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Shadows to Shadows

by, Zaleone

Part I


Harry James Potter…

The boy-who-lived…

The savior of the wizarding world…

There were many titles he'd been given in his short life but not a single one had ever felt like his.

Harry was adored by thousands of strangers for something he couldn't even remember consciously doing, having been barely a year old at the time. It was rather sad, really, if one was to think it through. The only reason, the only reason, he was even alive today was because of his mother's sacrifice…not his. He hadn't done a bloody thing and everyone believed that a soon to be sixteen-year-old would soon defeat one of the greatest forces of dark magic the magical world had seen.

Not so much as sad as pathetic, really.

As his thoughts traveled down this all too familiar path, Harry sighed deeply.

These thoughts had haunted him since the day Hagrid told him why everyone knew his name.

Regardless of popular belief with a certain surly potion master, he did not enjoy the 'fame and glory' that came with his name. The so-called 'fame' was a double standard, only going so far in his favor before it would blow up in his face. He supposed he owed Rita Skeeter in a way, as she had proven that very thing in a surprisingly efficient way by writing all those ridiculous articles of hers. People, regardless of who they were, could turn on you in the blink of an eye if you didn't live up to their expectations. All they cared for was their desperate hope that when the day came, he would defeat Lord Voldemort and they would survive his second rising when the war broke into the streets.

When this task was finished, he would be cast out of the wizarding world like a leper.

To doubt this would be to ignore common sense and the self-preservation every creature on this earth possessed, magical or not.

Only one person had proved this wrong and that was Remus Lupin, the werewolf absolutely determined to be a presence in his life since third year but especially so in these weeks after Sirius' fall.

He was slowly beginning to accept the loss but his heart ached at the thought of not knowing his godfather as well as he'd have liked to…of losing one of the last connections to his parents before having any time to know him. For this, he wanted revenge. For losing one of the few connections to his family he had left…he wanted revenge. Voldemort had played a major part in the events at the Department of Mysteries, however, Bellatrix LeStrange had been the one to curse Sirius, sending him into the veil and for this he would kill her himself.

Another sigh escaped him.

He was tired.

Tired of being the damnable boy-who-lived, tired of losing everything and having to rebuild it only to have it taken away again. Most of all, however, he was tired of hiding all that he was. Tired of not being able to be himself. It seemed that throughout his existence he hadn't ever truly said anything that was in his own words, his own perspective…merely what the other party wanted to hear from him.

The mask he had come to wear day in and day out was one crafted from his early years as a child with the Dursley family and simply perfected in his years at Hogwarts.

To survive in this world, one had to cope to the changes life brought about with little to no disagreement.

The fifteen-year-old boy had learned in his childhood what others learned in their early thirties if they were intelligent.

He allowed people to se only what he wanted them to see. No more, no less. No one in the world, wizarding, muggle or otherwise, knew what he truly thought and he liked the idea of keeping it that way. His mask was almost impenetrable and his emotions were the key to his strength, whether they were under control or not.

Harry made sure this mask never, not even for an instant, slipped.

The only true fear he held anymore was the fear that someone someday might see through it. At times he clung to that fear, that feeling of potential helplessness. It gave him an escape from the monotonous way he viewed life and it also reminded him that he was still human, regardless of how stoic he had become.

In his years at Hogwarts, Harry's views on life were altered but they never really changed.

You couldn't depend on anyone but yourself.

It was a simple concept.

Every creature that lived in this world care only about two things…their own well-being and the continuation of their own kind. Harry saw this often, especially in those he had once called 'friend'. Sure, they were decent and helped him when he asked but only when it was convenient for them or if they wanted something from him. Fourth year taught him this as well and, in truth, he now wished they all would've kept their opinions of him and had just left him the hell alone. He didn't need them and they knew it, thus the reason they came crawling back at the end of the year.

In the Tri-Wizard Tournament, he depended on only two souls and one was a lost cause.

His faith in Dumbledore, at the time, was untouched.

The other, he'd been surprised to find, was Severus Snape. Yes, the one and only resident bat and potion master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He'd come to the realization that he greatly depended on the potion master every single year and hadn't even seen it until after he returned from the fiasco at the Department of Mysteries. Snape was the one person in that entire school that never once judged him for his fame or what he was supposed to do and even though he was a snarky old bastard, Harry was thankful for the man's presence in his life.

