Title: Lovers Entwined

Summary: 300 word observant drabble. Oneshot "In an abandoned corn exchange two lovers lie entwined."


In the dark of night and coming dawn in an abandoned corn exchange two lovers lie entwined. One is at ease, immersed in love and emotion. The other feels whole, yet empty. Her skin glows in the approaching dawn, a shining emerald green. The sweat from the hours of love making make her glisten and glean. The one beside her stirs, pulling himself closer. Her mouth curls in a smile as she curls against him.

A white cat climbs through a skylight as the huge orange orb climbs from the horizon. The lovers do not stir, still recouping energy from the actions of the night. The cat crawls to its mistress's arms, taking comfort in the radiant heat, the friction from passion. The cat dozes as the lovers sleep on, oblivious to the city, the world going on around them. Noises from the street filter through the skylight and disappear into the shadows. She moves, pulling the blanket and covering herself completely. The cat miaows indignantly as its sight is blocked and an arm accidentally reclines on its back.

The sun continues on its path and time ticks on. City life goes on, people hurry by. They pay no attention to the corn exchange, not glimpsing either side as they go on their way.

The sun reaches its peak in the sky and peers through the skylight. The golden beams illuminate the blanket, pulled askew over the tangled entwined limbs. He stirs, opening his eyes to the noon light. He pulls her close before rising to drink some water. Unable to feel his touch, she moans, muttering as she stretches, cat-like, unfurling her limbs. Half- asleep, squinting, she turns to him, opening her arms to him.

"Yero my hero." She whispered sleepily, seductively, and his heart melts. He takes her in his arms, and time stops once more.