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He's here. He's here. He's here...

The battle went on for quite a while now. Blow for blow the fighters put everthing into their fight. After they first disappeared the fight relocated to a nearby training ground. He may be the "Demon of Konoha" but he wasn't a monster. He would never desicrate the graves of his former friends and family

The ANBU would look back at this fight one day and realize that that act of respect for the dead showed Naruto's true colors. Too bad it will be too late for the ANBU. He willl be gone before an apology can be made.

It is quite a magnificent sight to see; two fighters dancing in he sky. Jumping from the ground to tree to tree. It's the waltz of the ninja. It had only been a few moments and the fight hadn't even started yet. Just a couple of light jabs and kunai throws. Each weapon thown just became a part of the arsenal for the other opponent.

You see, few ninjas are killed by a single weapon thrown from a distance. The only time this does happen is with an inexperienced ninja, someone caught off guard or civilians. This is why the invention of the explosive tag was so important. When an experienced ninja would just dodge or catch the kunai, they could still become injured from the small weapon. Thankfully, the ANBU wanted a real man to man fight. Explosives would alert too many people.

The only reason they were using ranged weapons was for knowledge. As a test.

To test their enemy for weakness, a blind spot, anything that can give them an advantage. If a ninja can dodge or catch a kunai midfight they were worthy of a decent battle. And now, after dodging quick jabs and swiftly thrown kunai for almost an hour the test was over and the ANBU was the first to show impatience.

When the battle had eventually moved to the Forest of Death the ANBU readied its attack.

"Futon: Wind Blades of Fury"

A volley of wind blades flew towards Naruto. Ready for any ranged attack he swiftly dodged to the side, landing on a branch. The blades cut down the trees in their path, leaving nothing but stumps. The tops lay scattered on the forest floor like dead soldiers on a battlefield that had yet to be buried. Naruto looked down at the newly cut timber and smirked, turning to where the ANBU was, completely unaware that the ANBU had migrated to the same spot that he had dodged. Hands set in a single had seal, Naruto's eyes widened.

"Katon: Gokyaku no Jutsu"

The stream of fire lit the area of the forest ablaze. All that remained of where he stood was the trunk of the tree, still burning. The top part of the tree hadn't burnt up fell to the forest floor, adding to the pile of timber. Bringing some fire along with it the timber began to smolder and burn.

Breathing a bit heavier then before the ANBU relaxed a bit. Then clapping was heard from behind.Turning quickly she looked right at the recently deceased blond demon with the smile he had before but only larger.

"Well now. It seems that if your ANBU career doesn't work out you still have a career in slash and burn agriculture."

Forming a quick hand seal Naurto spit out a few balls of water to put out the still burning tree and newly lit forest floor fire. He turned back to the ANBU.

"You know. Only you can prevent forest fires. An old pervert told me that once. Maybe you should remember that too." The ANBU just glared. Then, in a split second, the ANBU was being held by 3 blond missing nins.

"Kage Bunshin!?!"

His smile was became even larger. Naruto took a seat on the branch he was on."Yeah, its my favorite technique. Its the first one I ever mastered too. Did it when I was twelve. Surprisingly easy actually. A lot easier then the bunsin. I wonder why..." Naruto said while stroking his chin and looking towards the sky.

The ANBU just chuckled. Naruto returned his gaze to the currently immobile, chuckly ninja and cocked his head.

"What's wrong with you? You don't crack under pressure that easily do you?"

The ANBU's chuckly only turned into full laughing, which confused Naruto more.

"It's funny really. Normally, I'm the one that makes people crack WITH pressure."

And without even flexing the ANBU made the two clones holding down its' arms slam into each other, disappearing with a puff of smoke. The last clone behind her was easily dispatched with a strong back handed fist to his face. He quickly followed his fellow clones. Naruto watched in awe as the ANBU quickly disposed of his clones and then lunged at him. Dodging to the left the ANBU managed to grab is right arm. In a matter of seconds it fell limp to his side. Looking back he noticed the fient green glow on the ANBU's hands.

Bouncing off a tree the ANBU shot towards Naruto again. Ready to deliver another surgical attack the ANBU was put off guard when the blond demon used his right arm to spin himself around the base of a tree. Coming to a halt on a tree branch the ANBU just stared. Taking the opportunity he jumped to the ground below. The ANBU followed close behind once out of its mild shock.

