Hey ya'll! Just to let you know this is my FIRST EVER FANFIC! So PLEASE go easy on me. Flames will be tolerated, but I don't encourage them. Please review! It makes me strangely happy that someone likes my story enough to comment on it, so MAKE ME HAPPY! Please? Anyway, this will be my only disclaimer for the whole story because they are, quite frankly, a waste of space. At the end of each chapter, I will post thankyous/comments to reviews/reviewers that really stood out to me …so on with the disclaimer!

DISCLAIMER! : I do not own Inuyasha, or any of the bands/songs/lyrics that are mentioned in this Fic. Inuyasha belongs solely to Miss Rumiko Takahashi. All I own are my characters, this plot, some lovely striped toe socks, and a kitten named Kilala. (She is a Siamese).

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