Without intending to do it, Snape had become a sort of father figure to Harry before the young wizard even knew it.

It Snape were to ever found out, the young Gryffindor was sure the man would have a coronary.

A soft rapping noise made him blink out of his thoughts, his eyes moving to look towards the window where a large bird was perched on the outside edge. He raised an eyebrow at it, idly waving a hand and making the window and bars disappear from the frame to allow the bird entry to his room.

It came to land on the nightstand beside him, letting out a soft, almost musical, coo as it did.

Harry wasn't able to help the smile that broke out on his face, absentmindedly returning the bars and glass to the frame as he turned to the creature. The bird wasn't an owl, that much was obvious, but he couldn't quite place what kind it was though he was sure he had seen one before. Its feathers were a bright red and the bird itself was quite large, meeting his eyes evenly while standing on the nightstand. Crimson eyes regarded him coolly for a moment before it offered its beak and Harry carefully took the letter from it.

With one last quizzical look at the familiar creature, he broke the seal and opened the letter.

It read:

~ Dear Mr. Potter,

It is my pleasure to personally inform you that you have been accepted into Neforia, an academy focused on the exotic teachings of less known arts. Wizards commonly call what we teach dark arts, however, I implore you not to let this deter you for wizarding kind has forgotten many things. Should you decide to attend, you shall receive a twelve-year education built on your strengths and weaknesses.

Neforia is very selective about what students attend and you must keep in mind that to be invited to study and train here is a great privilege not many receive. Here, you shall study all things available to you from Necromancy to Divination to Dragonology.

I look forward to meeting you.

Sakura Cooney

Headmistress of Neforia Academy ~

Harry blinked once, read it again then shook his head. '…Is this some kind of joke?'

A sudden chuckle startled him, his head snapping up and eyes focusing on a man casually leaning against the door to his bedroom…a man that had not been there only a few minutes ago. The man was tall, well over six feet, with jet-black hair that strangely seemed to glow scarlet in the dim moonlight that lighted his room in the late hour. Dark brown skin could be seen in the light as he looked the man up and down, panic taking hold of him until now familiar crimson eyes met his own in amusement.

He stared. 'The bird...no way.'

Another chuckle erupted from the stranger. "Indeed, Mr. Potter. I am 'the bird' as you so eloquently put it."

Harry slowly stood from the bed, not taking his eyes from the man. "Who are you?" he demanded.

"Ah, I do apologize." The man bowed his head slightly. "My name is Daija; I am an instructor at Neforia Academy."

This did little to pacify Harry. "What the hell is going on? Why are you here?"

"Language, Mr. Potter," Daija reprimanded lightly, thoroughly enjoying the blank stare he received in return. "Perhaps you would care to sit down? I'm afraid our meeting will be somewhat time consuming."

Against better judgment, Harry complied and waited impatiently.

Daija seemed very pleased at him for listening. "As you've undoubtedly gathered from the vague letter, Neforia is an academy who primarily teaches the so-called 'dark arts' and a very selective one at that."

"I've never heard of it," came the expected retort.

"I am well aware of that," Daija countered with a smirk. "We like to keep our presence on a need to know basis, what with our wizarding counterparts and their rather…limited views. Neforia is located in the arctic in an underground city called Puther. Following me so far?"

He slowly nodded, still not understanding in full as the bird continued…

"Puther is a city of both light and dark magic. As ironic and cliché as it sounds, there is a light side to the city and then there's a darker side to it. The academies function as enforcers, ensuring that peace is kept within the citizens of the city. Neforia is the academy of the darker, less relatable magic while its counterpart, a school called Jetton, studies magic much like what you have been learning in Hogwarts though far more advanced and not quite as biased."

Harry shook his head, confused. "And I've been accepted because…?"

The smirk remained. "One with your standing and power does not go unnoticed in any magical circle, young Harry, and Neforia is crafted from magic. It is sentient and it is the academy itself that decides a student's enrollment. Had the events of these past two years not occurred, you would no doubt be speaking with a representative from Jetton at this moment but many things have shifted in that time. Your name appeared on the roster only a few weeks ago and as this is not a common thing for new arrivals, Headmistress Cooney has decided to enroll you a bit early in order to introduce you to our world."

