Background Info - It will be brought into the story later on, but this takes place kinda before & during AOTC and ROTS... neither really happen... just read and you'll see :) . Anakin falls into the hands of the of Sith quicker than before. He never meets with Padme as he would have in the original story. And Padme never becomes senator. The Empire basically begins 5 years after Obi-Wan begins to train Anakin. And of course, he's never put into that Vader suit.

Prisoner of My Own - Angel Of Death

'What have I gotten myself into.' She thought bitterly as she felt her own ship being pulled into the much larger, Super Star Destroyer; or the Executor as she knew it. She quickly dashed from the controls of her ship to a narrow hallway near the back of the ship. Gracefully, she kneeled on the floor. Using all of her strength, she lifted up one of the metal floor boards. Without looking back, she quickly leapt into the darkness of the pit that secretly resided under the floor, replacing the board thereafter.

She sat silently in her own hiding place as the darkness surrounded her. Closing her eyes, she focused on the task previously given to her. The task that would be completed in mere hours to come. It was clear in her mind: Destroy the all costs. It was, by far, the Alliances best time to finally strike after years of hiding. Spies of the Alliance had reported that the Emperor had fallen ill to a disease which left him unable to use the Force. Taking the news to heart, the Alliance decided to send their best assassin to finally bring the order back into their once great galaxy.

The Emperor was secretly being transported off of the planet of Coruscant to a more secure location. The Death Star. She grimaced at just the thought of the vile instrument. Its construction began immediately after the Emperor claimed power. It was a gigantic space station, the size of a small moon. The Emperor informed the people that it would protect them. The Alliance knew better however. It was but an instrument of fear to keep those he promised to 'protect' under control. Almost like animals on a leash.

She quickly cleared her thoughts as she heard stormtroopers come aboard her ship. She felt about twenty of them. But along with them, she felt another presence. She did not know who it was, but had a pretty good idea as who it could be. Using the Force to her extreme, she cloaked her presence like she had been taught to do. She kept her heart beats and breathing steady as she heard foot steps pass above her head.

"Sir!" One of the stormtroopers called out. She felt that presence nearby once again.

"We've searched the entire ship. There's no one else aboard."

'Else.' She shuddered. The thought of the other person on the ship made her grimace. In a bold move, the Alliance had thought of a replacement for one of their members. A dead corpse. They had said it would seem too suspicious if the ship were empty, so they made her bring it with her. They made it seem as if the ship had been burglarized by pirates, and the captain had been shot.

"Very well. Check the ships log. I want to know where it came from."

The mans voice sounded deep and strong, but very young. Not at all what she had expected. That is, if it was who she had in mind. She smiled as she thought of where the ships log had been programed to lead them however.

"Yes sir!" The stormtrooper obediently replied.

As Vader walked out of the strange ship, he took one last look at it. He didn't particularly sense any danger in it. But something just felt strange deep inside of him. A feeling he had not had in quite sometime. He walked off deep in thought, leaving two stormtroopers guarding the ship just incase. He was going to get to the bottom of this sooner or later.

Once she felt that it was safe, she lifted herself out of her hiding place. Making sure to not make a sound in doing so. Knowing the front entrance would be guarded, she went towards the escape one near the back. There on the wall of her ship was a metal door about four feet in height that slid open. Making sure there was no one watching her, she quickly jumped down from her ship. Her movements mimicking those of a cat. She dashed over to the protection of a large column next to the entrance to one of the ships hallways she presumed.

She smirked at the sight of the clueless stormtroopers. 'So much for technology.' They had not been able to find her on the ship to begin with, and now that she was out in the open, they were still clueless. At the push of a button, the door of the hallway opened. Looking back to make sure her presence was still unnoticed, she continued into the depths of the Executor.

She continued to cloak her presence as she walked down the halls. She stayed close to the walls, aware of everything that surrounded her. She had only one chance to complete her mission, and she was not about to blow it by being captured. Her master had always praised her ability to cloak herself from others. She could literally make it seem as if she did not exist. Her connection with the force had never been too strong due to her low count of Midi-Chlorians. It was very difficult for her sometimes to just levitate small items. This ability of hers to hide herself, however, made her feel special.

