Never written a sentences based ficlet before. So i thought I would try it out. ShikaHina is a crack pairing. It's not popular and it's rarly thought of. So I'm origanal. Heck Chouji Hinata is cute to. Crack Pairings don't have to make sence. That's why it's a crack pairing duh!

well enjoy my lovly ShikaHina love sentences drabble thing.

reviewers will get muffins.


title isn't very crative but whatever...




She liked to watch him sleep and he enjoyed the way she silently watched.


Hinta's lap became his pillow. If they were under a tree,in the mission briefing room or at home on the couch she provided a cushion of comfort and affection for him to lazily sleep on.


Shikamaru liked bury his face in her hair if they were to lay together after heated love making on a hot summer night. Her hair smelled like lavender and lilacs and slowly lulled him to sleep.


He was to lazy to actually cook anything so he survived on sandwiches and soup. Hinata isn't the good at cooking. So he didn't mind more sandwiches and soup.


He always wore very plain colors. Tan and green and blue. Standard ninja vests and pants. But at night Hinata's blush always brings a bit of color into his life.


Her hands are warm on his face as she wipes off the dirt from the latest battle.


Her father didn't approve. Her sister was disappointed. His mother hugged her with open arms. His father asked when would he be a grandfather.


Hinata is sweet. Sometimes to sweet. Sweet like a spoonful of thick maple syrup with nothing to wash it down with. Shikamaru is sour. Sour like a lemon. Sour like sweat when it drips into your mouth and eyes. They even each other out.


One day after a meeting they walked together. It just so happened they were going the same place to train. They just happened to spar. She fell. He just happened to fall on her and his lips grazed hers. Hers just happened to graze back.


It didn't happen right off the bat. It really isn't the most important thing in their relationship. But they enjoy it none the less when it happens.


The first time she caught them together was when they were behind the willow tree in the park near the village gate. He was holding her close as she rubbed her fingertips over his knuckles. She came up and started yelling how he had kept secrets from her and Chouji. They didn't leave the house fearing Ino would find them.


Neji was just as bad as Ino. Scolding Hinata for having a forbidden relationship inside the house with her young sister around. Shikamaru stood up for her against him and Neji didn't bother them much.


They caught them behind the flower shop one day. Shikamaru doing the Yamanaka's a favor and watching the shop while Ino was out on a date. Hinta and Shikamaru went behind the building to dispose of some flowers that had died and the caught Ino and Neji passionately kissing against a trash can. Shikamaru blackmailed her until they were married.


The only sound in the room during their sleep was the heartbeats of the 2 nins in the bed.


Hinata made good tea. Not to biter but not to sweet. Just like putting them both in a cup and adding some water.


Neji took their picture at his wedding and Ino framed it. The 2 were sitting lazily against a tree after the wedding and Shikamaru was not being as lazy and was kissing Hinta's neck. When she sees the picture she blushes redder then the frame it's in.


The enjoyed the silence the had between the 2 of them. Squeezing a held hand or a small kiss on a finger tip was all that was needed. Being together was all they needed to communicate with each other.