No really knowing what to say, Harry looked away as his mind traveled in twelve different directions.

"Neforia offers a great many things if you're ambition is to understand, Harry," Daija stated, crossing his arms as he observed the youth closely. "You need to decide tonight, before I leave." He held up a hand to cut off the expected argument, having had this conversation many times in his career. "I know it's all very soon and decidedly vague on information but we cannot have you, or anyone for that matter, knowing too much about our world unless you wish to become a part of it."

Harry's eyes narrowed. "Let me guess. In order to keep your secret, I have to take a wizarding oath."

The smirk returned once more and the boy's eyes shot to his mouth as his fangs were in plain sight at the action. 'Hmm. He's smarter than I realized,' Daija thought, shaking his head as he answered, "No, no. A blood oath is the precaution we take. Much more powerful and far more effective than the word of a wizard."

Emerald eyes took the man in carefully now. "How do I know this isn't some kind of trick?"

"You don't," came the blunt response as he shrugged. "But what do your instincts tell you?"

As he considered, Harry hated to admit the man was right but he hit the proverbial nail on the head even if it made no sense from a sane point of view. This…Daija…did not look like a teacher and the dark arts were supposed to be forbidden…at least on some level…weren't they?

"Harry, you really need to study Occlumency," came the dry observation. "I can hear every thought in your head."

Jade eyes glared at him but Daija was unaffected.

"To answer your unspoken question: Yes, the dark arts are frowned upon by wizarding kind but the wizarding world hardly has the best point of view regarding magic as you've surely noticed by now." He noted how the boy's eyes narrowed at his words. "I've been one of many to observe your past, Harry, and I know of your façade and what you lead those around you to believe." That intense gaze broke from his own and his eyes softened significantly, remembering how confused he was at first when he was told all of this many years ago. "Neforia can offer knowledge you want and need, Harry, not only for this petty war of wizards but for yourself. For when you decide what it is you want to do when all is said and done. All you have to do is say yes."

Harry cautiously looked back up into that almost eerie, though strangely comforting, crimson gaze and saw nothing but honesty and support. How did this one man, a perfect stranger to him, have such an effect on him when he didn't even trust Dumbledore anymore? But…then again…if he did trust his instincts this one time…then maybe…

A random thought broke the train and he smirked, looking at the man again. "Phoenix."

Daija blinked. "Excuse me?"

The boy looked amused at having caught him off guard. "The bird."

He laughed when it finally registered what he was saying. "Yes, Harry, I am a Phoenix Youkai, or demon in the common wording." Silence descended once more and Daija knew the boy had decided. "Your decision then?"

A deep sigh escaped Harry as he knew full well he could be walking straight into a trap and possibly right into the hands of Lord Voldemort but the feelings this man were giving him were ones of trusting and warmth. He found himself wanting to trust the phoenix though a cold voice that reminded him of Mad-Eye oddly enough was screaming at him that this wasn't one of his brightest ideas.

'Hell with it. This is my choice.' He nodded once. "Yes."

The man clapped his hands almost gleefully. "Very wise choice, young Mr. Potter." Without a warning, he grabbed the owl cage that contained a, until now, sleeping snowy white owl and grinned at the boy. "Shall we take our leave then?"

Harry grabbed his wand before standing from the bed. "What about my trunk and-"

"Don't worry, we shall take care of everything and be sure your personal valuables are returned to you," Daija reassured, wrapping an arm around the boy's shoulders.

Expecting the pull of a portkey, Harry was pleasantly surprised and somewhat baffled when he glanced down and saw he was literally disappearing before his own eyes. A warm wind caressed his face and he looked up towards the ceiling only to see a blur of color. Feeling a little dizzy, he closed his eyes and simply enjoyed the feel of the wind though it ended all too soon for his liking when the arm slipped from his shoulders.

Blinking, he glanced up at the phoenix.

Daija raised an eyebrow, amused. "I'll venture a guess to say you enjoyed that."

He shrugged. "It's better than a portkey," he pointed out.

"I shall wholeheartedly agree you with there, my young friend," Daija chuckled before widely gesturing in front of them. "May I be the first to welcome you to Neforia Academy."