She wasn't born into the life of a Jedi. She would never have been. She had been close friends with them however. Her master had once helped save her home planet of Naboo from an invasion when she was still queen. Once the Empire was forged and most of the Jedi were destroyed, she had asked her master to train her in the ways of a Jedi. He had been reluctant at first, but eventually agreed.

She had felt angry at the galaxy... at the universe, for what had happened. So much corruption right under her eyes. Her own senator, a Sith lord. And she had been the one to help him reach his grand position of Chancellor. She had cursed at herself for being so blind. She blamed herself for what had happened. She thought that maybe if she learnt how to defend herself, she could be of some use to the Alliance.

"You must first learn to clear your mind of all thoughts Padme. Anger and guilt will not serve you well." Obi-Wan looked at the young girl with sympathy in his eyes. She looked so beat up from what had happened. He didn't have to read her thoughts to know she blamed herself for everything.

Padme gently smiled as she remembered her first lesson. She also remembered how stubborn she had been about it. But even so, Obi-Wan put up with her. And she was glad in the end that he had taught her to control her emotions. She could never be doing what she was now if he had not.

She stopped suddenly as she came to another door in the hallway. She felt the presence of a stormtrooper heading her way on the other side. Quickly thinking, she jumped from side to side on the walls until she was firmly pressed against the top of the ceiling. She bit her lower lip roughly, unsure of how long she would be able to hold herself up.

As the stormtrooper came through the doorit stopped and slowly began to look around. Padme cursed the infernal clone for taking so long. She felt her hands and feet slowly slipping from their firm position on the edges of the wall. The stormtrooper began to walk againbut he was still too close and Padme knew she couldn't hold on much longer. She let herself fall to the floor behind him as quietly as possible. She grasped on to the sides of its head and with one swift movement, snapped its neck. The stormtrooper fell to the floor motionless.

Catching her breath, Padme continued to walk down the hallway in the direction the stormtrooper had come from.

Everything about the mysterious ship irked Vader in a way nothing had before. The log stated that the ship had come from the remote planet of Hoth, yet there was nothing aboard to protect passengers from the cold climate. Except one small coat that is, but he highly doubted it belonged to the dead man they found.

The ship also seemed to be one that would belong to the Rebel Alliance, yet there was no trace of them in it. Vader walked in the direction of his masters room. Something just told him that was where he would find the answers he sought.

She came to a stop just before the hallway divided in three.Using a small mirror that she had packed on her utility belt, she crouched down on the floor and pointed it to one of her possible directions. The one she chose was not long at all. Barely a few yards. At the end however, five stormtroopers stood guarding a door. Behind the door, she knew had to be her prize. She could feel his dark waves radiating out of the room in her direction. Smiling, she sat back and tilted her head back wondering what she should do. Looking up, she spotted an air conditioner vent. It was large enough for her to go through.

Using the same trick as she had earlier used on the clone, she climbed up the wall.Thankfully, the venthad hinges and she could open it without dropping it to the floor. As she went to open it however, it quickly creaked. She cursed to herself as she heard one of the stormtroopers heading her way.She quickly jumped inside of the tunnel and closed the vent once again. She sat in the tunnel silently, her breathing heavy. Padme watched as the stormtrooper looked in all directions baffled, and then went back to guarding the Emperors door.

Padme slowly sighed before turning around and crawling down the length of the tunnel. She was crawling for a few minutes before she felt the emperors presence become stronger than before. There in front of her laid another vent. Looking through it, she found herself staring at a dark room. 'This is it.' She thought. She was glad everything had gone well so far. She was not so lucky as to find another vent with hinges however.

Sighing, she closed her eyes and cleared her mind. Using the force, she concentrated on the vent. After a minute, it slowly opened and remained floating in mid-air. Padme reached for it with her hand and then turned it sideways. She laid it gently on the other end of the tunnel. She sat at the end of the vent letting her feet dangle freely in to room below before she finally jumped. She landed on her palms and tip-toes, making sure to not make a sound.

