Title: Grown Up

Summary: 200 word drabble. Galinda POV.


Galinda to Glinda. Like a snake shedding its skin I shed my name, my personality and became a new person. A cocoon into a butterfly. It wasn't just some teenage phase, some little think that would last a week and become a friendly joke- I had changed. For the better? I didn't know.

I never realised what an effect Elphaba had on me- I was so impressionable, like dough. I never seemed to think for myself- all my decisions were made for me, by other people. My relationship with Fiyero, I barely decided that. Even the "Fiyero and I are to be married" thing…it was a suggestion of Shen-Shen's, whispered through drunken giggles. The punch didn't help, either.

But when things started to change, the wheels were wet in motion, I felt…strange. An internal struggle seemed to rage within me. I felt myself growing, changing, thinking

That day at the train station, everything changed. We realised where our feelings lie, we realised what a life changing day it was. We all changed that day, and so did I. I was no longer Galinda, a silly air headed teenage girl. I was Glinda, a mature young woman.

I had grown up.