Authors note: Hiya everyone! This is my first All in the Family fan fiction so please be nice. This takes place after the series ended, but there are a lot of changes lol. Let's start with what has happened with everyone.

Mike and Gloria: They moved back to New York, and did not get a divorce like in Archie Bunkers Place. They live next door to Archie and Edith again, since the people who moved into their old house moved out.

Archie and Edith: They are still married of course. Edith is alive, unlike what happened in Archie Bunkers Place. Archie still owns the bar, but since Mike and Gloria moved back he seems to spend more time at home to spend time with his family and the meathead.

Stephanie: Left to live with another relative but she visits, talks, and writes to the Bunkers.

That's pretty much it! So sit back and enjoy the chapter. I own nothing, nothing.PS. I'll try to update as soon as I can, and I'll go faster if I have reviews! lol Ok I'm stifling myself now!

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It was a regular morning at the Bunker house. Archie had just left to the bar, and Edith was already cleaning up the kitchen while making cookies. She was happily humming to herself when Gloria came in through the back door. "Hi Ma." she greeted, "Oh, hi Gloria!" Edith said smiling at her daughter. "Ma, can we talk?" Gloria asked taking a seat at the table "Oh sure." her mother replied taking a seat next to her. "Ma…" Gloria began but was interrupted.

"Where's Joey?' Edith asked noticing her grandson wasn't with his mother.

"He's over at a friend's house." Gloria explained, "Ma, I need…"

"Oh, that's too bad. You see I made him some oatmeal cookies."

"Don't worry about it ma, you can bring them when you and Daddy come over. Now…" Gloria tried once more, but once again failed.

"Yeah. That is if your father, don't find 'em first."

"Yeah. Ma can…"

"Cause, he'll eat 'em." Edith rambled, "Although they are healthy."

"Sure, ma I really…"

"I think I'll take some over, to your house, in awhile and then save some for Archie."

"Good idea ma. Ok…"

"But then when we go over later, your father might eat the cookies that were for Joey." Edith stated and then began to think of another idea.

"True, but…"

"Oh I know!" I'll send them all over to your house and then when me and your father go over he can have some then!" Edith explained smiling away, proud of herself for coming up with the idea.

"Great ma, so…"

"Oh wait, I don't even think Archie like oatmeal cookies." Edith then began to think.

"Ma, I'm pregnant!" Gloria announced quickly.

"Oh Gloria!" Edith exclaimed as she got up from her seat and took her daughter into a tight embrace, "That's wonderful! Aint it?" she asked, noticing that Gloria wasn't smiling. "Yes…no…I mean…" Gloria took a deep breath.

"Ma, Michael, had a vasectomy. We're not suppose to have any more children." Gloria explained.

"Oooh yeah." Edith said in that classic way, "Well maybe ya were meant to have more kids."

"Maybe you're right, ma."

"Or maybe, they didn't do it right." she suggested which caused Gloria to look at her mother with a face that said, 'What!'

"Ma, what are you talking about?" Gloria asked.

"Well it happened on one of 'em soap operas." Edith explained.

"Oh, ma don't be ridiculous, things that happen on those shows don't happen in real life."

"Oh sure they do." she said knowing she was right.

"Like what?"

"Well like…" Edith began to think, "Oh, like what happened to my cousin Marvin."

"What happened to him?"

"Well he was in a coma, just like some character on another one of them shows. But my cousin Marvin didn't wake up like the character on that TV show. You see my cousin Linda, who was my cousin Marvin's sister, was visiting Marvin with her brother Malcolm, who was my cousin and Marvin's brother. Anyways when Linda was leaving she tripped and accidentally unplugged my cousin Marvin, she thought about plugging him back in but her brother Malcolm had already went to go get a doctor. So see things that happen in a soap opera can happen in real life." Edith added finishing her story.

" Um, ok ma." Gloria said not really sure what to say, "So ma how do you think I should tell Michael?"

"Oh Gloria, I don't know. But you better tell him soon, after all he should hear it from the person he loves not some stranger."

"You're right ma." Gloria said smiling

"I am?"

"Yeah, and because it was your idea you can tell him!" Gloria exclaimed getting up from her seat.

"Oh no Gloria I said the person he loves, like you."

"Well Michael loves you, so you can do it!"

"Oh no!"

"Oh come on, ma please."

They continued like that for a while, until Edit finally convince Gloria to tell Mike herself. And even though Gloria said she would, she wasn't so sure she could anymore.

To Be Continued