The first thing she had to do was make sure no one could interrupt her. She crawled over to the door. Out of her utility belt, she pulled out a chip of some sort. Placing it on the controls of the door, there was a short spark before all became silent and dark once again. Padme looked back at the emperor to make sure he was still asleep. As she noticed no movement from him she sighed in relief.

This time taking a small dagger out of her belt, she began to walk over to where the Emperor slept.

Vader turned the corner to the hallway that led to his masters bedroom. He had to ease his suspicions before he would be able to get anything else done. As he noticed the stormtroopers still intact at the door, he felt somewhat more relived than before.

"Have any of you seen anyone else come by here?" Vader questioned them.

"No sir!" Their leader replied.

"Anything suspicious?"

"Nothing much there. We did hear a creaking sound earlier, but as we looked into it... there was nothing around."

He nodded his head in response. He didn't feel anyone else in the room ahead of him except his master, yet he still did not feel satisfied.

"Move aside."

The stormtroopers did as he asked. As he attempted to open the door, again and again, he soon found it would not open. He cursed to himself silently. His suspicions had been correct. But he could only ask himself, 'How?'

"You three," he pointed to his stormtroopers, "head back to the ship we captured earlier and make sure everything there is still in order."

The stormtroopers nodded their heads and went off.

Vader ignited his lightsaber. Humming, it came to life in a brilliant show of red.

Padme looked down at the old man laying carelessly in bed. Wrinkles covered his face making him appear older than he really was. His hair a bright white color. To think, she had actually trusted this man once. Now however, she was happy to finally be able to get rid of him.

She watched as he squirmed in bed, his eyes slowly opening. As he noticed the figure looking down at him, his sleepy expression turned to that of shock. Fear. He attempted to move away, but his current condition only allowed him so much.

"Who are you?" He asked in a panicked voice.

"An old friend." Padme replied as she brought the dagger up from her side. "It's time to pay for everything you've done, palpatine."

"No!" He whimpered like a helpless dog. "Please spare me. I'll..I'll give you anything you want. Please!"

Padme couldn't help but laugh at the true face behind the Emperor. A coward. As she was about to strike however, she heard the sound of a lightsaber cutting through the door. In mere seconds in walked in a man she had never seen before. Darth Vader she presumed however.

Palpatine began to laugh wickedly. Padme shuddered as it reached her ears. "Vader! Help me! Kill it!" He commanded his 'apprentice.'

"How did you get in here? Who are you." Was all Vader could say as he pointed his lightsaber at the intruder.. Never had his senses been fooled by anyone in such a way. Not even by his master.

Padme felt a smirk creeping up her features as she heard the bewildered Sith.

Two stormtroopers came in after Vader. They immediately walked over to the emperor and helped him up. Then began to carry him out of the room and into a safer place. Padme didn't try to stop them. Instead, she focused on what laid in her path. Vader was not at all what she had expected.

He looked to be at least six feet tall. His blonde hair and blue eyes made him look more innocent than what she knew him to be. She had to admit to herself, he was handsome. Very. But that did not push away the fact that she wanted to kill him. He had been the one who had killed her master not more than two years ago. What shocked her all the more was that her master had told her that Vader had once been a student at the temple. The thought just disgusted her.

They walked in a circle, neither of the two letting their eyes stray from one another. Looking at the image before him, Vader realized it was a woman. Her face was covered with a black mask made from cloth. Only her eyes were visible. The bump on her chest gave it away however. She was dressed all in black, her tight clothes clinging to her small body. He noticed her hair was tied back at the nape of her neck with a ribbon. It hung loosely reaching her lower back.

"You are the one which they call the 'Angel of Death' I suppose?." He had heard of an assassin working for the Alliance with such a name. They had said she was the best assassin they had. Skilled well beyond her years. And those who had lived to see her, claimed she was indeed the most beautiful creature they had laid their eyes upon. He was impressed that she had been able to get so far without him noticing. Baffled, in fact, at how she had done it.

"If that is what you wish to call me." Came the soft voice of a woman behind the layer of cloth.

"Well then why don't you tell me what you true name is?" He asked.

Padme looked at him, confused out of her mind. Why was he trying to make conversation with her? Is this what he did to everyone he came up against? Surely she thought it must be a way to distract her.

