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Part Five

Thank Heaven for Little Goils

Hours later Archie and Edith were sitting in chairs that were on Gloria's left side of her bed. They were able to get her to the hospital without Mike there. And he still had yet to come and the same went for the baby.

"Oh ma, where's Michael?" Gloria asked while groaning.

"Don't worry Gloria, he'll be here soon. Right Archie?" Edith asked her husband while trying to make their daughter relax.

"Who the hell knows." Archie said not looking up from the newspaper he was reading, "He got his wife stuck in a phone booth with the first kid, he had to do somethin' different for this one."

"Daddy!" Gloria exclaimed just as the door to the room burst open.

"Oh honey I'm so sorry…" Michael called as he rushed to Gloria's side. "I …" he started to explain but Gloria interrupted him. "I don't care about you right now. I'm in pain and you're the one who's fault this is! Get away from me!" Gloria hissed causing Michael to take a few steps away from her. Archie and Edith looked at each other.

"That's what she should have said when she first saw him." Archie said pointing at the scene.

"I'm sorry honey. Please don't leave me I love you." Gloria pleaded to Michael on the verge of tears. And of course Michael went over to her and hugged her "Don't worry I'm not going anywhere, well just to the cafeteria…." he explained and saw Gloria's face, she looked as if she were going to cry any second now.

"Oh Mike, you don't have to go, me and Archie will go." Edith stated getting up from her seat.

"Well Archie better be some imaginary friend and not me." Archie said upset putting down his paper.

"Archie I don't have an imaginary friend." Edith told him looking confused. "Come on." she said as she tried to get him up off his seat, and finally succeeded.

"Ah Jeeze, why do I have to go?" Archie groaned, "You want him to out another baby in her!"

Edith just shook her head as she and Archie left the room leaving Mike and Gloria alone.

More hours passed and still no baby. Gloria was still on the bed looking very bored, Michael was sitting on a chair on Gloria's right side reading the newspaper Archie had been reading earlier, and Archie and Edith were sitting in the chairs they were before, playing cards.

"Do you got any threes?" Edith asked Archie

Archie looked at her in disbelief, "Edith we're playing Gin!" he said upset.

"Aw ma, daddy you don't have to stay around. I know the waiting must be killing you." Gloria said looking over at her parents.

Archie opened his mouth to say something but before he could say something Edith began to talk, "Oh no Gloria we wanna be here." she started, "We just need something to help time go by faster."

"Like what ma?" Mike asked putting the news paper down.

"Like singing!" she suggested

"Next option heh Edith, next option." Archie groaned.

"Oh ok." Edith said as she began to think, "Oh I know, Gloria how would you like to hear the story of the day you were born?" she asked excitedly.

Mike and Gloria got excited too but not Archie. "Oh come Edith, no one wants to hear about that…"

"I want to hear about it daddy."

"Yeah me too."

"Yeah well I don't!" Archie exclaimed.

"Well I'm the one giving you another grandchild." Gloria pointed out leaving Archie silent for awhile, "Go on ma tell the story."

Edith looked over at Archie and the over to the young couple, "Ok. Well it was a regular day at our old apartment on Union street, well regular during the time before you Gloria and way before you Mike…."

1950 some

A young Archie was sitting in his same old chair, which he still had to this day, watching a baseball game. "Hey Edith, get out here for a while, so our son can listen to the game with me." Archie called out into the kitchen. "Alright Archie!" came the response and soon a young Edith, and very showing she was having a baby Edith, entered the living room.

Edith's Voice: Your father was so convinced yous was gonna be a boy Gloria. He wouldn't let me knit anything but in the color blue not even yellow. Because…

Archie's Voice: Because if she had made a blanket in yellow people woulda confused yous with a duck! Now Edith there I think they wanna hear the story before News Years.

Edith's Voice: Oh yeah well any ways…

Edith was sitting in her chair while knitting and Archie sat in his while explaining to his 'son' what was going on in the game when the game went into a commercial. "Ok now here's the part where if you gotta go use the can, you go. That way you won't miss anything important." Archie explained, "Why don't you go with your mother and get me a beer." he told his 'son' but also his wife who seemed to have not heard it as she continued with her knitting.