Harry looked ahead of where they stood and nearly fainted at the magnificent sight that met him. 'Whoa.' Daija hadn't been kidding when he said 'underground'. The cavern like walls stretched on for miles and he eyed them warily, a little fearful of a cave in though, logically, he knew there must've been some kind of magic guarding against that very thing.

It was only a few seconds before his attention shifted, focusing on what Daija had been referring to.

They stood in the lush green courtyard of a massive castle that was undoubtedly bigger than Hogwarts.

It did not have the same warmth and inviting aura that the founders' castle had. Instead, it came across to him as a more military-based structure. It gave off the feeling of strength, pride and order as the grounds were impeccably kept with not even a blade of grass out of place. The walls of the castle itself were the darkest coal color he had ever seen and the jagged gothic style of the architecture fit surprisingly well.

Set into the side of what looked to be an underground mountain, this place made the word beautiful seem obsolete.

"It is not as intimidating as it looks."

Harry spared a glance back at the phoenix before, again, looking at the castle. 'Perfect. What have I managed to get myself into this time?' The fact that he wasn't now facing Voldemort was a shockingly small comfort at the moment.

The phoenix laid a hand on his shoulder, gaining his attention. "Come along now, the Headmistress awaits us."

With no more than a nod, he followed the phoenix and was barely aware of Hedwig's annoyed hooting at being awoken in such a manner and then promptly ignored. Shock was currently running laps in the space that was, unfortunately, his brain at the moment though Harry did notice he felt a sort of pull towards the fierce looking academy. He wasn't scared of what was inside, regardless of what common sense was practically screaming at him, and neither did that instinctive alarm go off in his head at being in such a foreign place.

This place felt…well, safe.

Safer than Hogwarts.

Although after spending five years in a school where one was constantly under attack by a raving psychopath, one would expectantly not feel particularly safe in aforementioned school.

Harry looked up at Daija, trying to focus on what was happening. "The Headmistress…what is she like?"

The phoenix shrugged. "Well, Harry, she is very good at what she does. Stern but understanding, if you will."

He nodded, continuing to gaze at his surroundings.

Large statues loomed in the entrance and following hallways…dragons, werewolves, unicorns and practically every other creature he could think of as well as a few he didn't know. Several portraits greeted him throughout the corridors and Harry found this place more confusing than Hogwarts was in first year. All too soon, they came to a dead end hallway where a statue of a hissing cobra that was about three times the size of Harry's 5'7 form stood.

Daija clasped his hands behind his back as he addressed it. "Good even, Aurora."

The snake suddenly moved and Harry watched in amazement as a real cobra the size of a small basilisk shifted to life from the stone, scales turning from a light grayish color to glistening black within seconds.

His eyes, however, were soon caught in an intense gold gaze and Harry retreated a step, cautious of the large serpent.

A forked tongue slid from its mouth, something akin to laughter coming from the cobra as it lowered its head in greeting. / Do not fear me, my young speaker. I intend you no harm. /

Harry visibly relaxed, the almost maternal voice setting him at ease. / Good to know. /

Her gazed was unwavering in its intensity. / I have not seen you in these halls before, young one. /

/ I'm at a loss for words, to be honest. / He shrugged helplessly.

Aurora slithered to the side, revealing the door she protected. / It is an understandable reaction to my home. You will return to speak with me, my little hatchling. I've not had many to speak with in recent years. /

/ I will. / Harry agreed, giving the cobra a smile.

As the conversation ended, Daija nodded. "I am impressed."

The Gryffindor turned to him, confused.

"I knew you were a Parselmouth but I did not how advanced you were," the phoenix explained, giving him a pleased smile before stepping forward and opening the door for him. "A piece of advice."

The young wizard looked back at him, feeling slightly nervous as he stepped into the office.

"Be honest," he smirked. "She has a most annoying tendency of knowing everything." Give him a final wink, he shut the door.

Sighing, Harry turned to take in the room before him.

The office reminded him of the Great Hall with its ceiling charmed to look like the night sky, black clouds passing over an eerily pale crescent moon with the occasional lightning bolt illuminating it.

Unsurprisingly, he thought of Remus.

After losing himself in this visual for several moments, his eyes drifted away to look around a bit more.