"Why don't you tell me yours, Lord Vader?" She mused, knowing he had once been a Jedi.

Vader began to laugh. "So then you do have something to hide." His eyes narrowing on hers.

"Are you going to speak with me all day, or attempt to kill me? I do not have much time to waste with you." Padme replied. Her brown eyes turning darker at his comment.

"I want to know how you were able to get in here." His tone more serious all of a sudden.

Padme chuckled. "Beat me and I'll tell you." She said as his lopsided grin quickly returned to his face. He was so arrogant. Too arrogant for his own good. Even if he was a Sith lord. She wanted to teach him a lesson.

"As you wish."

He charged at her with his lightsaber, swinging carefully as to not harm her in a lethal way. To his surprise, she flipped backwards landing to safety before the saber could touch her. Her movements were very quick and graceful. As she landed, she threw the dagger in her hand at him, aiming for his chest. He quickly moved out of the way however. The dagger landed on the other side of the room, entering part of the metal wall. Looking back, Vader rose his brow in disbelief.

"What are those things?"

His only reply was her chuckle once again.

"I wonder, how many more surprises do you have?" He eyed her cautiously.

She stood in a fighting stance, not bothering to take other weapons into hand. She would bring out her weapon when the time was right. Right now she just wanted to mess with his mind. He came at her once again, but yet again she dodged his attack with little effort. Vader angered at how easily she could move out of the way. He had a hard time sensing what her next move would be. Hell, he couldn't even sense her at all. The feeling bothered him. To not be able to know where your opponent was, and what they are going to do next. He had never faced anyone like this.

Before he knew what was happening, his face was met with her foot. It sent him stumbling backwards, not quite to the floor however. Padme crouched near the floor, her elbows resting on her thighs as she held her chin up in her palms. Glaring at him mischievously.

"Is that all you've got, my lord." She made sure to emphasize the last part. She didn't need the Force to sense the growing anger inside of the young lord. She wondered how young he was in fact. To her, he didn't seem a day over twenty-five.

He gritted his teeth together as he stared at her, his eyes glowing a light yellow color. As he looked into hers, however, he saw a fire burning. Teasing him, laughing at him. Drawing him closer. Shaking his head, he decided to change his speed. This time he came at her all the faster. Padme quickly stood up and readied herself. She was able to dodge the first attack, but not before he grabbed onto her mask with his other hand. As she moved away from him, the mask and the ribbon holding her hair came off as well.

Vader couldn't help but stare at the image before him. She was, more than even his own words could describe. Even in the increasing darkness of the room, he could see her clearly. She had chocolate brown hair, cascading in curls all over her shoulders and down her back. Framing her face perfectly. Her eyes now stood out more than before. They were beautiful, shining brightly in the light of the stars from outside the glass window. Her lips were full and a light rosy color. Now as he looked at her body again, he noticed every single curve in that tight outfit of hers. He now understood why they called her the Angel of Death. She really must have been an angel.

He didn't know what, but something about her seemed so familiar to him. Haunting him to remember. All he could do was stare however, at the beautiful creature before him.

"Are you going to stare at me all day?" She asked. Her voice now clearer without the mask.

She felt somewhat uncomfortable at the way he had been staring at her. Not that this had been the first time someone had, but he felt different. It almost felt like he had looked inside of her soul.

Now it was Vader's turn to chuckle. "It's a shame you know."

"What is?" She said as she rested her hands on her hips. Unconsciously teasing the Sith Lord in front of her.

"That im going to have to kill you."

Padme cocked her head to the side. "I'd like to see you try."

He swung his lightsaber in a circle as he came running at her. The speed of the light made it appear as if there was more than one saber. As he came upon her, his lightsaber was stopped by something he could not quite comprehend. Another lightsaber. This one was blue. Padme grinned as she noticed the shock written all over his face.

"Who are you?" He asked. His eyebrows in a furrow.

They began to battle. Vader was shocked at how much power she held, but it still didn't meet up to his own. The one advantage she did have was her ability to hide her movements as it would appear. He had no idea what the girl was going to do next. It scared him a bit. To be so vulnerable.

