Chapter 1

Lily Potter stood outside the ministry dreading having to go inside, well apparate inside. Today was the day she would finally have to face Him, her husband James. James had filed for divorce three days ago and now she had to go to a hearing to acknowledge this and decide whether she was going to cooperate and agree to a quick divorce or drag it through the courts for years. She still hadn't decided herself, should she let the man she still loved with all her heart go without a fight or should she put up a fight and have him hate her even more.

Lily and James had married a year after they left Hogwarts and then 3 years after that Lily had found out she was pregnant, but 4 months into the pregnancy she had suffered a miscarriage. This obviously hit both of them very hard. But instead of letting James help her through it, Lily had pulled away from him completely and blamed him for the miscarriage because he had been at work and she had had to changed the light bulb on the stairs of their home and she had fallen and lost the baby. The night she walked out on him she had screamed that he had murdered their baby that she could never be with him again much less love him.

Lily realised now, after months of therapy how wrong she had been to push James away, the only man she had ever loved, when all he did was try to support her, she couldn't see past her own grief to see that he was hurting too. Now a year later she had to face him again, after all the cruel things she had said to him.

Lily took a deep breath and mentally pulled herself together and apparated inside to face the music.

It was a plain room, with coffee and snacks on a small table at the door. In the centre of the room was a large brown table with James and his lawyer on one side and Lily's lawyer on the other side, at the end of the table was an arbitrator who would oversee the proceedings.

Lily was last to arrive, so everyone watched as she took her seat and poured herself a glass of water. She never looked at James, she knew she couldn't. She appeared to be cool, calm and collected as though she had no regrets but nothing could be further from the truth.

"Well now that everyone is present, we can begin," said the Arbitrator, "Mrs. Potter just so you know this is a preliminary hearing, to see if this matter can be solved amicably"

"I understand," said Lily calmly.

"Alright then, we'll begin. Counselor, grounds for divorce?" said the Arbitrator.

"Irreconcilable differences," said James' lawyer

"Yes I see that here, but what I don't see are the extenuating circumstances for me to grant a priority divorce"

Lily's head snapped up, this was news to her she didn't know James was in such a hurry.

"Well Mr. Potter is engaged to be married again and he and his fiancée have set the date for 3 months from today," said James' lawyer.

Lily's heart just stopped, he had found someone else. He was marrying someone else. A year later. He would be someone else's husband, he would kiss them goodnight and good morning, he would cook them breakfast in bed when they were ill. He would have children with someone else. Some other woman had made him happy.

Lily actually felt physical pain as the ache in her heart multiplied. She couldn't bear the images in her head of James and some blonde woman laughing and kissing and getting married….

"So what we wanted to discuss with Mrs. Potter…" said James' lawyer

"Ms Evans," Lily interrupted

"Pardon?" said James' lawyer.

"My name is Ms Evans"

"Oh right of course, anyway we wanted to discuss the division of the marital assets and any appropriate financial obligations," said James' lawyer

'Boy he must want a divorce bad if he's willing to pay me alimony'

"We're willing to negotiate," said Lily's lawyer.

"No need," interrupted Lily, "I don't want anything, or any money, just draw up the papers and I'll sign them"

"Ms Evans I would strongly recommend…" started her lawyer

"I don't want anything," insisted Lily, "if he wants a divorce I'll give him a quick painless cheap divorce"

"Thank you," said James speaking up for the first time.

"No problem," said Lily then she got up and left without so much as looking at James.