Chapter 23: A Night At The Hyuugas Part 1

'LQ' a random student whispered to her seatmate, the guy beside her snickered, it's been two hours now, and the fifty-six students haven't returned yet

"I'm so gonna fucking kill you!" Tsunade said as she grabbed a handful of the DJ's shirt, the DJ held his hands up defensively, "P-please...I'm j-joking! Sorry!" Tsunade glared at him, she lifted him in the air and was about to throw him on the other side of the court when they heard footsteps

"WE'RE BACK!" the fifty-six students said in unison and entered the gym, their faces covered with sweat

Tsunade stared at them; she dropped the DJ and neared them

"What the fuck? Look at you all!" she screamed, she made a face as she stared at them, the girl's hair were messy and out of place, their shirts and blouses covered with sweat, the guys' hair were wet with sweat and their shirts were also wet with sweat, she covered her nose and backed away a little


"There will be no exchange subjects tomorrow due to the contests and I making myself clear?" the students tried their best not to shout in joy

"And bring only small bag, you may bring extra clothes for practice, instruments for the band eliminations and whatsoever...dismissed!" in a matter of seconds, the gym was empty, not a student was left

"Seven o'clock" Hinata, Tenten and Sakura said in unison, they sweat dropped and retrieved their wrist watches

"Seven o'clock? Why does my watch says it's just 6:25?" Ino asked, the three turned to look at her and sweat dropped, "Maybe the battery died" Tenten said while adjusting her duffel bag at her shoulder

"Or maybe when a certain bitch not accidentally crushed your wrist watch when you left it on the bench" Sakura said while staring at Ino, she sweat drop, "It's not my fault that I'm not comfortable dancing with my wrist watch attached!" she said, the three shook there heads

"My mom's gonna kill me for this...and I mean the 'going home late' thing, or the crushed expensive wrist watch she gave me...or both" Ino said as she held her face with her hands, Sakura twitched just imagining her mother scolding her

'Sakura, where the heck have you been?' asked an angry mom

'Practice' she said plainly, trying not to sweat drop in front of her mother

'Don't lie to me Sakura, I know you've done something with--'

'EW! No mom I told you we're through! And why would I do thatWITH THAT BASTARD!'


Yup, those were the happy days...NOT!

Sakura sighed; the four waved at each other and parted their ways

Later...and I mean later

Sakura sighed, as if on queue a door from downstairs slammed shut

'Yep...and she's still angry at me...nice...NOT!'

Sakura sighed and opened her computer. After that she logged in at Yahoo Messenger

', everybody's online' she opened a conference room and invited the three

SexyBlonde: Guess what!?

Boy-ishGirl, CherryMaiden, BornToBeShy: What?

SexyBlonde: I got GROUNDED!

Boy-ishGirl, CherryMaiden, BornToBeShy: WHO WOULDN'T!?

CherryMaiden: But still they're unfair! X(

Boy-ishGirl: They won't listen to us:((

BornToBeShy: I hate my dad right now

SexyBlonde: My mom banned me from my cell phone, the telephone, my PS2, I hate it! But I'm glad she forgot to ban me from using the computer and my mp3 ahahaaha :))

Boy-ishGirl: My mom and my aunt didn't ban me from anything...

CherryMaiden: Lucky you...i got ban from watching television...huhuh SpongeBob, I'm gonna miss ya buddy

Boy-ishGirl, SexyBlonde, BornToBeShy: WHO WOULDN'T!

SexyBlonde: Okay I'm getting bored, change topic...what are we going to do with the dance, I mean we just finish half of it

Boy-ishGirl: I'm thinking that we should cut the dance steps and the song in the middle and place it at the end

CherryMaiden: Yeah! And we can make Fire by Nicole Scherzinger in front!

BornToBeShy: No, I think we should start on a slow song then surprise them by the next!

SexyBlonde: Hell yeah!

CherryMaiden: The problem really here guys is...I'm lacking of dance songs...i only knew five

Dominoes of sweat drops

SexyBlonde: What are we going to do?! I don't care if we're lacking of songs...i'm concerned about the lack of dance steps! And we can't just practice now! My mom's gonna double my punishment!

Boy-ishGirl: We could at least tell them that we're practicing

BornToBeShy: How's about we have a little sleepover at my house! We got a basketball court, we could practice there

CherryMaiden: We're not sure if they're going to say yes you know

BornToBeShy: Come on! Trying wouldn't hurt!

Strings of sighs followed

CherryMaiden: Alright, let's go

SexyBlonde: I'm in!

Boy-ishGirl: Let's do it!

Boy-ishGirl signed out...

SexyBlonde signed out...

CherryMaiden signed out...

BornToBeShy signed out...

