shirt were the pin-prick scars from a needlegun. Kouji's expression softened and he glanced away from him.

"I do understand," he said softly. "But that doesn't mean I agree with what you're doing. You're a great pilot, Ikumi. And you're not the person you were when..." He trailed off, resting his hand on top of Ikumi's. The weight didn't hurt anymore; the wounds were closed and he was almost good as new.

It was Ikumi who was still wounded, and wounds in the heart took longer to heal.

"I believe in you, Ikumi," said Kouji, looking into his friend's eyes. As disappointed as he was when he found out his friend had chosen to remain in a lower classification of piloting, he realized he had to trust Ikumi to know what was best for himself. "Whatever you decide, I believe you can do it. Whether it's getting back on the VG team like I know you can, or staying in Second Class, I believe in you and trust your judgment."

Ikumi smiled. "Thanks. I appreciate it. Have you ever thought of going into motivational speaking?" he joked, throwing an arm around Kouji's neck companionably.

"Have you ever thought of being serious for more than five minutes at a time?"

"Not recently. Why?" They chuckled at each other and started out the door arm-in-arm.

Regardless of what came before, and what might come after, Kouji was relieved than Ikumi was his friend, and that he was Ikumi's. Because knowing someone was there for you was the best way to heal.