"Edith, didn't yous hear wha I was telling the kid here?"

"No Archie you told me not to listen to your father son conversations." Edith said looking at him.

Archie groaned, "Will you just go get me a beer?"

"Right away Archie." she said before trying to get up from her seat. She tried getting up from her chair for awhile until finally she looked over at Archie, "Archie." she called over to him and he soon looked over and realized what was wrong, "Ah jeeze I forgot about this." he mumbled to himself as he got of his chair and began to help Edith out of her chair.

"Alright there ya go dahling." Archie said once he had helped Edith onto her feet.

"Thank you Archie." she said before giving him a quick peck on the cheek and then heading off to the kitchen.

"Don't worry about it Edith, just get me the beer and be out here before the game starts up again," he called after her as he sat down.

Only a minute or so went by before Edith finally came out of the kitchen with no can of beer in her hands. "Oh great timin' there Edith, the games about to come back on." he said as held out his hand for his beer, never taking his eyes off the screen. After awhile of waiting for his beer and never getting it Archie looked over at Edith who was now standing by him and his chair. "Edith I thought I told yous to get me a beer?" he asked upset.

Edith just smiled, "Archie, I think it's time for you to meet your son." she said smiling away.

Archie quickly got out of his chair and looked at her shock and excitement covering his face, "You mean…." knowing what he was going to say Edith nodded smiling even more. Archie smiled as well "Oh boy, we gotta get your suitcase thing over here." he said as he quickly went off to get her bag.

"Arrchie, the bag is over here!" she called after him.

Soon he reappeared almost tripping on his way back, "It's over here?" he asked, "Where!"

"In the closet."

"Alright," Archie said as he opened the closet and pulled out Edith coat and helped her put it on, but of course Edith wasn't going as fast as Archie wanted her to, "Come Edith would you hurry it up. We gotta go before we miss the bus."

"The bus?" Edith asked once her coat was on.

"Yeah the only whadaya call transporation that'll get us to Bayside hospital." Archie explained as he put on his own coat.

"Oh, then I gotta go use the ladies room." Edith told him as she hurried to the bathroom.

"Aw come on Edith we gotta go already unless yous wanna have the kid in our bathroom!" Archie called after her but it was too late she was already upstairs.

Archie's voice: Jeeze your mother took so long up there, I thought she was already having the baby.

Finally after waiting for what seemed like forever to Archie, Edith came back in the room. "Ok Archie I'm ready to go." she said cheerfully.

"You sure Edith? Ya sure you don't have to go to the ladies room again?" Archie asked sarcastically.

"Oh yeah I just went remember?" Edith asked which caused Archie to roll his eyes. "Ok then come on lets go." he said as he grabbed her bag and opened the door for Edith. Edith began to walk out but then stopped, "What?" Archie asked concerned, "Archie," she began "The next time we come into this apartment your gonna be a Daddy." she said on the verge of tears. "And yous Edith, "Archie said locking eyes with her, "are gonna be a Mommy." he said before kissing her.

"Now come on we gotta go or we're never gonna be them things." he said as he helped Edith out of the house.

Present Time

"Aw daddy that's so sweet." Gloria gushed.

"Yeah what happened to you Arch?" Mike asked half seriously half jokingly.

"Ah you shut up!" Archie said angrily

"So then what happened?" Gloria asked interested, "Oh you'd have to ask your father about that part, I wasn't in the waiting room cause I was in the room with you Gloria." Edith told her daughter.

"Ok, daddy what happened in the waiting room?"

Archie groaned a little before starting the story, "Well I was in the waiting room with a bunch of other to be fathers and unlike them I was the only one that seemed to have patience…"

1950 some

A regular waiting room full of men. Some were sitting reading a paper it was obvious this was not their first child, some were sitting around looking very impatient drumming their fingers some pacing, one man was totally spaced out, looking at absolutely nothing. Archie bunker was one of the men pacing away. Archie looked at his watch for what must have been the hundredth time, "Jeeze…" he groaned as he walked over to the nurses desk.

