The Reason

The little boy kneeled. He stared at the lifeless figures in front of his face; splattered by blood. His small hands quivered in scariness, his body trembled uncontrollably. He shook the dead body slowly, and stained his palms with his parent's blood. Looking at his bloody palm, the boy felt even insecure. The drips of blood then fell to the ground.

"Why could this happen to me?" He asked to the empty breeze.

"Mother, I'm scared." He muttered. "Bring me with you." The boy pleaded. But his mother won't answer.

Limbs of body are spreading all over the ground. Vultures are flying in the sky screeching. One of them landed on the tree branch, observed the blonde boy to see whether he's dying or not. Another one came straight to the ground and ate its meal hungrily; followed by some others. The little boy examined the birds closely. He's scared now.

"Father, Will they eat me? Please help me." He cried for help. But again, no respond.

Whose fault is this? He never wanted this to happen. But why it really occurred? Whose fault? Is it his fault? He didn't know.

The boy stared at the broken katana which lay on his laps- the katana that his fatherused to fight the spiders earlier.In a second a thought pierced his mind.

"I could go to Mother's place." His heart spoke as the boy's emerald green eyes gazed at the katana with a motionless stare. Life like this iseven worse than death.

His little hands reached the broken blade and made a shallow cut on his wrist. He couldn't feel any pain. The boy made the cut deeper. It still doesn't hurt. Why did his bleeding wrist couldn't feel any pain at all; while his uninjured chest ached so badly? He didn't know.

The boy intended to cut his wrist once again when a voice penetrated inside his head.

"What are you doing?" it said.

"See mother. I want to end this... I'm scared..." his heart replied.

"No. Not now." the voice said again


"Stay alive and kill those spiders- the people who had stolen your happiness."

"Kill them?"

"Yes. Let your heart remain revengeful.Feel the hatred, feel the vengeance. And when the time comes, make them pay for what they have done."

"Pay for what they have done...?"

"They've taken away your family and kill your joy. You know what you should do. Right?"

All in a sudden, boy's eyes flared with anger. Yes, he will make those people pay. He will surely stain his hand with their blood; just like how they had stained their hands with his clan's blood.

More vultures gathered, munching his clan's dead bodies and swallowed them. Blood are everywhere, decorating the green grass with the redness of its color. The sky turned pale. Drops of water fall. It's raining. The blonde boy gazed at his surrounding and pictured it inside his mind. The feeling of both anger and desperate are now fulfilling his heart. He won't forget this scenery. Nor he will forget the feeling.

He was having a thought to end his life, butnow at last the little boy has a goal for this one pathetic life- the only reason that will keep him from engraving the broken katana on his wrist. Be stronger, find the spiders and kill them all. Take away their life; make them pay for the happiness that has been taken away from his days. The boy knew that it's such a sinful goal, but he couldn't do anything because it's the only reason why he's still alive today.

To kill them; and to make them pay.

A/N: I know this is too short. I wrote this before I slept and somehow it sounds right. Many grammatical errors, I suppose... And yes, the topic is very common. Kurapika and angst... Those 2 make a very good partner. Hehehe. Please RnR... Flames are welcome... but well... not to harsh please... XD