My Life In Highschool

Character Info:

Haruno Sakura
16 yrs old
March 28, 1990

Jade Green Eyes
Pale Cream

Yamanaka Ino
16 yrs old
September 23, 1990

Sapphire Blue Eyes
Pale Cream

Yukihiro Tenten
16 yrs old
March 9, 1990

-Chocolate Brown
Hazel Eyes
Pale Cream

Hyuuga Hinata
16 yrs old
December 27, 1990

-Midnight Blue
Lavender Iris White Pupils
Pale Cream

Uchiha Sasuke
17 yrs old
July 23, 1990

-Raven /Black or Dark Blue
Onyx Eyes
Pale Cream

Nara Shikamaru
16 yrs old
September 22, 1990

Black Eyes
Slightly Tan

Hyuuga Neji
17 yrs old
July 3, 1990

-Black/Dark Brown

Uzumaki Naruto
16 yrs old
October 10, 1990

Blue Eyes

Azakura Mamoto
16 yrs old
June 5, 1990

-Maroon-ish Brown
Moss Green Eyes
Pale Cream

Sabaku Temari
16 yrs old
August 23, 1990

Sea Blue Eyes
Lightly Tan

Tsuchi Kin
16 yrs old
February 15, 1991

Dark Onyx Eyes
Pale Cream

Yamaguchi Anna
16 yrs old
January 14, 1991

Golden Brown Eyes

Uchiha Itachi
22 yrs old
June 9, 1984

Black Eyes
Slightly Tan

Inuzuka Kiba
17 yrs old
July 7, 1990

Black Eyes

Sabaku Kankurou
17 yrs old
May 15, 1990

Black Eyes
Pink/Pale Cream

Sabaku Gaara
17 yrs old
January 19, 1990

Sky Blue Eyes
Pale Cream

"Kitomi21" talking or normal POV
"Kitomi21" inner thoughts, Day Dreaming Trance, Flashbacks or Characters POV
"Kitomi21" shouting, warning, inner selves

Chapter 1: Poem Oneā€¦.Dedication to a Heartthrob

The sun was at its position which read 4:30 pm, few students exited at the gate so they can go home.

Four Girls were sitting on a stone bench near an apple tree, their names are Sakura, Tenten, Ino and Hinatathey seem to be talking with each other.

"So dudes how are you doing? We haven't seen eachother lately" a Tentensaid, "What are you talking about? We always see each other on breaks and at lunch" a Ino said, "Y-Yeah" Hinata added to her sentence, "Wait where's Sakura?" Tenten asked them, "Yeah where's Sakura?" Ino said with a confused look on her face, "I-Im su-sure t-that she's w-with us when w-we got h-here" she said while stuttering, "I'm right beside you Ino" a voice suddenly said, "OMG! Sakura you scared us!" they both said in unison, "Are you trying to kill us?" Tenten said twitching, "You gave me a heart attack" Tenten added to her sentence, "..." she paused for a moment and shook her head, "No...I'm just writing a poem" she said looking back at her notebook, "What is that poem" Ino asked at her while eyeing her notebook, "Later Ino...let me finish this...just wait for five minutes" they nodded and waited.

Five minutes later...

"Yes it's finally finished" she said joyfully, "Can we read it" Tenten asked her, "No i'll just read it instead" she cleared her throat and read her poem.

"Dedication to a Heartthrob

I know you're snobbish
I know you're boastful
I know you're famous on the face of Konoha High
I know you're a girl magnet and a playboy
But deep inside
You're just a simple person
Searching for the right girl for you to love...

So guys what do you think?" she asked them, "Cool!" they said in unison, "Oh it's almost five, we got to go home" Hinata said getting up, but before she could do, Sakura grabbed her arm and pulled her down gently, "Please can we go to the park first, I want to swing and maybe we could chat there a little more before we could go home" she suggested putting a puppy face and pout on her face that anyone wouldn't resist, "...Okay fine let's go" Tenten said. They stood up and walked away from the benches.

While they were walking Sakura accidentally bumped into someone, her books fell and "his" stuff also fell to the ground, "Oh I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking forward" she helped the "boy" pick his stuff and hers also, when they were done, they both stood up, "Here...I'm sor..." before Sakura could finish she blushed at the sight of a very handsome noy, about her age. They were lost in eachother's trance when seuddenly...

"Hey Sasuke don't look at her too long she might melt" one of his friends said.

"Sakura, come on I thought we are going to the park?" Tenten said annoyingly.

"...ahmm okay" she said finally now back at reality, but before she could get away, the "boy" I mean Sasuke grabbed her left arm, "What?" she asked nervously, " you forgot this" he handed her her notebook of poems, "...ahm... thanks" they looked at eachother again but was cut when one of their friends pulled them away from eachother, the two also looked at eachother, "Hey babe!" the boy said, "Shut up Jerk!" Tenten said now very annoyed at the incident, "Come on Sakura" she pulled Sakura away and out of the school.

Sakura POV:

"So he's name is Sasuke..."

Sasuke POV:

"So her name is Sakura..."

At the park...

They arrived at the park a little a late because of what happened awhile ago.

At the park... At the park... At the park... At the park...