"Hey nurse," he called to the nurse who was reading a newspaper.

"Oh you again," the nurse said as she looked up from the paper over at Archie, "I told you sir the bathroom is down the hall third door on your left."

Archie frowned, "No that wasn't me that was uh…that guy over there." he said pointing at the man who was spaced out. The nurse just rolled her eyes she knew it had been Archie who had come over to the desk almost a thousand times.

"Look I need to know about my wife, she came in here to have our baby."

"You don't say!" the nurse said sarcastically

"Hey," Archie started pointing a finger at her, "don't think I didn't notice that tone. Now come on I know you have some information for an Edith Bunker…."

"Sir, like I've told you before, I do not have any information on Edith Bunker, just yet. Now would you please go take a seat?"

"No aint gonna take a seat until yous gives me the information on my wife that your hiding!" Archie said raising his voice

Soon Archie and the nurse were starting to argue, when a doctor came in to the room where the nurse was, "What's going on here?" he asked. And before the nurse could say something Archie had started talking, "This woman here aint giving me the information on my wife!"

"Alright sir what's your wife's name?"

"Edith Bunker." Both Archie and the nurse said at the same time, and of course Archie glared at the nurse for awhile but then turned his attention to the doctor.

"Oh yes I was about to give out some information on her, that Dr. Robinson gave me." the doctor stated.

"Well what is it?" Archie asked getting impatient.

"She's doing fine Mr. Bunker, she's sleeping right now though. But if you like I can find someone to take you to the nursery so you can see your daughter."

"I have a daughter?" Archie asked smiling a bit as happiness and amazement covered his face.

"Yes sir." the doctor said smiling, "Now let me get a nurse to take you."

"I don't want her!" "I'm not taking him!" Archie and the nurse said at the same time while pointing at each other.

Present Time

"Well then what happened Arch?" Mike asked.

"Nothing The End." Archie said a bit grumpy.

"Oh come Daddy," Gloria began, "what about the story about how you first saw me?"

"Ah, jeeze." he groaned, "Well yous knows that one why don't yous tell it?"

"Oh come on daddy, please." she asked giving him a sad pouting face.

"Alright, alright, just don't start your crying there huh?"

1950 some

A different nurse led Archie into the nursery. Archie made his way over to the window to look for his daughter.

Archie's Voice: Well lets see, the nurse took me to that room where they keep all them fresh babies there.

Archie looked in there for less then a minute and then he pointed his finger against the glass pointing at a little girl. His little girl.

Archie's Voice: I looked in there and pointed straight at you. And it was a twelve to one chance…

Gloria and Archie's Voice: Well eleven to one cause there was a colored kid in there too.

Archie's Voice: Yous gonna tell the rest of the story?

Gloria's Voice: Sorry daddy but I always remember that part.

Archie smiled over at the baby and Baby Gloria as if feeling eyes on her looked over at Archie and smiled.

Archie's Voice: Dat's alright there little goil. Well I looked in over at you and smiled and yous flashed a big smile right at me.

Present Time

Gloria and Archie were smiling at each other small smiles of course. "Maybe it was gas." Edith said interrupting the moment. Archie glared at his wife, "No it wasn't gas, it was a whadaya call first father daughter moments."

"Hey Arch even if it were gas, it would have been a father daughter moment too." Mike stated, "Plus you'd be sure you were her father."

Archie glared at him, "You know…" but before he could start Gloria interrupted.

"Don't start fighting now, I wanna hear the rest of the story!"

"Me too." Edith told them, "I mean I wanna finish telling it."

"Ok then ma why don't you start off." Mike said completely forgetting about the argument he almost had with Archie.

"Alright then, well I guess would be the next thing that happened was when your father came into my room to see me…."

1950 some

Edith was peacefully sleeping when Archie quietly entered the room his arms full with flowers and a teddy bear, plus the balloons that were tied to the flowers vase. He quietly entered the room but before he could stop it, the door behind him shut making a loud noise causing Edith to wake up.

"Oooh Archie." she said smiling as soon as she saw her husband by the door.

