By Jyun Hwa

Summary: They made a promise long ago. What happened to that promise?


Ten years ago...

Young, fourteen-year old, Fubuki Tenjyoin and his best friend Ryo Marufuji stood side by side, their backs against the wall of an old run-down lighthouse, staring out straight ahead at the sea before them. Fubuki's family was moving away to England for a company his father would be working for. The brunet boy diverted his glance down to the ground, before he spoke. "Hey... Ryo..." he began. The other glanced over slightly, indicating that he was listening and for his friend to continue. After a short pause, Fubuki continued what he was saying. "Make me a promise?" He looked up into Ryo's eyes. "That when we grow up, even if we fall apart and go our separate ways, you won't forget me. And even if we're half a world apart, you will come find me, and marry me." His gaze on Ryo was a very loving but worried one, as he waited for an answer.

Ryo met his gaze and simply held it for a good two minutes, before replying, with a sweet smile. "I promise. Even when we're far apart, I'll always be there. When you need a friend, I'll be there… When you need to cry, I'll be there… When you lose your way and have no one to turn to, I'll be there…" He paused. "And I want you to promise me… that if I do not find you first, you will find me instead, and wed me." Fubuki's eyes were glazed over with tears, as he tried to smile at his best friend, and nodded, ensuring that he would. Ryo smiled and leaned closer to the brunet, landing a kiss on his cheek. It was a quick, but loving kiss, sealing their promise.

"Thank you, Ryo-chan!" Fubuki exclaimed, throwing himself into Ryo's arms in a tight hug. "Remember, you promised!"

Now, ten years later…

"Ryo… where are you…?" Fubuki questioned the darkness, his eyes empty, before dropping to his knees, and letting the memories consume him once again.




Note from Jyun Hwa – (Edited) I decided to continue this. Uploading should be slow, so please be patient. Since this was not my original favorite pair... (I prefer Fubuki with Jun any day).I think Fubuki will be seme after all... Fubuki as uke does not appeal to me. Note that this is no longer Ryo x Fubuki ONLY, meaning that there will probably be other pairings or hints of such. Sankyuu. Enjoy please.