Short, pointless and plotless oneshot set after the game. After Lloyd and Colette's exsphere collecting quest when they've had time to settle into a place of their own together.

I used the old term "Wireless set" for "radio" here as it seemed to fit nicely (it'd be fairly new technology at the time this story's set).

Disclaimer: I believe that Namco own Tales of Symphonia. I don't own it.

Sheena had gotten used to, but was still amused by, Colette's ability to be amused and impressed by things that, to others, didn't seem particularly impressive or out of the ordinary. The little paper umbrellas bars sometimes put into drinks, soup you made by putting powder into a mug and pouring hot water into it and a variety of simple toys, for example, had all caused enthusiastic reactions, usually a bright smile and little, happy claps, from the blonde. Most of the time when she reacted like that Lloyd would simply smile and shake his head very slightly and gently. This time, however, he was as enthusiastic as she was although, Sheena had to admit, what they were excited about was a little more impressive than a spring that tumbled down stairs.

She smiled, seeing that the present she had brought the couple was something that they were delighted with. She had suspected they would appreciate the wireless set, when she had mentioned the new technology in letters she had written their replies had been very enthusiastic. She knew, as well, that they loved music, something that even someone who didn't know them very well could have guessed if they'd noticed the obviously well used guitar and carefully maintained piano sitting in a corner of the living room.

Colette's squeak of delight as they tuned into a station that was broadcasting a piece of music that she recognised caused the summoner to laugh. As the little blonde began bopping along to the music, clapping in time with it, Sheena found it very easy to imagine her two friends spending many enjoyable hours listening to broadcasts from both the few stations that were broadcasting now and others that were sure to begin in the future.

She yelped in surprise then began laughing again as Colette leapt up and grabbed her hand, pulling her into an energetic dance. Yes, she thought, it had been a good choice of present.