"Hiya there Edith." he greeted as he walked over and kissed her softly before sitting in the chair that was by her bed.

"Oh Archie ya didn't have to buy me a teddy bear." she said noticing the bear in Archie's hands.

Archie's smile dropped a bit, "Actually um Edith, the flowers there are for yous and the bear here is for our little goil." he explained his smile growing again and soon Edith's smile had grown too.

"You mean the baby's ok?"

"Of course she's ok." he started, "I just saw her a sec ago, and some nurse out there said they're…"

Just before Archie could finish his sentence a nurse came in with baby Gloria. "Here we are little Baby Bunker." the nurse announced getting their attention. Edith smiled as she saw the nurse with her daughter, while Archie groaned, "I can never finish a sentence with out being enterrupded."

"Oh Archie, go ahead and finish what yous was saying." Edith said as the nurse handed the baby over to her.

"Ah jeeze, Edith there aint no point to it now."


Archie sighed, "They're gonna bringing her in here in a little whiles."

"Really?" Edith asked as if the nurse hadn't come in with their baby, that of course got a eye roll from Archie. "I'll leave you alone now, I'll be back in awhile." the nurse said smiling as she left the room "Ok thank you." Edith said as Archie said, "Yeah thank you there nurse."

"Oh Archie look at her." Edith gushed looking down at her baby girl. Archie stood up from his seat and moved closer to the bed taking a seat there right beside Edith.

"She is a cutie huh?"

Edith smiled at him and then back down at the baby, "Yeah. Look Archie, she's got your eyes."

"She got your nose." Archie said smiling as well.

"I'm sorry Archie." Edith said sadly looking down trying not to meet his gaze.

"Sorry?" he asked confused, "Wha you do wrong? You just give me the most beautiful little goil, and you're here with me." he began to tell her, "What are ya sorry for!" he asked a bit loudly.

Edith looked over at him, "For not giving yous the son you wanted." she told him in a tone, that you could tell she felt guilty about it.

"Ah jeeze, it that it Edith?" he asked seeing her nod he softly put his arm around her, "Edith, Edith, Edith that aint your fault. It's whadaya call natures way. And don't worry after alls we got plenty a time to have a son right?"

"Right." Edith responded smiling before kissing Archie.

Present Time

"So you two did want more kids." Mike started, "What happened, Gloria was too much for you? Make you change your minds?" he asked jokingly getting a hit on the arm from Gloria, "Ow!"

"See it don't feel good." Archie stated pointing at Mike.

"Oh no, Mike, Gloria was a perfect little baby." Edith explained, "Oh?" Mike asked.

"Yeah we wanted more, but…" Edith looked down at her lap as she stopped talking. Archie slowly, with his hand shaking a bit, reached over and grabbed her hand and gently squeezed it. Surprised, Edith looked over at him and smiled and Archie even smiled a small smile back. "We just wasn't meant to have more kids like you and Gloria." Edith finished telling Mike.

"Oh gee ma, I'm sorry."

"No don't be, after all yous two gave us a grandson and your about to bring us another one or a granddaughter." Edith told him smiling way.

"Yeah and the best part of having grandkids is if ya don't like 'em or they're giving yous trouble, you can leave or make them leave!" Archie stated

"Arch, where did you hear that from?" Michael asked annoyed.

"It's a well known fact, look it up!" Archie responded in that classic way as a doctor entered the room.

"Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt. I just came in here to see how Gloria is doing." he explained.

"Hey Doc. you've got kids right?" Archie began.

Michael groaned, "Arch… "

Soon Archie and Mike were at each others throats once more with Edith trying to calm the two of them down. The doctor began to speak, "Well Gloria your ready to go to the delivery room." that quieted everyone down.


"Really." just with that one word said they all became excited, "Now I'll be back in a minute I just need to check one more patient." the doctor explained.

"Alright, thanks Doctor." Mike said smiling.

"Um, Doctor," Gloria began as an idea sprang into her head, "Do you think it would be ok, if my parents were in the delivery room with us?"

As soon as that was said Archie and Edith looked at each other, "As long as they stay out of the way, I don't see why not." the doctor said smiling and then left the room.