"The Angel of Death, as you so called me." She replied in between breaths.

Their lightsaber's locked together.

"I mean your name. Your real name." His voice not demanding as she had expected, but puzzled.

Something about the way he looked at her made her shiver. Looking away she backed slightly, unlocking their sabers as the both began to swing them back and forth yet again. Padme was beginning to feel tired. He was exhausting her and he knew it. She could see it written all over his face. She felt herself being overwhelmed as he was pushing her back into a corner with every swing. Her lightsaber flew out of her hand as Vader's lightly burnt her hand. She cried out in paint as she held on to it tightly with her other hand.

She looked up at him, anger in her brown eyes as she found herself unable to escape. He stood mere feet from her, his lightsaber pointing menacingly at her. She closed her eyes and sighed as she waited for the final blow. As she waited however, it never came.

Opening them once again, she found him staring at her deeply. His bright blue eyes locked on her own brown ones. Tearing into her. Ripping her apart piece by piece. His lightsaber no longer pointing at her, but now by his side. He inched closer and closer to her. Padme felt her heart begin to race. She felt frozen, unable to move under his gaze. Who was this man? This could not be the ruthless killer she had heard so much about.

"I need to know." Came his husky voice.

"Why." Was all she could force herself to say at the moment. Her cheeks flushed over in a bright pink color.

"I feel like I know you somehow."

She let her body relax as he came closer. Looking at his eyes again, she too felt like she had seen them before. But she knew it was impossible. She had never met Lord Vader before.

"I assure you. We have never met before." She whispered. Short in breath.

He placed his free hand on the wall behind her. Now only inches apart from her face. She could feel his steady breathing. So much calmer than her own. She was not sure about Vader, but it almost felt like her heart was about to leap out of her body.

He wanted to know what was going on inside of her head. What she was thinking of. What she was feeling. But he could sense nothing from this girl. If it were not for sight, he would have thought of her as a ghost.

'Padme Naberrie Amidala! Get a hold of yourself!' Her mind spoke to her. Screamed at her. Told her to look away from the pools of blue water that rested in front of her. He was a Sith for gods sake. Even so, her vision would not shift. She dared not move, blink, even breathe.

"Please tell me..."

The sound of his voice made her weak in the knees. He sounded so innocent and serene all of a sudden. Yet demanding at the same time. The Angel of Death had met her doom. She was forever to be locked away in a cell of blue eyes.

Vader felt his breathing begin to increase. As he licked his lips, he heard the sound of marching heading their way. Stormtroopers. Many of them. 'Damn.' He thought. He looked away for a second, just a quick second, but she took it as her only chance to escape. Now that the spell of his eyes was broken, she was free to go. She brought her knee up to meet his stomach at full force. Leaving him breathless long enough for her to escape.

She ran as fast as she could, faster than ever before, down the narrow hallways. Her face still flushed from how close he had been to her. His eyes still glued on her mind.

Catching his breath, he lifted his head to see not the angel that had once been in the room, but a stormtrooper. He looked all around, but she was no where in sight. He wanted to scream out loud. To kill her. Strangle her. Enjoy the process of torturing her. Hold her close... Kiss her.

"Find her!" He yelled out at the stormtroopers. "And bring her to me. I want her alive!"

He ran down the hallway to the only place he would assume her to be at. How he wished he could feel her presence right now. The girl did not let her defenses down for even a second however.

Arriving back at her ship, she noticed three more stormtroopers were now guarding the entrance. She could easily take them down with her lightsaber, but decided the quiet method instead. Climbing back up the escape exit, she ran to the ships control room. There was only one place she could think to head at the moment. She didn't know why, but she just had to go there. Plus, she couldn't just head back to the base of the Alliance. Surely they would track her.

As Vader arrived at his destination, he was greeted with the sounds of lasers firing at a ship now in motion and almost gone. He cursed out loud this time, not caring who heard him. In just a few seconds, the ship was gone and into lightspeed. She had gotten away.

"I want to know where that ship is headed to. NOW!" He began to shout out as his stormtroopers and generals began to search for their lords answer.

'Ill find you. Angel of Death.'