Chapter One: bumps and bruises

He felt the cold steel and sharp edges of a kunai against his neck. He didn't know what to do; after all he was only a genin out for a walk. Or was he? Well, yes, in fact he was, but he was none other than Uzimaki Naruto out for an afternoon walk through the village and he just happened to yell at the strange man for tripping him on accident. Although it did seem like the man was new to Konoha so how was Naruto suppose to know? He didn't even look like a ninja until he felt the kunai.

"Don't even think about trying to run. You'll only be wasting your energy" his captor said

"…Mmmm kay…Whatever dude" Naruto replied not the least bit phased by the mans comment

"Hmmm….you aren't scared, are you?" the captor said a little shaken

"Not in the least bit bastard" he replied with his trademark big goofy grin.

"Why you little…What's your name, boy?" the man asked

"I'm Uzimaki Naruto, the next Hokage. Believe it!"

"Well, you certainly have a perky attitude" the man said putting away his kunai "By the way my name is Trent. Youchley Trent" Trent said. Naruto just started walking away waving. Trent laughed to himself and thought 'We'll meet again mister Uzimaki, Believe it!'

'Man that guy was weird' Naruto thought as he walked down the street towards the lake. 'I hope I never have to see him again' He wasn't paying attention to what was in front of him and he managed to bump right into Hinata who also wasn't paying attention because she was fantasizing about Naruto. (Big surprise there)

"Oh…sorry Hinata-chan, didn't see you there" Naruto said blushing a little at the way Hinata landed on his lap.

"N-Naruto-kun…umm, i-it's okay. I…" Hinata was cut off realizing where she was sitting. "N-Naruto-kun! I-I'm so sorry…I didn't r-realize w-where I w…"

"I-it's alright, Hinata-chan, it was my fault. I should have been paying attention to where I was walking" Naruto cut in. Naruto helped a deeply blushing Hinata up and they started walking towards where Hinata was walking, which just happened to be the same place Naruto was going, training on the lake.

"Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked

"Y-yes, Naruto-kun?"

"W-would you like to go see a movie or something with me tonight?" Naruto asked the last couple of words coming out fast. The only reason Naruto was asking is because he wanted to tell Hinata that he really liked her. Being the Naruto that he is, he doesn't realize Hinata feels the same way about him.


Naruto was sitting at his kitchen table eating ramen (of course) when there is a knock at the door. 'Wonder who that could be? And why did they have to interrupt me while I was eating?' Naruto thought as he got up to answer it. When he opened the door it was Sakura.

"Hey Sakura-chan! What are you doing here?" Naruto asked a little confused

"Hi Naruto-kun. I'm here to tell you that you are soo dense." Sakura replied

"What do you mean by that?"

"Ugghh! I mean I can't believe that you haven't figured it out yet!"

"Figured what out?" Naruto asked even more confused

"THAT HINATA LIKES YOU!" Sakura practically screamed at him Naruto just stood there finally putting two and two together. 'That's the reason for all the blushing. She stutters because of me. She faints whenever I touch her because she likes me. She actually likes me! Someone actually likes me! Now that I think about it (yes Naruto is actually using that brain of his) I think I kind of like Hinata back' Naruto thought

"Th-thanks Sakura-chan. I-ill talk to you later" and with that Naruto shut the door and sat back down to his ramen. "Maybe I should see if she wants to do something tonight" So Naruto rushed out the door and went to find Hinata when all of a sudden he was tripped.


"S-sure N-Naruto-kun. I w-would l-love to g-go with y-you to a m-movie" Hinata said stuttering more than usual.

"YES!" Naruto said pumping a fist into the air "Oh, s-sorry Hinata-chan" Naruto said blushing a little

"I-it's okay"

"So, umm, pick you up at, umm, 7:30?" Naruto asked

"Sure, Naruto-kun. See you then" Hinata said not stuttering at all which surprised both of them

"Alright Hinata-chan. Bye. See you soon!" Naruto said turning around and walking back to his apartment.

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