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Caring Fox

By Unspoken Flame

Both Naruto and Sakura walk down the dark alleyway, away from their trashed apartment. It had been the 2nd one in 3 months to be trashed and they were worried. Ever since they started going out the villages started to turn their aggressions to Sakura as well. She was being harassed while at the store and when on patrol.

It was when they moved in with each other after a year of courting that the vandalism started to increase to complete destruction. It was thought that while they were together there was a chance that she could have his child, which was out of the question.

The walk to the hotel was long and it was raining out. Both of them were tired since it had happened while they were asleep in the very apartment that was attacked. The stress was visible in their eyes. The manager gave them a room without even looking at them and they dragged themselves up the stairs.

When they were inside of the room they barely too in their surroundings. It is a ninja rule that one must know their surroundings so that they would know where to hide or escape should an attack happen but they knew it wouldn't happen tonight. Not after it had just happened. They slowly crawled into bed and lay there. Not a word said between them for a long time. And just when they both thought each other was asleep, Naruto spoke up.

"I'm sorry" Sakura rolled over in bed and looked at him.

"About what? Something that a bunch of drunken idiots did? Don't worry about it. It will all end soon. When you become Hokage, right?" Naruto just lay there looking up at the ceiling.

"Yeah, when I become Hokage…"

Naruto rolled over and held her in his arms and closed his eyes. Sakura sighed and held his arm close and closed her eyes as well. She went to sleep soon after. Naruto opened his eyes again and just laid there, thinking. He knew what he had to do. And he had to do it now.

The next morning…

Naruto was already up when Sakura woke up. She didn't see him but she didn't have to. She knew that he always woke up early for his morning exercise and spars with Kakashi. What she did see what Kakashi sitting on the arm chair in the corner watching her.

Surprised, Sakura showed how angry she was.

"What the hell are you doing here kakashi? Don't you know how to wait to be let in?"

Kakashi just sat there. His eyes focused on the bed; Unmoving. Confused by this, Sakura just got angrier. "Well! What the hell do you have to say?"

"Look. Down" Kakashi said in a low voice, sadness apparent in it.

Sakura looked down slowly and saw a small note in Naruto's handwriting. He always left one when he left to work out, apologizing for not being there to see her wake up. But this was too short and too hastily written.


I have left Konoha. For good. Don't follow me or have anyone else follow me. I don't love you anymore. Good bye


She read the note over and over, but all she could see was "I don't love you any more". It was something she thought she would never see Naruto ever say or write to her. She almost expected him to jump out from behind the curtains yelled "Got yah", laughing with Kakashi smirking and his eye lighting up like it does when you know he is smiling and laughing. She waited but it never came. So she did the only thing she could do. She cried.

"He…he never showed up for training. When I saw your apartment I came here and asked the manager about you. When I got here I let myself in and read the note. I'm…I'm sorry" But Sakura just cried.

When the village council heard about Naruto leave, they took immediate action. A team of hunter nins were sent out to search and destroy Naruto on sight.

Tsunade did not like this and sent out a team of her own consisting of his friends to find Naruto and convince him to come back. Everyone of the remaining Rookie 9 went, all except for Sakura. She listened to the note. She listened to the words "I don't love you anymore". With all the strength she had, she was powerless.

Both teams came back with nothing to report on Naruto. He had completely vanished. Both teams were sent out constantly for a year but after a while only the hunter nins went anymore. He was gone and never coming back.

The villagers were very happy about the news when it became public. The demon was gone for them and they had nothing to worry about ever again. Not that they had to worry about it before. They partied in the streets and destroyed whatever was left of Naruto's old homes. Pictures, clothes, journals, furniture; all was burned and never seen again. It was a day of remembrance but was forgotten completely after a few months. Only the owners of the ramen stand and his friends thought about him. Even till this day.

Authors Note: Well this is my...second Naruto fic. I like it a lot and how it is coming out in my head. I came up with it at work while day dreaming while it was slow and then when i got bored at night decided to right it. The title may be changed later on but for now it stays. I hope you like it and please review.