The next morning, with everyone else still gone from the lake house doing whatever with Genkai, Hiei and Botan were awakened by a loud explosion just outside of the house.

"What was that?" Botan exclaimed, sitting up in bed.

Hiei ran into the room with his sword drawn. "Something is outside," he said. "I think we'd better go out and see what it is as well as keep it from stomping on Genkai's plastic garden animals."

"O-okay," Botan said jumping out of bed and nearly tripping over her own feet. Her face smacked into Hiei's chest and as he helped her regain her footing, she blushed a dark shade of red.

Hiei blushed as well and stammered a bit. "I-I think we'd better go outside," he said.

"Yeah," Botan agreed, nodding.

The two ran outside.

When they reached the front porch of the lake house they were met with a strange sight. Giant robots were running around shooting at each other. Some of them were laughing like maniacs as they blew each others brains out.

"What in the world?" Botan said, staring at the giant fighting robots. "What are those?"

"Uh... Transformers?" Hiei said taking a wild guess from the old cartoons Kurama had forced him to watch with him a few times. "Or... Dinozords?"

"What are Dinozords?" Botan asked.

"They're kinda like Transformers but only dinosaurs that are robots."

"Like Dinobot from Beast Wars?" Botan asked.

"I have no clue..." Hiei said, shrugging. "I never watched Beast Wars.."

Just then a whole herd of raptors ran out of the woods and began attacking the fighting insane robots.

"What is this?" Hiei said. 'The main area for crazy phenomina?!"

"I have no idea," Botan said, watching the dinosaurs and the robots fight. "But I think we'd better get out of here befpore they see us."

"No," Hiei said, drawing his sword. "I'm going to get rid of these weirdo's right now!" He jumped down from the porch and ran toward the bots and raptors.

"Hiei!" a voice above screamed, suddenly.

Hiei and Botan looked into the sky and spotted Mukuro flying above in a hang glider.

"Oh no..." Hiei said, sweatdropping.

Mukuro dive bombed down and tride to snatch Hiei off the ground. Instead her hang glider flew right into the mouth of a raptor who instantly spit her out. "EW!" it exclaimed, putting it's little arms over its mouth. "NASTY!" it pulled out a bottle of mouth wash and started to gargle it.

Hiei sighed in relief for missing being caught by his stalker and ran at one of the fighting robots. He put out his foot and tripped one. The robot fell to the ground. "HEY!" it shouted, shaking its sword at the koorime. "That was a cheap shot! Fight with honor, you coward!"

"I do!" Hiei shouted at the robot. "If I didn't I wouldn't be a samurai!"

"A real warrior doesn't go tripping his opponants!" the robot argued back.

"I wasn't even fighting you!" Hiei shot back.

"Well. I hate you!"

"I hate you too!"

"Well since we both hate each other," the robot said, standing up. "I'm gonna rip those other robts to shreds!" then the robot went running into the other robots, knocking them over like bolling pins.

"What in the world is this anyway?" Botan said, flying toward Hiei on her boat oar. "Some sorta of robot and dino convention?"

"I don't know," Hiei said, "But that one robot insulted me." he clenched his fist. "If I knew exactly what was going on I would have chopped off its ugly head."

"Maybe the wise Know-It-All that live on Mt. Genius knows something about this," Botan suggested.

"Maybe," Hiei said nodding.

Botan put out her hand. "C'mon, let's go," she said.

"Okay," he said, taking it.

She pulled him beside her onto the oar and flew off, leaving the insane robots and raptors behind.


I got this weird chapter idea after watching Beast Wars which is a werid show to get idea for a HieixBotan fic. But then again, this fic isn't suppost to make sense. lol. Then again, I don't know how a hang glider would have anything to do with Beast Wars I wonder. Do they even have a catagory for that show on here? Probably not. I'll try to update this fic as soon as I can.