"So what do ya say?" Gloria asked her parents

Edith was about to say 'yes' when Archie started talking, "I don't know little goil, I mean the last thing that doctor needs is your mother ova there takin' pictures of every little thing with dat camera yous two got her."

"Oh come on daddy!" Gloria pleaded.

"Yeah Arch, it's seeing a new life beginning." Mike explained.

"Please Archie." Edith begged, "No!" Archie told not just her but the other two as well, as he walked away.

"Archie," Edith started as she followed him right on his tracks, "I don't ask for very much…" "Edith…" Archie began, "And remember it was only two years ago, when I had my stroke, and we thought we'd never see each other again." she finished.

Archie looked over at her, it was completely true what she had said, "Alright, alright." he gave in and as soon as he did she pecked his cheek over and over thanking him. "But jeeze Edith yous used a lotta guilt there, you'd think yous was a Jew!" Edith just laughed before kissing him again.

Only minutes passed, and soon Gloria was in the delivery room. Michael dressed in scrubs, was on her right side coaching her while both Archie and Edith also in scrubs stood on her left. Archie frowned a bit as Edith stood there wishing she could do something to help her daughter. Gloria let out yet another scream as she followed the doctors orders, to push.

"I told yous no good could come from bein with that meathead." Archie told Gloria once she quieted down, earning a long stare from Gloria and Mike.

"Alright Gloria, your doing great." The doctor told her, "Ready? One, two, three…" he counted and soon Gloria was pushing again.

"Ok, the head." The doctor announced, "Mike, Mr. and Mrs. Bunker would you like to see?"

Mike walked over, "Wow, ma come over here." he told Edith and soon she was by his side. "Oh that's the most beautiful top of the head I've ever seen!" she gushed as she clutched to her camera fighting the urge to take a picture. "Archie, come look!" she called to her husband.

"Yeah Arch, it's the miracle of life." Mike stated.

"Ah, whadaya know about miracles you atheist." Archie groaned as he slowly walked over. Obviously he was going to slow, and Edith pulled his arm a bit. Archie frowned at her when they came face to face but she just smiled. "Ah jeeze…" he said as he looked.

"That's our grandchild Archie." Edith said excitedly

"Gee Edith, thanks for letting me know I thought it was a turkey." he responded sarcastically.

"Alright Gloria, just one more big push." the doctor instructed as Mike hurried back to Gloria's side. Just in time, before she began to push.

"It's a girl!" the doctor told them happily and seconds later a baby's cry filled the room.

Mike kissed Gloria's forehead. "Oh honey, I love you." "I love you too Michael."

"Oh Gloria I'm so proud of you!" he mother exclaimed as both her parents walked over to her left side.

"Yeah did a really good job there, little goil." Archie told her.

"Thanks daddy." Gloria said smiling.

"Here we are baby girl Stivic." the doctor said as he handed the newest addition to the family to her mother. The four of them started at her smiling and faces covered with amazement and happiness. Although Archie's smile became a frown when Edith began taking picture of everyone, including the doctors and nurses. But when Edith stood beside him and leaned her head next to his, placed the camera in front of the two them to take the picture he couldn't help but smile.

It was later that night at the bunker house, in Archie and Edith's bedroom. Archie was already in bed in his blue pajamas, when Edith entered the room in her pink nightgown. "I finally got Joey to fall asleep." she explained as she got into bed, "He's so excited about being a big brother!"

"Course he is, he's the one that does all the bossing around." Archie said dryly Edith just laughed.

"Oh Archie we're grandparents!" she exclaimed before putting her arms around Archie.

"Edith, we've been grandparents for over four years!"

"I know but now we have grandchildren not a grandchild!" she explained happily before quickly kissing him all over his face.

"Edith, Edith, yous just said so yourself, we're grandparents of two now. Grandparents like dat don't do this here." Archie told her sternly.

"Oh right." she said smiling trying to hide her disappointment as she moved farther away from Archie and closer to her side of the bed.

"Ah what the hell, we'll be the hip kinda grandparents." he told her as he moved closer to her. Edith smiled at him before the two shared a kiss.

The End

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