He could imagine Hermione's bright eyes wide in excitement as he looked at the several bookshelves that lined the entire back wall of the impressive office, resembling a small library more than anything, while various odd looking items he couldn't even begin to identify were scattered every which way and thick carpet lined the floor. A large, wooden desk was in the center of the room and Harry took a deep breath before walking towards it. The desk itself was in absolute chaos with papers and books lying all over it while a dusty brown owl slept at one corner with its head tucked beneath its wing.

Harry smiled a bit and reached out a hand, intending to pet the soft feathers.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The voice startled Harry and he whirled around to a smiling, elegant looking woman with bluish-white hair, a youthful face and intense blue eyes that were looking directly at him. "Last time I woke him, he had a fit."

"S-Sorry…I was just-"

"Worry not, young Harry." She walked towards him and studied him a moment before proceeding behind her desk to sit down. "Please, take a seat."

He slowly lowered himself into one of the two chairs across from her.

"Now, then," she smiled again, trying to help ease his nerves, "because you've accepted our offer to teach you, you were enrolled the moment you walked through our doors. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Harry answered, holding his tongue from asking the many questions he had before she could speak.

"Good. Before we begin anything, I have a request to make of you." She leaned back in her chair, giving him a piercing look though he couldn't say what she was looking for. "Our world is not at all like the world of wizards and you must understand that we must keep it under wraps. Therefore, I must ask that anything you hear, see, learn or do be kept strictly in the confines of our own world and on a need-to-know basis regarding others outside of it. Life in and of itself is unpredictable so it is understandable that, occasionally, our worlds cross with that of wizards and considering you will be returning to that world, I know certain situations will arise where explanations will be needed. Your own talents and experiences may be shared as you see fit, however, our world is to be kept secret. Especially its location."

Harry nodded. "I understand."

The smile returned. "Very good." She held up a hand and Harry blinked when a thick folder came flying out of seemingly nowhere, going straight to her hand before she set it on her desk. "Moving on, then."

"…Headmistress?" She glanced up and he shook his head, confused. "I thought…well…Daija said-"

Sakura rolled her eyes, annoyed at the phoenix after having had this particular conversation with students said phoenix retrieved. "Daija tends to embellish nearly everything, especially when he has a fresh young mind to corrupt. A blood oath is only put into effect if and when a student endangers the exposure of our world and we are forced to take extraordinary measures to correct it. Only then do I make such a demand but few ever do such things."

Harry let out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding.

Seeing that he was at ease for the first time since laying eyes on him, and making a mental note to smack Daija upside the head when she got the chance, Sakura opened the folder. "Well, you've certainly made quite a name for yourself, haven't you?" A teasing smirk highlighted her features.

The boy wasn't able to hide his blush, muttering, "Not by choice."

Her smirk eased into a smile as she continued to read through his record, an eyebrow rising. "Is there a rule in Hogwarts you didn't break?"

This earned her a laugh and she chuckled right along with him, well aware of the past happenings.

"All right," she leaned back in her chair, clasping her hands on her lap. "Let me just explain a few things to alleviate some of your confusion." The knowing smile set Harry's mind a little more at ease. "Compared to Hogwarts, Neforia is far more strict and demanding of its students. Our instruction and training are alike to what the aurors of your world would experience in their initial training though far more difficult mentally, physically and, of course, magically. First, we do not have houses like Hogwarts. Instead, we uncover your abilities by taking you through a series of challenges and then you're given a crest of a particular strength. No two are the same as each is unique to the person who wears it. One thing we've come to realize and accept is that everyone is different and we here at Neforia encourage individuality and independence."

Harry took these words to heart, nodding in understanding. "What are the challenges?"

Sakura's smile remained as she continued, "The first challenge is going before the Oracle of the North. It'll test many things about your character and your strength. The Oracle will awaken your inner power and you will take your true form."

He blinked. "True form?"

"We do not teach wizards, Harry. You will no longer be human when you return us…at least, most likely. You will find the saying, 'Every living creature carries with it the potential to be something other than what it is', quite often here. It is the unofficial motto of our beloved academy."

Harry was slightly unnerved at the thought of transforming into something not quite human but his curiosity was too great as he asked, "What exactly will I be turning into?"

