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Chapter Twenty Six

June was finally upon them. The days leading up to the wedding brought extra snark from House due to his own nervousness. He'd written his own vows, as had Cameron, and he was damned nervous about reading them in front of people. In front of a lot of people. In front of his boss, his coworkers, his parents, his future in-laws… Just thinking about it made him nauseous.

He'd yelled, really yelled, at Foreman at least five times in the past three days, and for absolutely nothing. He'd disagree with a differential that House threw out, and House would scream at him about being an illiterate moron who should have stayed in the 'hood. And Foreman wasn't the only one getting insults thrown at him. House had a field day with Chase when the intensivist brought back an inconclusive test result.

"Why the hell did I even bother to hire you?" House shouted. "You're as useless as a fucking spoon when I want to eat a steak."

Chase gaped at House. "What the hell is your problem?" he asked angrily. "We always get inconclusive test results. Calm down."

"I'm not going to calm down!" he exclaimed angrily. "We're gambling with a life here. An inconclusive test tells me that you somehow managed to fuck it up, just like you do with everything, and now we have to put the patient through more pain before we can tell him what's wrong."

"Why are you so damned upset about this!" Chase exploded. "You're never like this!" He paused, studying his boss curiously. "It's the wedding, isn't it? You're nervous about marrying Cameron."

"Not that it's any of your business, Blondie, but no. I'm not nervous about marrying her." He was nervous about his vows. They were so very… Not him. Allison Cameron turned him into a new, improved person. His eyes drifted down to the handwritten vows that were lying on his desk. "I can't wait to marry her."

Chase blinked and watched House nervously. "Are you sick?" he asked quickly. "I can get Wilson…"

"Fuck off."

"Nope. You're healthy." He walked to the desk and took a peek at the paper that House had been staring at. "You're writing your vows?"

House snatched up the paper. "Back off, Wombat."

Chase rolled his eyes. "Come on. You ought to have someone read them over."

"That's why I have Wilson. And Cuddy. And Foreman, even. Assholes who sleep with drugged women, essentially raping them, don't read my vows."

"It wasn't rape," Chase snapped. "She called before she took the drugs."

"And you think that makes it okay?" House asked, his voice low and angry. "Get the fuck out of my office. I should fire you."

"She's even said it wasn't rape!"

"She's got a skewed sense of right and wrong."

"Cameron has a skewed sense of right and wrong?" Chase asked incredulously, staring House down. He wasn't leaving this office without some kind of resolution. When House didn't speak, Chase waited for a while before speaking again. "I'm going to hear them anyway," he pointed out quietly.

House rolled his eyes and shoved the paper at Chase, tapping his cane nervously on the ground as Chase read over the vows. After several moments of Chase looking stunned, House snatched the paper back. "Well?" he snapped.

Chase stood there, looking absolutely gob smacked. "I…" He struggled to find the right words. "You're going to make her really happy," he finally said. "Congratulations, House."

For the first time since the start of the month, House smiled when Cameron wasn't around.


House paced as Foreman read over the vows, fixing small errors here and there. Cameron was off getting blood work for the patient and Chase was doing his clinic duty, which left House the perfect opportunity to have his neurologist read over the vows that had evolved into two pages.

After he finished, Foreman looked up at House with… Was that admiration? "These are … amazing," he admitted with a smile. "Didn't think you had it in you, House."

"Yeah, well… You cuddle with a stuffed animal long enough and it'll start to rub off on you," he grumbled, taking the vows back. They now had corrections written in red ink.

"She's so good for you. You're good for her… The two of you are good together." He sat back in his chair and watched as House carefully folded the paper and put it in his pocket. "You nervous about the wedding?"

"Why does everyone keep asking me that?" he groused, going to get a cup of coffee. "I'm not nervous about marrying Allison. It's these damned vows that I'm nervous about. I'm saying them in front of everyone. It'll ruin my reputation and we'll get overloaded with referrals."

Foreman laughed. "Shut up, House."


For lunch, House went to Cuddy's office to meet with her and Wilson. They were the last two he'd have read over the vows before he was completely satisfied with them. He took a deep breath hand handed them over to Wilson, who was sitting next to Cuddy on the couch. The two read over the vows together as House took deep breaths, tapping his left foot anxiously on the floor.