"Grrr! I can't believe the nerve of that guy!" Tenten shouted, clenched her fist while her right brow twitching from annoyance, "What did he do?" Ino asked her flaming frriend, "What if you're the one who is being greeted by this bastard-ous word like "Hey babe!" just like that, you know i hate people like those" she clenched her fist tighter her hand turning white, Ino sweatdropped, "O-okay i know what you're feeling" Tenten didn't take it anymore, so she punched a nearby tree, of course the tree broke into two and the two girls just sweatdropped there.

"Wait...WHERE THE HELL IS SAKURA AGAIN?" shouted Tenten ready to beat the hell out of sakura, "" Hinata caught her attention, "What!" she said, "I think Sakura's day dreaming..." she said nervously, Tenten looked at the back and saw Sakura in her daydreaming face, her fury turned into a happy face, she laughed histericsally, "AHAHHAHAHAH..." she laughed while rolling on the grass, "Man what's wrong with the world today?" Ino sweatdropped while watching what Tenten was doing, she started to laugh with her because of what she is acting while laughing, "ahahahahahah awe ahahhahaah my gut haahahahahah it ahahah it ahahah it hurts ahahahah" they both said while laughing, "Pl-please you two stop luaghing, you will fart and fart later on when you stopped laughing" Hinata said while giggling, they laughed harder at the word Hinata said, "Oh brother..." she sighed and sweatdropped.

After a while of laguhing they finally stopped and went on swinging, Hinata and Tenten were on the swing, while Ino and Sakura where on the monkey bars, they were hanging upside down. "Sakura!" Tenten suddenly shouted at Sakua, this caught her attention and she almost fell to the ground, "Woah!...Hey!" she said flaming with anger, "I almost hit the ground!" she twitched, "Whatever, I'm just calling your attention because youre always daydreaming, last time Ino was the one who is day dreaming and now you are the one who is daydreaming?" she asked her annoyingly, "'s just because i..." she blushed and positioned herself on the ground, "What? What is it?" Ino asked her with a sly voice, "Oh shut up Ino-pig" she hissed, "Whatever! Forehead girl" she teased her back, "Oh come on, mu forehead isn't that large anymore see" she wipped her bangs out of her forehead, it revealed a normal-sized forhead, "Still you're our forhead girl" Hinata said trying to calm her down, "Hn...Thanks" she smirked and continued to hang,.

"So guys, what's really happening to your life these days?" Sakura asked out of the blue, "Huh? Well...that long-haired bastard called me "BABE" i mean come on, it's annoying you know, and i think he wants to kiss me or something" she said disgustingly while twitching, " about you Ino?" Ino looked at her and blushed, "Oh come on Ino, don't tell me you're inlove with someone, and i bet that will make him you fifth boyfriend this year" Sakura teased her and smirked, "Whatever forehead's just that...that there's this guy who always looks at me, his hairdo is always like a pineapple style and everytime i looked at him...hiighhrr i think he wants to..." he right brow twitched, "He wants to...attack me in a different way" Sakura's smrik widsned when she heard her best friend stutter from the first time, " this is going to be priceless niyahahahaahah" her inner thoughts laughed evily, "How about you Hinata?" Hinata was startled and just twidled her finger (A/N: is that the correct spelling?) "Come one Hinata" Tenten said to her, "ahm..o-okay...y-you s-see th-there's is t-this b-boy wh-who i-I r-really like and i-i think he l-likes m-me too" she stuttered her face looked like the very reddest tomato on earth, "And who might that boy be huh Hinata?" Hinata didn't answer instead she blushed like fire, " Ahm...I'm not gonna add that blush to her" she walked beside the slide and sitted herself at the end of it, when she turned to her firends, they where smirking like hell, "W-What?" she sadi nervousely, "Oh nothing" Ino said slyly, "It's just're the only person who is not yet sharing us her story in life hm...?" they said in unison, "I-I don't have a life" she said njokingly, "Oh come on Sakura...tell us the spicy parts..." Ino said slyly, "What d-do you m-mean?" she stuttered, she swallowed that spit in her mouth, "Oh come on Sakura, you don;t know the meaning of spicy parts?' Tenten said while grinning "You are the one who taught us that" Hinata said giggling, "Er,..." she blushed like a strawberry, "Spill!" the three of them said in unison, "Ahmm...eheheh"

To be continued...just joking :D

"Spill!" the three of them said in unison, "Ahmm...eheheh" she was sweating like crazy, "Sakura, if you don't answer our question, we will burn all of your poem notebook and nothing will be left even a tiny paper piece" they threatened her, "NOoo! Okay oKay...I-I-I...I THINK I'M INLOVE WITH HIM OKAY? HAPPY NOW YOU THREE?" the two sweatdropped and Tenten just smriked, "Wait what time is it?" Ino asked Hinata.

"It's OMG it's already 6:30 pm my Dad's gonna kill me!" Hinata said with a worry look on her face

"My Mom will totally kill me for this" Ino said while she was twitching

"My Mom's gonna scold me now, nooo" Tenten cursed

"My Mom's gonna ground me for this" Sakura sweatdropped

They went on their separate ways and went home.

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