"Even the wisest cannot say, Harry. I was once a simple, muggle girl before I was brought to this school."

'Well…that's…different,' he thought but nodded anyway, understanding the point. "What happened when you saw this Oracle?"

"It is my own secret." Sakura smiled at the memory. "But I'll tell you that I was physically altered so my body could withstand my power. I'm not human, Harry, and I haven't been for a very long time. I'm a fox youkai, and as such I was in need of several changes because my human body simply wasn't equipped to handle that kind of power."

"So, that's the reason Daija's a phoenix then?"

Sakura nodded. "Exactly."

He nodded but sighed, somewhat lost. "I still don't really understand."

"I know, Harry. No one can really begin to understand until they face the Oracle and begin in our world but you can rest assured of one thing. You have absolutely nothing to fear while you remain in this academy and you are not in this alone." Her smile didn't falter once, even as it dimmed slightly in understanding of his situation. "Do you understand?"

A small smile was returned to the headmistress as he nodded. "What's the second challenge?"

"That would be to find a suitable familiar. When you accomplish these two things, you're given the third and fourth challenges," she explained.

Curiosity once more outweighing common sense, Harry asked, "What are they?"

She chuckled. "Eager, are we?"

A sheepish nod was her answer.

"The third challenge is to find your weapon, which will become an extension of you. You'll be taken by your mentor to our forge and there, you'll receive one that is perfectly in sync with your magic. I suppose you could compare this to finding a wand in the wizarding world. The process can potentially be a bit risky, however, the end result is beneficial and the weapon will forever be yours. The final challenge then is finding your crest of strength. This crest is given in the form of a pendant and no two are alike. It'll act as a protection for your magic until you master your powers and, afterward, it'll become a proud emblem for you to wear after you graduate."

He nodded in understanding, thinking about what this could mean for him…it was a chance. A chance he needed in order to eventually do what needed to be done. Taking a deep breath, he asked, "When do I start?"

Sakura simply looked at him for several moments before bowing her head in acceptance, taking an envelope from the top of her desk and tossing it to him.

He caught it, blinking when he saw no writing upon it.

"These are the supplies you will need for the upcoming term. After you're all settled in and you've gotten a bit of sleep, you'll begin. I look forward to having you in this academy, Harry, and Daija shall help you prepare."

"But, what about my money? Gringotts-"

"Relax." Sakura stood, showing Harry to the door as she spoke, "We have an ongoing deal with the goblins. When a student is accepted into Neforia, the transfer papers are immediately drawn up and I wouldn't doubt that the goblins have already relocated half your funds to their branch here in Puther. Daija will take you there in the morning so you may sort out whatever is needed and then you can go exploring. We still have a few days of summer, after all."

Harry gave her a grateful smile. "Thank you, Headmistress."

Sakura silently nodded as he left her office.

When Harry walked past the rather bored Aurora who had been attempting to knock Daija down with her tail, the phoenix smiled widely. "And how was your meeting, my young student?"

He blinked a bit but eventually nodded, still somewhat confused but feeling significantly better about his decision to come here. "It went well. I'm not quite as confused, at least."

"Well then, that's all we can ask for so early in this game." He observed the boy. "You look satisfied."

Shrugging, Harry just smiled in response as he thought, 'I am satisfied.' He knew that Dumbledore, while having good intentions in keeping him from the war, was not thinking strategically. He needed to be trained. Neforia was willing and able to offer him this and if he managed to carve out a new life for himself, all the better. 'I won't regret this.' He would miss certain people during his time here but he knew, deep down, that he would not regret doing this.

In an attempt to distract himself from the feeling of homesickness that suddenly engulfed him, he opened the envelope the headmistress had given to him and took out the list. It was extensive. Some of the items there, he outright gaped at while others caused him to cringe at the very thought. Having been raised in the magical sense within the laws and morals of the wizarding world, Harry wasn't accustomed to being so casual about many things the ministries would, more than likely, find illegal.

A particular ingredient caused him to shake his head. 'And why would I need a dementor's tongue?' He nearly gagged at the thought, not even knowing the vile things had tongues before tonight.

"Don't worry so much." Emerald collided with crimson as Daija chuckled. "We'll get you settled in."

End of Part I

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