When she was done, Cuddy looked at House with tears in her eyes. "You're…" She swallowed and gave a small laugh, standing (with a bit of difficulty due to her stomach) and walking to him, grabbing him up for a hug. "I'm so glad."

Wilson sat on the couch, smiling brightly at House. "I always knew she was good for you." He laughed when House had to hand Cuddy a tissue. "She's emotional."

House smirked. "You're tearing up, too," he pointed out. "Having sympathy emotions?"

Wilson laughed and went over to House, grabbing his hand and pulling him into a brotherly hug. "Congratulations, Greg," he whispered with a smile. "You deserve this. You deserve every bit of it."

House swallowed back his own tears. "Thanks, Jim."


June twentieth. Cameron stood in one of the suites of The Laurie House and took a deep breath, looking in the mirror before her. Her hair was curled and piled on top of her head, a few tendrils falling loosely around her face. The veil was a tiara, holding her hair in place. She bit her bottom lip as she studied her dress.

It was cream-colored. Not white, as House had pointed out to her multiple times. Cream. It was sleeveless and dipped dangerously low in the back, but she couldn't pass it up. The silk taffeta hung just right and looked amazing on her thin frame. Along the bust was a spattering of small stars, embroidered in baby blue to match the invitations.

House had chosen the dress.

Cameron put a hand to her stomach to calm her nerves. This was it. The big day. And God, but she was nervous. What if she tripped walking down the aisle? She'd just die if she did…

Her mother was soon behind her, smiling with tears in her eyes. "You look beautiful, Ally."

Cameron smiled. "Thanks, Mom."

Angie came forward and slung an arm over Cameron's shoulders. "You look hot. If you weren't my sister, I'd do you."

Cameron laughed and nudged Angie, glad for her sister's blunt distraction. Angie had come out to the family at Easter, thereby distracting Jennifer from her normal bitch session at Cameron. Cameron couldn't have been more relieved; House thought the whole thing was hysterical.

Soon, Andrew came into the room and smiled tearfully at his daughter. "Oh, Ally… You look so wonderful." He kissed her on the cheek and she smiled, wiping the tears off of his cheeks.

"Am I the only one not crying?" Cameron joked with a grin.

"Nope!" Angie exclaimed with a happy smile. "I'm not crying! I'm happy you're marrying the grumpy cripple. He's not so bad."

Cameron winked at Angie and turned back to her father. "Is Adam ready with the rings?"

"You bet. He keeps running around the foyer. I think Dr. Wilson finally managed to calm him down and straighten out his tux."

The mental picture that painted drew another smile to Cameron's face, and she turned to her mother. "I'm … excited," she said with a small laugh. "I'm excited and nervous and… This is so different from Dean…"

Jennifer smiled and hugged her daughter. "Greg is what you need," she said with a small shake of her head. "He's cocky and egotistical and wonderful." They heard a violin start and Cameron squeaked. "Go on!" Jennifer pushed Cameron and Andrew out of the room, following them with Angie in tow.

The bridesmaids made their way to the front of the room, where House was anxiously tapping his cane on the floor. He couldn't help it; his heart was beating way too fast for normal. Was this what all grooms went through? Wilson seemed to notice his distress and discreetly pat him on the back. It was the reassurance that he needed, and he stopped tapping his cane on the ground. He was doing the right thing, marrying Cameron.

Then the doors opened again, and there she was. His breath caught in his throat. "Holy shit," he mumbled, drawing a snort of laughter from Wilson. "She's gorgeous," he whispered, prodding Wilson's shin with the cane.

"She's perfect," Wilson agreed, smiling as the woman in question made her way down the aisle. "And you're going to ruin that makeup when you say your vows."

"I live for it."

When Cameron got to the front of the room, the minister started the ceremony. They had originally planned on keeping religion out of it, but had settled on a non-denominational ceremony due to pressure from both sets of parents. Ironic that neither of the people getting married believed in God. The minister turned to Cameron and smiled. "Allison, you may say your vows."

Cameron took a piece of paper out of her bouquet, hands shaking as well as her voice. "I've worked for you," she started, able to look him in the eyes as she'd memorized most of the vow. She just had it on her for a safety net should she forget. "I've cried over you, hated you, loved you, and now I'm marrying you. Life has thrown me some curveballs, and I haven't always been able to hit them. You've become my pitcher and my backup batter all in one."

He smiled at her sports metaphors. God, but he loved her. She hated sports metaphors. Hated them. But she'd use them for him.