They turned off their computers and went downstairs to talk to their parents

'This would be easy...not!'

At Hinata's House...

Hinata pathetically held onto his father's leg while begging him to allow her to practice at the basketball court with her friends

"Ahm, Hinata...just so you know...I'm not your father" Hinata stopped hugging his leg and stood up and looked closely at his face, it wasn't Hiashi but Hizashi, a sweat drop appeared behind her head

"Sorry 'bout that Uncle..." he rubbed the back of his head and chuckled

"Can you do me a favor uncle!" she said sweetly, he stared at her, a sweat drop appeared behind his head when he saw her expression

Puffy eyes, begging him to do her favor, he nodded nervously


"Oh come on Aniki, at least allow her for just once night!" Hizashi said as he tried to convince his brother to let Hinata have her dance practice with her friends at their basketball court, sadly, he wouldn't let her

"No, otouto..." he muttered while arranging some papers and books from his desk

"Please Aniki!" he said while staring at his brother, he sighed



"No buts Hizashi..."

"Oh come on!"

"If you want me to allow her then bring her here and she'll be the one to ask me, not you" he said firmly

As if on queue, Hinata entered the room

"Please dad, just this night!"

"...Don't exceed until three in the morning okay"

"So that means you're saying yes?"

He nodded; Hinata jumped on him and hugged him to death

"Oh, I love you daddy!" she said while hugging him, he turned purple due to lack of oxygen

"Hinata...can't breathe" she let go, but before she could go to the basketball court, she stopped-mid step and went back to the room, she gave her father and her uncle a light peck on the cheek, she smiled sweetly at them

Meanwhile at Ino's house

"Come on mom, please..." she begged while staring at her, her mom was eating cereal while lazily staring at her


"But mom"


"Please mom"


"I'm just going to have our dance practice at Hinata's, please...just this night I promise"

"I'm telling"

"How's about allow me to go to Hinata's house and I can do all the chores you want me to do, weekdays and weekends, any day mom!" she said, her mom stared at her

"I was just waiting for you to say that, sure I'll allow you" Ino's jaws dropped to the floor, her mom chuckled evilly and stuck out her tongue

Great, now she's doing the chores...thanks to her request!

At Sakura's house...

"Mom, I'm sorry okay..." she said while looking at her mother, she was glaring at her

"You don't know how worried I am..." she said and crossed her arms over her chest, she looked the other way and cursed; Sakura lowered her head and sighed

"Look...i'm sorry okay...please...just let me have my dance practice at Hinata's, come on mom, it's just a few meters away..." she said and knelt in front of her, "...Fine...but don't come home three in the morning..."

"Oh yeah about that..."

"What now?"

"I'm thinking of staying with her for just this night...come on mom please"

Her mom rolled her eyes

"Yeah..." she muttered

"I just want you to know that I'm sorry okay..." she said and hugged her mom, she hugged her back

"Okay...apology accepted" she said

"Promise I'll be back after school"

"Yeah, yeah..." she said and went upstairs to pack her things

At Tenten's House...

"Please mommy, auntie!" she said while pouting her lips, Hisui and Ameji sweat dropped

"Where does Hinata live?" Hisui asked

"Konoha Avenue" she said

"I think that's...just a few blocks from can go" Tenten jumped with joy and hugged her mother and her aunt

"Thanks!" she said and went upstairs to pack her things



"Your aunt Ameji will drive you at Hinata's okay?!"


At Hinata's...

Two girls were standing by the gate of the Hyuuga compound, before they could ring the doorbell, a white Cadillac drove behind them and stopped, Sakura and Ino turned to look to see Tenten got out of the car

"Take care Tenten!" Ameji said and went back to their house

"I will auntie!" she said and neared the two

"Hi guys!"

"Come on! I can't wait to practice!" Ino said as she rang the doorbell, in an instance Hinata opened the gate and hugged the three

"I'm glad all of you were allowed!" she said, the four giggled and went inside. Hinata led them inside the house

"Wow, nice furniture..." Ino muttered while scanning the area, the living room was well decorated, every corner of the well decorated house proved that Hinata's family is really rich!

