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Chapter 1

Raven sat at the small table of the café, outside in the warm sunshine. She had a cup of tea sitting in front of her that she occasionally stirred, but her mind was elsewhere. She was meeting an old friend and she had a very important favor to ask of him. After all, he had said that if she ever needed anything she could ask him.

The team had disbanded five years earlier, when Beast Boy had turned eighteen and they were no longer teenagers. He was only a few months younger than her, but they had to wait until the last member of the team was an adult to finally move on and go their own ways. She hadn't seen any of her friends since then, but she had tried to keep in touch.

Suddenly she saw him and she nearly jumped from the surprise of seeing him there, five feet in front of her. He had a large smile on his face, his signature fang still protruding out of his lip.

"Hey Rae," he said.

"Hello Garfield," she said with a small smile. "Please, take a seat."

Beast Boy quickly sat down and said, "Whoa, it's weird hearing you call me Garfield."

"What else am I supposed to call you?" she asked.

"You could call me Gar, if you want," he chuckled.

"That's okay," she said, finally sipping her now cold tea.

"It's good to see you," he said, still smiling. "We haven't even spoken in like two years."

"Yes, well, I've been away… and busy," said Raven.

"So, what'd you need to talk about?" he asked after a few seconds of silence between them.

"How about you tell me about what's going on in your life first," said Raven.

"Okay," said Beast Boy smiling. "Uh, let's see, I'm about one semester away from graduating from JCU with a diploma in visual technology. I'm gonna be a video game designer!"

"You're kidding," said Raven, truly shocked. "Don't you have to be, you know, intelligent to do something like that?"

"Well when it comes to video games, I'm a genius," he said smugly. "I already have three companies fighting over me when I graduate."

"Oh, well, congratulations," said Raven. "I'm really glad you went to school. I remember when we were all leaving you weren't sure what you were going to do with yourself."

"Yeah, well, after about two months of doing absolutely nothing I decided to take your advice and go to college," he said.

"My advice?" she said.

"Yeah, don't you remember?" he asked. "You said that I should make something of myself and try going to school. You also said that you bet I wouldn't make it one semester, but, hey, look at me now!"

"Well I'm very proud of you," she said with a soft smile. "You certainly proved me wrong and, for once, I'm actually happy about it. So what are you doing about money?"

"Well, do you remember the Titans College Plan?" said Beast Boy.

"Oh, that's right," said Raven, remembering. "So you get a check every month to live on?"

"Yup," he smiled back and a waitress came over.

"Can I get you anything?" the waitress asked.

"Uh, can I have a strawberry banana smoothie, please?" he asked.

"Sure," the waitress smiled and went off.

"Okay, so what's been up with you?" asked Beast Boy.

Raven's small smile disappeared and she knew that it was time to start explaining everything. "Well, I've been doing a little bit of traveling," she began. "Trying to find the best places in the world to meditate and gain control of my powers and emotions."

"And did you?" he asked.

"For the most part," she said. "It was really nice to finally have the time to dedicate myself to controlling my abilities. And then a few months ago I found an oracle that had escaped from Azerath before it was destroyed."

"Question, what's an oracle?" asked Beast Boy.

"It's a being that can see into the future, foresee destinies and tell prophesies," said Raven.

"Oh," said Beast Boy understanding and sipping his smoothie that had just arrived. "And what did this oracle guy tell you?"

"He said that he could only tell me one thing that day," said Raven thinking back on the moment. "He told me when I was to die."

"Well that sucks," said Beast Boy. A few silent seconds passed between them. "So… when are you going to… die?"

"In twenty years," said Raven plainly. "Twenty years from the day I learned my fate. So that would be the day I met the oracle."

"Isn't it weird knowing when you're gonna… die?" asked Beast Boy.

"I'm kind of used to knowing what my destiny is going to be," said Raven. "Especially a destiny where I'm going to die. But this all has to do with why I asked to see you. You once said that if I ever needed a favor that I could call you."

"Of course, what do you need?" he asked, growing serious for the first time in a long while.

"Well, this is very hard for me to say," she said, feeling very uncomfortable. "You see, because I only have twenty years left, I've decided that if I ever want to have a… family, I should do it as soon as possible. I would hate to wait to find someone to love me, get married, and then have a child a few years before I die. I don't want to leave a child motherless; I think it would be better if they were, you know, nineteen when I go so I wouldn't really be abandoning them."

"Okay, this all makes sense," said Beast Boy. "But what does this have to do with me?"

Raven did her best to calm her nerves. "Well, I was wondering if I could sort of… have some of your… DNA," she said, feeling very nervous and awkward.

Beast Boy looked at her queerly for a moment, trying to piece all of this together. "But why would you want my DNA… unless… you want me to be… oh… Oh… OH!" He finally realized what Raven was talking about. "You want me to help you have a child!"

"Calm down," she said going back to her old voice to get him to listen to her. "Let me explain. I would just feel more comfortable if one of my friends helped me, instead of me just getting an anonymous donor. I don't want to ask Richard because he's with Kori and it would just be too weird for us. And, well, obviously I can't ask Victor."

"So you're asking me because I'm the only one left?" he asked, a little offended.