"When life throws me a curveball now, you're there to hit when I strike out. When I need some strength training, you pitch fast ones. I've struggled for years to assert myself, and you've managed to pull me up in a matter of months. I love you, Greg. I promise to be loyal, honest, and as disobedient as humanly possible."

The small crowd that had come for the wedding laughed. House smirked at her and winked.

"My heart is yours. My body is yours. I expect to get bruised in the years to come. And I know that you'll heal every one of them."

The minister smiled as Cameron placed the paper back in her bouquet. "Greg?"

House took a deep breath, hand gripping his cane tightly. He took a deep breath and began slowly. "What I am … is what you need," he started. "I'm damaged. You live under the delusion that you can fix everything that isn't perfect." He paused, watching the shocked look on his bride's face. "You, Allison, are a doctor. You live to heal people; to put the band-aid on and make it better. There isn't a band-aid big enough for me in this world."

He cleared his throat and fingered his cane nervously. "I hired you because you were a brilliant, gorgeous puzzle. There was something … intriguing about you and I couldn't figure it out. I wanted to figure it out. You stumped me. When you admitted to being attracted to me, you shocked me. When you told me that you hated me, you hurt me. When you made a mistake, you upset me. You would open your mouth and I prayed for you to shut it."

Cameron swallowed, refusing the urge to run out of the room. What the hell was he doing! He was ruining their wedding day!

"And then… Fucking roaches…"

Cameron laughed lightly.

"One week with you had me kicking habits I never really wanted to get rid of. I was melancholy and I loved being that way. You, Allison Cameron, blindsided me. You may as well have taken my cane and whacked me over the head to get some sense into me." He paused, looking down at the ground. "I was living under the delusion that I didn't deserve to be loved. You, Dr. Cameron-soon-to-be-House, have cured the ailment. Your annoying drive to heal people has worked. I promise you that I will love you, help you, and annoy the shit out of you all at the same time. The only thing I will not do is leave you. I expect the same from you and know, without you having to tell me, that I'll get it."

Cameron's eyes filled with tears halfway through House's vows, and by the time he finished the small monologue, they were streaming down her face.

"I fell in love with you, Allison," he finished, swallowing down his anxiety. "You make me want to better myself. We're going to have an amazing two weeks in Europe. And then, you're going to have brilliant fun standing by my side while I go through full physio."

"Greg…" Cameron sniffed, not knowing what to say. House reached out and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"Smile, damn it," he murmured to her, which caused her to laugh through her tears.

The minister was speaking in the background. Something about forever and happiness. And then telling House to kiss his bride, which was something House did with abandon. When they pulled out of the kiss, their guests were clapping. Cuddy, Wilson, Chase, and Foreman were cheering. The minister smiled and presented them to the crowd. "I present to you Mr. Greg House and his wife, Mrs. Allison Cameron-House."


House and Cameron had decided that they couldn't exactly share the first dance. So they'd settled on a wedding song that was unconventional, much like they were. And House announced the fact to their guests.

"As most of you can probably figure out, cripples aren't all that great on the dance floor," he said sardonically. "Allison and I decided that it would be rather idiotic to have a wedding song that everyone could dance to, because if I'm crippled, you're all crippled for our wedding song, too. It's only fair."

Cameron laughed and buried her face in her hands.

"This song isn't just for us," he added, nodding to Wilson and Cuddy. "Boy Wonder over there knocked up our Dean of Medicine and they've somehow done this whole love thing, too. So this is for you two, as well as us. And we got a DJ," he continued, "because no band will ever be able to cover Queen properly." He nodded to the DJ and their song started playing:

Open up your mind and let me step inside.
Rest your weary head and let your heart decide.
It's so easy when you know the rules.
It's so easy…
All you have to do is fall in love.
Play the game.
Everybody play the game of love.
When you're feeling down and your resistance is low…
Light another cigarette, and let yourself go.
This is your life.
Don't play hard-to-get.
It's a free world.
All you have to do is fall in love.
Play the game.
Everybody play the game of love.
My game of love has just begun.
Love runs from my head down to my toes.
My love is pumping through my veins, driving me insane.
Play the game.
Play the game.
Play the game.
This is your life.
Don't play hard-to-get.
It's a free world.
All you have to do is fall in love.
Play the game.
Everybody play the game of love.