"Hurry, I'll show you my room" Hinata said while walking in a fast pace, the three walked faster and went inside Hinata's room

"Well as always, it's colored lavender" Tenten said as she sat down on Hinata's purple bean bag

"You know how I love lavender!" Hinata said and lay down onto her bed

The four smiled at Hinata's awesome room, they placed there things just beside Hinata's drawer beside her very low bed

Hinata sat up, "So, what are we waiting for? Let's prac-tice!" Hinata said happily, the three agreed and they went out of the house. Hinata led them to the basketball court which was just a few walks away from the house

Hinata got out the keys from her pocket and opened the door. The three followed and they neared the left corner of the court to open the huge stereo

"Okay! Practice time!" Sakura said while placing the CD into the stereo, she pushed the play button and started dancing, the three sweat drop

"Uh...Sakura" Hinata said as she watched her friend dance

"There's no music..." Sakura stopped dancing and listened carefully, Hinata's right, no music came out

"Oh, sorry, I must've pushed the pause button" the three sweat dropped, Sakura pushed the play button again, but no music came out

"What the hell?" she repeatedly pushed the play button again and again, the three held her behind and refrained her from killing the stereo

"Damn it!" she said while wriggling out of their grasp, Ino sweat dropped

"Whoa, hold your horses Sakura" Ino said as she held onto Sakura's arm

After about some few struggling and groaning, Sakura calmed down and sat down on the matted floor

"'s broken" Sakura said as she held her hands up high, an annoyed look plastered on her face

"Are there any stereos in this court?" Tenten asked as she retrieved the CD from the stereo, Hinata frowned

"Sadly, there just one...hey we can go to the other court in the east side of the compound if you want?" Hinata said as she dragged them outside

Konvict...Music...and you know we up front

The three men were startled went the lights were turned off, they turned to look at a figure, the spotlight illuminating him

I see you windin and grindin up on that pole
I know you see me lookin' at you and you already know

The three men twitched seeing Naruto dancing against the wall like a stripper, Shikamaru was holding back the urge to barf

I wanna fuck you (fuck you) you already know
I wanna fuck you (fuck you) you already kno-

Suddenly the lights were turned off and a poor Naruto with a huge bump on his head was lying on the matted floor of the basketball court

"You fucking dobe that was disgusting!" Sasuke said while clenching his fist, Naruto stood up and glared at Naruto

"Oh come on Sasuke, I was just joking!" he said while holding his aching head

"...Okay guys we're not here to fight, we are here to practice" Neji said, hissing the words 'we' 'here' and 'practice' when Sasuke took a step closer to Naruto and refrained him from punching Naruto

Sasuke snorted and calmed down

"Fine..." he muttered, Sasuke neared the stereo and placed the CD inside then pushed the play button, he went back beside them as the music began

Hinata went ahead of them to open the door of the court, she got out the keys and was about to open the door when it creaked open, she was startled to see the door unclosed, she peeked in, she saw four guys standing on the center, their backs facing her, but she can clearly see the blond hair from afar she blushed



She was slightly taken aback by the sudden loud music pounded on the door, the floor slightly vibrating to the loud music. She was fascinated by the guys dancing on the matted floor of the court

Ay u kno wat
This track obviously dont need no talkin on it, but I gotta do it
Big Tank. let yall know, u kno wat I'm all about
When I take it to the flo'

Then, Tenten, Ino and Sakura appeared right beside Hinata and watched the guys practice

Is everybody ready
Now I dont mean to brag on mine but I dont think you know wat you done this time (NO)
ISH no THANGS when I do my thang I put it on you like whats my name, (whats my name)
You cant hang believe you cant, but you in tha right place if you came to get spanked
Let me brake you off (to tha trak from Big Tank)
No holdin back (cuz trust me ya'll can't)

Sakura was leaning a little bit further onto Tenten, she didn't noticed that her weight was pushing her down onto Tenten causing them to fall flat on the floor, "Ow..." The two said in unison, the four shivered when they noticed that the music died down, looking up, they saw a pair of onyx, white, cerulean and dark pools looking at them

"What are you all doing here?" Neji asked her, the four looked at each other, Tenten and Sakura stood up; the four rubbed the back of their heads while laughing nervously

"Ahm...well...ah..." the four were speechless, what the hell are they doing here? By means of them I meant Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru and Neji!

The four guys stared at them

"Ahm...we're here to practice since the stereo on the other side broke..." Tenten muttered by they heard it clearly

Silence enveloped them; a cricket rubbed its wings together causing a sound

"...So uh...can we use the stereo?" Hinata asked out of the blue, "Use the other one, 'coz we're gon' use this one" Neji said as he

"Hm..." the four said and went to the second floor to get the other stereo

"What the hell are they doing here?!" Ino whispered loudly, the three kept on staring at them, the girls were amazed by their movements

"Wow...they're soo good at this..." Tenten said as she watched Neji back flip then balanced himself on a hand stand position

"They're so original and creative..." Ino muttered as she watched Shikamaru as he did what Neji also did awhile ago

"I think we're gonna loose..." Sakura said as she bit her lower lip nervously

"Yeah, I can't help but to agree" Hinata muttered

They were so creative; their movements were flowing with the beat of the song

This'll be tough...

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