Angels of Cruxis
by: Fehize


There was a moon high above the sky, making sure that anything hiding in the open could be easily spotted unless hidden in the bushes that seemed to exist everywhere, or underneath the brush. It was something that could be easily done, but in this case... it was something that could not be done. The answer was simply because there were too many monsters stuck in the bush, and handling a baby wasn't something that was already difficult, nevertheless having to protect the baby from those things that wished to eat it up.

Three huddles of darkness could be seen by the light of the moon that refused to give them comfort. It seemed that everything else was noticing the three blobs, but nothing else could be done to stop them. After all, they were being chased down by Cruxis...

The one with firey red hair quickly pulled a brown haired one behind him, running as though the whole world was chasing behind them. In a sense, he was absolutely correct... Constantly, the red-haired man gave looks to the woman behind him - attached to him by his grasp that seemed to be so strong, it hurt, but light enough for the woman not to cringe often - and the bundle that the woman was holding. However, no matter how hard they all ran, the sounds of their pursuers were coming closer and closer with every passing moment.

Eventually, they found themselves at the edge of a cliff, overfacing a long fall down towards an abyss that was for certain death to at least two of the runaways. The red-head knew he could make the cliff face himself, but carrying others would be a heavy burden. A burden too much for him alone. Not only that, the woman was becoming tired, despite the fact that they were almost at their goal.

There, at the edge of the unknown abyss that seemed to eat alive the rest of the darkness that the moon was not touching, was a group of those pursuiters, waiting for them... One of them was obviously thier leader, ready to go on and pounce for the ones who were fleeing. He was tall, and held a weapon in his hands.

Already, the sun was beginning to show the slighest of pink among the sky high above. That was to be expected as the night was about to fade away. It was to remove any last pieces of shadow and darkness that the fleers could ever go towards. The ringleader of the group awaiting the three people could only laugh. In a sudden quick motion, he swiped the brown haired woman away from the red-haired man.

The red one could move fast enough to take the brown haired one, but his hand grabbed the child as the woman forcefully placed it into the man's hands. The leader took this moment for his own advantage as he pulled off the gleaming gem-like thing that rested ontop of the woman's hand, smiling in a very cruel way and laughing. The adult man took this chance, and hurridly, he brought his hand foreward. Suddenly... there were explosions everywhere, hitting everything except the child in his other arm, the woman, and himself. These explosions were light that erupted from the ground below and cut through everything; white and burning against the blacking sky above. It was something that made almost all of them come down in a flash, killing all the ones that fell.

With an amazing speed, newfound energy - no, sheer anger, the man lunged himself towards the woman who was there on the ground. She was already gasping for breath, but the red-haired tried to do what he could. The leader from earlier was still unfased in the ground, but that was currently being ignored. The woman was beginning to change into something that the small child started to whimper and cry about. There, right in front of them, was a monster that was seemingly in amazing pain. A monster that did not even recgonize her own husband and son. It raised its arms, then kinda froze there in its place for a few seconds. Mind words were being exchanged between the man and the thing that was a woman... words that the man did not want to know, but did what the woman dying inside wanted him to do. After what seemed eons, with a quick stroke, the man made a chrimson blossom bloom across the monster, which was then turning back into a woman with the red flower still blooming on her chest. There, she gave one of her few last breaths as the man began to mourn; the child crying because it had no idea what was going on.

The leader in the background was now standing, the only one alive from the attack of the light that seemed to thunder from the floor. He was standing up, gapping in the sunlight of the rising morning sun that was spilling the color of blood everwhere, basking the surface of the world in the colors of the fuel of life. The leader pointed straight at the red head one, the feeling of anger easliy noticed as it came pouring out of the man.

"YOU! It was YOU who stole the Angellus Project from me?" yelled the leader. "YOU? Here I was thinking it was a Renegade, but YOU? Yggdrasil's own personal friend? KRATOS? One of the FOUR Seraphim? YOU are the one? Wait until he hears about this! You will be dead when he hears about this!"

The red haired man didn't allow the other one to leave the area to tell the one the leader was going to tell.

With another flick of his weapon, already red as it was from earlier, the leader fell down towards the ground in utter shock. "Yggdrasil will never know..." said the red head one in an soft and silent tone. "All he will know is that you, Kvar, wanted to use the Angellus Project-" and with that, he riped the gem-like thing from the dying man's gloved hand - "for yourself to gain more power and wanting to overthrow him. Especially with that Mana Cannon of yours..."

"You KNEW about that? No---!" there, the dying leader gasped for breath as the sword was being plunged deeper into his heart; deeper into his soul. "Why-y... you... bastard Kr-Kratos!"


The red head turn around, mixed with the emotions of anger, hatred, pain, and saddness that filled his heart more than anyone could ever dare think about, and ignored the dead man behind him. Carefully, he raised up his small child, the only thing he truely had left in the world... and the gem-like thing that was the last token of the mother. It was silent for a while after that, the man making sure all that were around him was dead. It saddened and angered him that he didn't kill them earlier... If he would only have done so... But he couldn't... He was too tired... But that sudden burst of energy... Anna... I'm... sorry. It's all my fault.

It was a while that the man stood there, holding the now sleeping child that had noticed nothing out of the ordinary. After all, he was bearly a little two year old, bearly old enough to walk and say a few small words. In a small state of shock of what just happened as the sun rose higher above the surface of the world, all the man did for a few moments was to make sure that the child was indeed asleep by gently stroking the sleeping figure.

