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The second that I pulled away from my house I felt an ache in my chest. I missed Bella and it had been all of 30 minutes that I hadn't seen her. In a way I felt bad for my family because they would have to deal with me when I was in a bad mood, but why shouldn't everyone else feel bad.

'Edward; stop sulking and drive. I don't understand why you care for a human.' This thought of course came from Rosalie who for some odd and entirely illogical reason detested Bella. Who could detest such a perfect and beautiful human? Anyone who didn't like her deserved to be put in an insane asylum.

'Cheer up Ed. You will see her soon enough.' This much more comforting thought came from Alice. I smiled at her. Of all the people I am pretty sure that Alice comes the closest to my feelings for Bella. She adores her and I am sure at least part of that has to do with the fact that she can be used for a Barbie doll.

The entire ride to the woods that we were going was made in silence and I wondered what Bella was doing right now. Stop it Edward, I chided myself. I was going to go insane if I kept on thinking of Bella the entire trip.

Soon we pulled up to the woods where we would stop first and got out of the car. The second that I was out of the car I smelled a dear. I let my sense take over and I was on the hunt.

After eating about 3 deer, I felt a lot less hungry and my thoughts of Bella resumed. Maybe I could convince Carlisle that we could-

"Edward come on. We know that you don't like other people to drive your car, so unless you want us to you had better get over here." I swear Rosalie had the worst timing in the world.

'Edward, come on this is supposed to be family fun time.' The sarcasm in Emmet's thoughts were sickening. 'And until you make Bella a family member would you at least pretend to semi enjoy it. God I don't know why you don't just.'

"Don't finish that thought Emmet or you are running from here to the next site, and the next, and finally home. You may not get tired, but you sure as hell won't annoy me."

'You don't have to be so mean. All I was saying is that you don't have to act like you are heading to your grave.'

"Well excuse me for wanting to be with my girlfriend."

"Well if you would change her then you could be with her couldn't you?"

"I AM NOT GOING TO DAMN HER FOR ETERNITY!" We were yelling now and what would have just been a yelling match turned into an all out fight. It didn't last long because Carlisle pulled us apart.

"Stop this." He turned to Emmet. "What Edward does is his business and I know that you have an opinion on what he is doing, but you are not to be expressing it in a violent matter."

He then turned to me and thought.

'We are going to talk later.' I nodded my head. I understood. I was going to have to go over this sometime. Emmet had a point. Every day Bella grew older and ever day I loved her a little more. I knew that we couldn't stay like this. I was a danger to her this way and I knew that the only way for that to change was for me to change her.

There was only one problem. I didn't want her to loose her human aspects. The way that she would blush, how she was clumsy, her warm skin, and her heart beat. I would even miss her sleeping, and she would talk. Even though I wanted her I didn't want for her to lose the things that made her human.

As I got in the car and drove off I wondered, what was Bella doing?

We went about another hour away and hunted again. How was I going to last this long without my Bella's sweet sent, her voice, her laugh, her-

'Edward come on. We are going to have a race. Come and join us.'

I walked over to them and we raced, after all when you don't have to sleep and are to far in the woods for anyone to see, what else is there to do.

After several hours of racing, swimming and other games, we finally went to rest. In all actuality that really meant that we coupled up and went to different parts of the forest to spend some time away from each other.

When we did that I missed Bella now more then ever?

I walked over to my car and sat down. After flipping through my cd's I chose one at random and put it on. As it played I didn't hear it because I was thinking about Bella. Boy did I have it bad.

I smiled at the thought and closed my eyes, remembering the moments that we had shared together and the ones that we would have. Then I came to a decision. I wanted Bella and there was only one way for that to happen.

I picked up my phone and made a reservation to a flight out of town. What I needed to get would not be fond in a small town like this, but then I groaned. This flight would make me have to leave Bella alone even sooner then I wanted.

I glanced at the clock and it read 2:36. I knew that it was early, but I had to hear her voice. I turned off the music and picked up my phone. I quickly dialed the number.

After several rings she picked up the phone.

"Hello." She sounded like she was panting.

I chuckled quietly to myself and said, "You fell out of bed again didn't you?"

"Yes for your information and it was all your fault." She paused for a moment thinking and then said, "Not that I'm not happy that you called. In fact I'm ecstatic, but it's two in the morning."

"I am aware of that Bella. I am sorry that you had to fall again. All I ever want to do is keep you safe and even when I'm not with you I hurt you." It was true. I wanted to keep her safe and yet every second that she spent with me she was in more and more danger.

"No! I mean yes you woke me up, but you know me. I would have fallen off the bed anyway." Which was true. If I hadn't called her then she would have fallen out of the bed when she woke up to go to school.

"You are okay right?"

"Yes don't worry. I'm fine. But-. I mean I'm fine." But what does she mean, but.

"Bella what do you mean but. What happened?" whatever it was why hadn't she told me before and yet I felt horrible. I knew that even though it had hurt my love, but whatever she had done would no doubt be at least sort of funny, and then there was the anger. Why couldn't I have been there with her?

"Nothing I was just thinking. So when are you getting back? I missed you and Mike was being annoying. He keeps on hitting on me and the more he does it the more tempting it is to feed him to Victoria."

Hmm that doesn't sound like a bad idea now that I think of it. It would make a lot of people happy.

"As funny as that picture is and no matter how much it would make me… happy we can't do it. I'm pretty sure that Carlisle would not approve of feeding human eating vampires. The reason that I called was to tell you that I will be there to pick you up for school. I wasn't expecting you to pick up the phone. You usually are a heavy sleeper."

To bad Carlisle wouldn't approve. But he hadn't seen him hit on Bella as if I wasn't there and she didn't have a boyfriend. I bet that Emmet and jasper would agree with the whole feed him to Victoria.

"Oh. Well the human has to sleep. See you later."

"Love you." And I meant it with every fiber of my being.

"I love you more then you love me. Goodnight."

She hung up her phone and I hung up mine. I got out of my car and layed down on the floor and looked at the stars. As I sat there waiting for my family, I thought about Bella and what I was going to do the next day.

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