Landing with a soft "thu-thump" the two fighters stared each other down; the ANBU being the one to break the silence.

"How did you do that? How can you use your arm like that after having the ligaments severed?"

Naruto just litely smirked. "Now you know why they call me a demon."

The ANBU just smirked back and moved hits hands to the pouch at its side. Naruto tensed up and readied himself in a defensive stance. Pulling a pair of gloves out and placed them on. The ANBU began to flex its fingers, making sure the gloves were completely on. Naruto just starred, trying to remember where he had seen that before.

The ANBU took a fimiliar stance and smirked back. "I guessI am going to have to show you why theycalll me a monster sometimes too." And at a speed not displayed before in their previous fight she attacked Naruto head on. Most ninjas would call this a foolish move but not many would ever call this ANBU a fool. This ANBU has a legacy.

Lunging to the left Naruto battled the millions of memories and thoughts swimming through his head. He was a young boy at the academy. He was staring at someone sitting next to him but their face was a blur. He was fighting Garaa of the Sand. The was someone pinned up against a tree. All of these memories looked the same. The same person's face was unseeable. Who was she? Was she this person?

Fighting to keep focused on the battle Naruto turned to observe the ANBU again. Its fist collided with a tree. Expecting it to bouce harmlessly at the base or imbed itself in the tree trunk what he saw next made his head go reeling. The tree shattered into a million pieces. The debree falling all around the calmly standing ANBU. Turning around the ANBU went in again for another strike. Breaking out of his new thoughts Naruto quickly charged a Rasengan and slammed it into the ground. The blast sent both the fighters skidding back into trees. When the dust cleared the two fighters stared each other down again. This time it was Naruto who broke the silence.

"Who are you? You know who I am but I don't know who you are. It would only be fair."

Chuckling the ANBU responded. "Fairness isn't that popular in a ninja battle." The ANBU shrugged, "But I think I will show you. You earned it."

The ANBU removed the Hawk mask that covered its face. You could see the ANBU's eyes but they weren't close enough to see the color of them. With a yank at the top of its head the full mask came off. A full head of bubble gum pink hair spilled out and a female face was seen. The pink haired women just laughed. "What? Surprised that you're being bested by a girl"

Naruto just stared. The ghost of his memories was right in front of him. The person who was sitting next to him. The person being held to the tree. He couldn't believe it.


The girl just glared at him. "The name is Setsuka. Haruno Setsuka."

Naruto's eyes widened. Half because of the name and half because of the fist that just connected with his stomach. Setsuka leaned in closely before Naruto blacked out. "And you will address her properly as Hokage sama."

It was the last thing he heard before sweet, sweet rest. The "Demon of Konoha" had finally been captured.

When it became common knowledge that the liberator of the Sound had been the "Demon of Konoha", many people had become scared. To be called a Demon and single handedly invade one of the strongest villages in the world was something to fear. Someone with that much power could do a lot of damage. Of course, no noe thought about how many lives he saved or how he was actually the savior of the village. That would make too much sense.

As time went on, however, more and more villages were saved by the blond demon and the opinions of more and more villages changed. During the first few years while the ANBU were on his trail, villages would point in the direction of where he was supposed to be. In the end no one would say a word. Only money would get certain villages to talk and it would always lead them to a abandoned camp or recently saved village where they would receive more cold glares or halfhearted shrugs. The "Demon of Konoha" almost had a name change to the "Ghost of Konoha" after the long period where they could not find a trace of him whatsoever.

In the world of politics, however, the hunt of the demon was not too appricated. A powerful ninja village trying to capture and kill a know savior to hundreds of foreign villages isn't the best way to keep yourself at good standing. Alliances were strained. Accounts with other villages were lost. If not for the appointment of the 6th Hokage or the establishment of Uchiha Sasuke as the new Otokage of the Sound Village, all would have been lost.

She rules with an iron fist, much like her predecesor, but is also as kind as a mother. If the Sandaime Hokage was considered the grandfather of the village then Haruno Sakura would be known as the mother. Always with a smile she has yet to let the village down. Her daughter reached the rank of ANBU quickly and was appointed as the Hokage's personal guard. Together these two are a force to never mess with. Training her since she was a young child they say that now, even at the age of 15 she could rival the Hokage herself. But, it wasn't her family that helped regain the prestege of the greatest ninja village in the world.

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