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I was standing in front of my family and turned around so as to head to the door. A second later I couldn't move. Not this again. I quietly swore. A moment later Richard and Bella were standing in front of me. He was holding her and from the expression on her face he was holding too tightly.

"Edward look at your precious now. You want to know what she really is. A whore. I took her from her so called true love and by the next day I had her in my bed." What?

'WHAT?' That was the thought that was coming from everyone in the room. There had to be an explanation for this. Bella, oh Bella. The second that I got my hands on Richard he will be begging for me to kill him.

"Richard shut-" She didn't even get to finish her sentence because he leaned in and kissed her. There was a pause and then she responded. I knew that she didn't want to, but it hurt all the same. A tear silently fell down her cheek. Slowly the kiss built and it looked like they knew each other a lot better then they did. I hoped so anyway. The passion in that kiss alone, could have broken my heart, but I still had hope that there was something more going on then just what we saw.

When they stopped they turned to look at us. Alice stiffened. Her vision, was one that could not be allowed to pass. Her visions were there to help prevent, but this one was too late.


He smiled. "Why not? This is way better then what I had planned."

"What are you talking about?" There was fear laced in her voice and I was devastated. I was not able to move so what could I do. I was about to watch the love of my life be murdered in front of my eyes.

"Well you my dear are about to find out. See I didn't know when I was going to change you so I had Darey do the spell; both of them. You see they work at any time, just so long as I turn you." The fear that had made its way in her features now was replaced with understanding. A horrible understanding.

"So you see Isabella this would be the perfect time for me to do it. Everyone is watching; the world is here to see. Well your world any way." A second later there was a second heartbeat in the room. I smelled the air to see who it was. Charlie!

"No Richard you can't."

"Oh, but I think that you have no say in this seeing as you are the weakest here."

"Bella what is going on?"

"Not right now Dad."

"Oh, but Isabella I think that now that everyone is paying attention it would be the best time."

The rest of my family became aware of what he was going to do there were yells and shouts. Anything that we could do that would get him to stop, but they were in vain. Richard lowered his head to her neck and his teeth slipped under the skin, right into a vein. It was easier that way. Gets the venom to the heart a lot faster.

Bella screamed and then there was a growl. I glanced past them and saw that the Denali coven had arrived. Eleazar, ripped Richard from Bella and she toppled to the floor.

"Are we late for the party?" The next thing we knew, all hell broke loose. Minions ran in and we were freed. I ran and grabbed Bella and took her to another secret place in our house. It was hidden behind a couch. There was plenty of room when you got in, but it took some work to get in.

The fight didn't last long. Carlisle, Emmet and I had the honor of ripping Richard to shreds and I lit the match. Just before it hit his body, Emmet couldn't resist a last word.

"Burn in hell, bitch." I smirked; silently agreeing. When the other vampires saw that there master was dead, they ran and I was sure that they were not coming back.

I ran to where Bella was and heard her moan. I picked her up. I could tell that the venom was working its way through her system because she had pulled her body into a fetal position as if to protect herself.

"Bella." A second later she blacked out. I carried her upstairs and into my room. The entire time that she was going through the change I would reassure her even though I was freaking out. I knew in some part of my mind that everything would be all right….eventually. For right now we were just getting through. For now we were existing rather then living. Everything can change in a moments notice and for now we were recovering from the reeling spin that our world had done.

A little after 12 hours I went downstairs because I thought that Alice, might like to sit with her. I knew that we were all nervous. Particularly Emmet. He had been pacing for most of the time and when he wasn't pacing he was being annoying and quiet. Nothing like the Emmet that I had come to know. He can be serious at times, but I had never seen him so nervous. It was different and not the most comforting thing in the world.

Once again everyone was standing in the kitchen.

"How are you holding up?" Emmet asked. I pulled a hand through my hair.

"I am holding on with sheer will." He nodded. There was a silence that settled over us and I listed to the heartbeat that was soon to be forever silenced. It was comforting in its rhythm. For some reason a heartbeat reminded me of a metronome. We moved to the living room. We had fixed everything after the fight. Mostly just to give us something to do, to keep our minds off of what would happen now. I nodded at the Denali coven when they came in. They were leaving now.

"Thank you for coming. You have no idea how much this means to me."

"Oh, but Edward we do. You love her. We want to see you happy and she makes you happy. If there was anything that we could do, it would be too help you. You have been alone for far too long. Take care of her."

"There is nothing I would do otherwise."

They said goodbye to everyone and then left. I realized that there was someone else in the room. I smelled and a second later I was assaulted with Freesia. Bella! I looked up and saw that she was standing there in all her glory looking at us. I ran over to her.

"Bella are you alright?"

"Yes." The rest of my family walked over. They could hardly believe there eyes.

'That's impossible. That change was less then a day. There is no way that that is right.'

'She's gorgeous. I can't wait to buy new clothes for her.'


'Thank god, she is okay.'

"Hi guys." Once I knew for sure that she was alright I crushed her to me and breathed in the scent of her. I paused there was something that was not right. I couldn't quite place it yet.

"Edward I am not breakable, but I still need to breathe." I pulled away from her as fast as I could, and realized that she was telling the truth. Her heart was still beating. The rest of my family was staring at her in equal shock. This had never happened before. What was different? When she saw that we were staring at her she blushed. I hid a smile. I was glad that she had kept that habit. She looked beautiful when she blushed, no matter how much she denied it.

Carlisle walked up to her and leaned in, as if he couldn't trust his ears when he had not been standing so close. We all heard it, but didn't quite believe it.

"She's right. Her heart is still beating."

"Is that bad?"

"Well it has never happened so I don't know how this will affect her, or if it will stop eventually, or something else entirely. Only time will tell."

"Oh god. Where is Charlie?"

"He is currently sleeping of the shock of watching a complete stranger bite his daughter and then an all out vampire war."

"Edward could I talk to you for a minute."

"Sure." The rest of my family left us alone.

"Edward, I want you to know that you know that what Richard said was true." I was shocked and hurt. So what he had said had been true then.

"I was in his bed, but nothing happened." She was editing.

"Bella you're not telling me everything."

"After I hung up on you Richard came in. He had heard my conversation. He wasn't happy to say the least. He kissed me and then we were in his room. When I didn't respond he hurt me."

"So we went from kissing on the wall to kissing on the bed. Then went my shirt." I was looking down and blushing profusely. "And then my pants. When we were done with me we or I started on him. When we were done and we were only in our underwear we kissed for a very long time, and then we went to bed."

My Bella. My poor poor Bella. She was so strong and determined. Nobody should have to go through what she has gone through, yet she has and is still here. I had told her once that I kept on waiting for her to leave running and screaming. At that point it was because that was what I expected. Now I thought nothing of it. The woman in front of me was strong and determined, and no matter what would happen, she was going to be there to fight for it.

"You think that I blame you for what you did." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. "I don't. I know that it was not your fault."

"Oh Edward thank you." She threw herself at me and hugged, and kissed me.

"Edward, what happened to Richard? No editing."

"Carlisle, Emmet and I took care of him."

"You killed him."


"What about his minions?"

"They ran away. I doubt that we will ever see them again." She smiled and cuddled up to me.

"I love you Edward."

"And I love you Bella."

It was okay now. There was nothing that we could not face. I was sure of it. With Bella in my arms I relaxed. There was no place that I would rather be then here and now. Did I regret meeting her? Never. Did I regret loving her? No. Did I regret making her the person who had my heart? There is no one that I know will protect it better then her.

We were going to have an eternity together. An Endless Eternity With Her.

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