"No, when I thought about it I realized that you would be the best choice," said Raven quickly. "You're attractive, you're obviously more intelligent than I gave you credit for, you have very useful powers, and you have a pretty decent medical history."

"You're just saying that because I'm your last option," he said in an almost pout.

"Garfield, when I said I wanted one of my friends to help me that included all of the other Titan men: GarthRoy all of them. And… and I'm choosing you first."

Beast Boy thought about this and his mood immediately changed. "You chose me?" he asked, with a slight smile.

"Now, I don't expect you to decide right now," said Raven in more of a business tone. "I want you to think about it, unless you really don't want to, and I completely understand if you don't. But I want you to know that I don't expect anything from you, if you agree. You don't have to be involved with the child's life if you don't want to. Like I said, all I need is you DNA, that's all. I'll even pay you…"

"Rae, I don't want your money," chuckled Beast Boy. "And I will think about it."

"You will?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said, smiling. "I mean, you're right, it's better that you have a kid now so that you can be there with them through their whole childhood. And I'm really flattered that you want me to be the father. But, let's say I do agree, how would we… you know? I mean, are we gonna sleep together or something?"

"No, I'm planning on doing in vetro fertilization to get pregnant," said Raven. "Like I said, all I need is your… DNA, as it were."

"Well, I'm not really comfortable with that," said Beast Boy.

"Why not?" asked Raven.

"Cuz as much as I'm thankful for all of these medical breakthroughs and stuff, I don't really trust them," said Beast Boy. "I mean, do you know how long it may take and how expensive it is? And even if you do get pregnant, you may not have just one. Didn't you hear about the lady that had seven babies because of this?"

"Well what else am I going to do?" asked Raven. "Do it with you… naturally?"

"Would that make you uncomfortable?" asked Beast Boy.

Raven had not expected the conversation to go this way and was quite speechless. "Well, um, I don't know," she said, quite flustered. "It certainly would be weird."

"Well, we won't let emotions and all that get in the way," said Beast Boy. "We're just trying to have a baby, that's all."

"I still think it would be too weird," said Raven.

"Well, maybe it will be, but you're doing it to have a child," said Beast Boy. "Wouldn't a little bit of awkwardness be worth it?"

"I guess," said Raven. "But you haven't even thought about this yet. Why don't you go home, sleep on it, and call me when you've really thought about it." She handed him a piece of paper with her phone number. "And I really want you to think this through."

"Don't worry, I will," he said with a smile as he took the piece of paper. "But, are you sure you're ready to have a baby?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked defensively.

"Well, I mean, I understand that you're kinda on a time budget, but are you gonna be able to take care it?" asked Beast Boy. "I mean, you said you've been traveling around. Do you have any money? Do you have a job? Are you just gonna put it in daycare? I mean if I'm gonna give you my DNA to make a child I need to know it's gonna be raised right."

"Don't worry, when it comes to money, I'm all set," said Raven. "I'll be able to stay home with my child and take care of it the right way."

"And where did you get all of this money?" asked Beast Boy. "You're not selling drugs, are you? Because that's my territory."

This was meant to get a laugh, but Raven just stared at him. He had chuckled at his own joke, but quickly stopped and cleared his throat, feeling like he had when they were young and he cracked a joke she didn't find amusing.

"I happen to be a writer," said Raven. "I've published a couple books and let's just say that they've done… well."

"You've written books?" asked Beast Boy. "Then why I haven't I heard about it? I'm in libraries a lot, you know because of college, and I haven't seen anything by 'Raven'."

"That's because I write under a penname," said Raven. "Obviously I don't want people to know it's me who's writing the types of stories that I write."

"Oh," said Beast Boy, understanding. "So… what is it?"

"I'm not telling you," said Raven.

"Come on, I won't tell anyone," said Beast Boy. "Don't you trust me?"

Raven thought and then sighed in defeat. "Fine," she said, less than happy. "It's… R. Nevermore."

Beast Boy's eyes went wide and his jaw just about dropped to the floor. "You're… you're R. Nevermore?" he asked. "You've got to be kidding me! No fucking way! You're R. Nevermore!"

At this point Beast Boy was starting to draw attention, just as Raven had feared he'd do. "No no, I'm not R. Nevermore," she said loud enough so the people around them could hear. She then grabbed Beast Boy by the collar and brought him close to her. "Would you keep it down?" she growled.

"Sorry," he said through his choked throat. Raven let go of his shirt and Beast Boy fell back into his seat. "It's just, wow, I can't believe it. You've got records for your books spending the longest time on the best seller lists in like every country. I can't believe it. But I guess I should've figured it out with that penname."

"Yes, well, now you know," said Raven very humbly. "Just make sure you don't tell anyone."

"Hey, when Gar Logan makes a promise he keeps it no matter what," said Beast Boy with a smile.

"Good," said Raven finishing her tea. "Well, I've got to get going. Please take your time in making your decision. And… it was really nice to see you again."

"Yeah, you too, Rae," said Beast Boy smiling and standing up. He went to her and hugged her, something she wasn't quite ready for or expecting. She tensed up and felt herself hold her breath. Beast Boy didn't really care, since this was how she had always been. And with that, the two old friends departed once more.