"Anna... I'll... keep your promise of what you wanted..." The man looked down towards the small child, then up at the high sky, already filled with birds that wanted to greet the morning. After a mere few seconds, his head turned back down towards the sleeping child. "I'll take our child and make him grow up to know the... things you wanted him to see..."

With that said outloud, hopefully soft enough not to awaken the child but loud enough for the woman to hear - where ever she may be - slightly, he began to walk his treak down towards the area of the cliff after disposing of the bodies left behind by fire... The only form of energy he really had left at that point.


Dirk was taking his stroll outside when he noticed a figure off in the distance. Surprised that such a person would be walking around at such an hour, he hurried foreward; maybe a little bit cautious becuase of the many Desians that could be around. He made sure to make some noise, but only enough of an animal, so if it was not a Desian, the person wouldn't be surprised if he suddenly walked out from the brush.

The man had red hair and was carrying a small child, and was covered with blood. That made the dwarf chill in the inside, then immidantly run out into the path to see if he could help. At first, the other man was acting like as if something terrible was going to happen once Dirk came out from his hiding place, but Dirk tried to show that he was a friendly person who wanted to help. With a few more steps, he arrived at he unnamed stranger.

"Hey! Do ya need some help or something?" he asked worriedly. "Looks like ya must have escaped from the Ranch! Quick, come this way. I have my house near by and I can help you hide! But we must hurry!"

The red head seemed to not really say much of a word. Maybe he is in shock that he just escaped from that dreaded place... These poor people... And a child! Desians... They are sicking creatures!

With a small nod, the man with the red hair walked with Dirk as the hurried into the cabin that was his home. It was off in the distance, nice and hidden from the area high above because of trees... Unless you were within a mile from the area. After all, it was a clearing in the woods that the dwarf lived at.

After making sure they were all nice and safe inside his house, his first attention had to be held at the small child that seemed to be eaither dead... or asleep. At first, the red head seemed reluctant to let Dirk hold onto the child, but after a few silent moments - which Dirk thought was odd that an escapee would be silent. Wouldn't they be happy and scream for joy? - the man let Dirk hold the boy, but with a very watchful eye. After a few quick glances, Dirk noticed there was nothing on the child, not even a scratch.

The next step was the red haired man, who seemed to be - relieved? Not much emotions showing through. Perhaps he was really tired... - when the child was placed back in his hold. There were some bruises and some scrapes and some cuts, but overall, nothing that could signify for the amount of blood that was on his clothing. Dirk tried to dissmiss it from his mind. Maybe to escape the Ranch, the man had to kill somebody...

"Thanks. There is just three things I may ask before we have to go."

Dirk heard the voice and turned around to face the red head, who was standing up and looked straight at the dwarf. "Ya want to leave the vicinity? Ya better be careful when trying to leave. That Human Ranch is off towards the exit... I wouldn't do it... But yes, I will help. A dwarf never leaves a person in need alone. What can I do?"

"I assume that you are Dirk, the crafstman. It seems to fit, mainly because you are a dwarf. I need a Key Crest, some food, and some cloathing if you can spare it."

Dirk thought that was a strange request. After all, a Key Crest was needed only if you had an Exsphere. Maybe the man needed to get his mounted because of being a Ranch inhabitant?

When the red head tried to offer something in return for the things he asked for, Dirk just shook his head and said that it was really nothing. Just a nice saying for someone who needed it was what Dirk thought.

It took maybe a few days to make sure that the Key Crest was all done. After all, it just so happened that the child needed some attention as well. Dirk noticed that the red head gave the child the attention the small lad wanted, but with a sad, distance look in his eyes that seemed to lie heavily everywhere. Still, little emotion was given from the adult man, and only to the small package in his hands.

So, when it was all done, Dirk noticed as the red head gave thanks towards him as he left the building and the clearing. He shook his head, wondering as to how they will be ok from then on. Hopefully the Desians will not be chasing after them, for that would be the last thing that they would need.


Kratos was the red head's name, a name that was old and almost forgetten in the scrolls that talked about the ancient war that ruined the land and the Great Tree. Now, because the woman was - sadly - gone, he could now do what he knew he should have at least tried to do earlier in the cliffs a few days ago. Both had wanted to find that dwarf and get that crest for her...but....

The small child was now napping, cuddling tight against the body of the man, cooing softly while dreaming things that only little children could udnerstand. The man was wearing white now, white with silver and gold, and the child was now wearing something very similar, in a much cuter sort of sense. The sun was shinning high above, like a golden disk that was eternally polished with the best of shine. With a sudden gleam of light, transparent wings appeared from the figure of the man, as he very carefully placed the Key Crest and the Exsphere upon the child's hand. Looking up, he once again talked up towards the sky high above...

"Anna..." he whispered softly, less he awaken the small child. "You said that you wanted to have Lloyd grow up to know what it was like to be an angel of honor... And Angel of Change... I hope you know what I must do... I will hold my promise..."

With that, he jumped up into the sky, making sure the child was still in the World of Dreams where everyone went when they slept, weither it be good or bad. He was going to take his child and grow up the little one in the Heavens, just like the mother - his wife - wished.

As for Yggdrasil... Well... The red head knew he can be persuasive.


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