Summary: The first meeting of Lennon and McKay in Colorado Springs. Companion to 'When Plot Bunnies Attack' by BiteMe Techie

Rating: Teen

Genre: Humor/Parody/General

Characters: McKay, Lennon

A/N: This is a companion piece to 'When Plot Bunnies Attack' by BiteMe Techie. If you don't read that, 1. Your missing out on a hilarious fic 2. The basics of this universe and who Lennon and the Bunny Busters are would make less sense

Placement: This isn't AU... you'll see.

The Meeting of Minds: Lennon and McKay

By NenyaVilyaNenya

The line was impossibly long at the counter, and she was getting very, very annoyed at waiting. She wasn't even buying anything but yet she still had to wait in line just to ask a simple question.

She tapped the man's shoulder in front of her, "Hey, you."

He snapped around and snipped, "What?" It didn't take a genius to see he was just as annoyed as she was.

"Which way is it to Cheyenne Mountain?" She hated asking, but the Sliders universe had messed up her sense of direction, all those different Earths in one fandom do that to a person.

"Are you serious?" He folded his arms and stared her down.

"Yeah." I wouldn't be asking unless I was." She gave him her own glare and checked him over. Bad pattern, as in a hideous large tan plaid wannabe collared shirt and equally horrid brown slacks. Sheesh, what writers dress extras in, there was no way this was a canon.

"Don't you see the thing?" He pointed out the window. The woman in front of him, in coke-rimmed glasses, a band tee-shirt, and muddied converse sneakers, followed where he was pointing.

"Oh. Who would've thought of putting it there of all places." Writers. She snipped and walked off.

"Wait!" He called out, not every person in the world asked about the mountain, if they did, they were either working there or on their way to blow it up in some anti-government protest. By the looks of it, she was the later scenario.

"What?" She snapped around, her heavy pack slung over her shoulder, "I don't have time for this."

"Why do you need to know about Cheyenne Mountain?"

"It's none of your business."

"That's where you're wrong."

Her glare would have instilled fear in anyone, and him ten tens more than anyone else. "Wrong? Me? Impossible. I haven't been wrong."

He took a step back impulsively but couldn't keep his mouth shut, "You – you are, because I happen to be working there so it stands within reason I should know if you are. By the looks of it you aren't military."

"What gives you that idea? You know nothing of what I'm capable of, or my job. I need to go meet a couple friends for some… reviewing of... the systems."

"Oh… oh! You're from the Oversight Committee, aren't you…? Why are you dressed like that though? It doesn't seem professional."

"What's wrong with how I'm dressed? It's infinitely better than how you are." She couldn't believe she was arguing about her clothes with an extra. A well-written extra, though, apparently. Maybe he had a line or two.

"You look like you belong at a punk concert, not investigating Cheyenne Mountain."

"Your shirt should be made into a dog bed."

They stood and stared at each other, hands on their hips as the line for the checkout got shorter and shorter, until there was no one in the gas station but them and one very confused looking cashier.

He finally asked, "Who the hell are you?"

"Lennon… Mallory." She grinned at the last name, it coming from the last fandom universe her and her team went to before their little vacation.

"Dr. Rodney-"

"Oh, you're one of those."

"Those what?"

"The people who insist on being called 'Doctor' so everyone knows how smart they are. Well, I'll tell you what, I bet I'm twice as smart as you can dream of."

"Oh for -… that's impossible. There's only one woman," he took in her raven hair, "a blonde who comes near me in intelligence and you ain't her baby."

"Baby? Did you just call me baby?" Her eyes flashed with anger and she clenched her fist.

"Yes. No… no, no, no. What I said was maybe and I was going to say, uh… maybe the two of you are related…"

Lennon couldn't help but punch him. No one, ever, ever calls her baby and doesn't undergo some sort of pain.

His face turned from the impact and he rubbed his jaw, "Ow! My jaw! I think you broke it! Anyone else see that, hmm?" He looked around only to find the cashier there, who was stifling a laugh. "I need to get this looked at, you are so paying for this."

"I don't think so, Rodney."

He pointed with his finger at her, "I am going to file this! You'll mourn the day you crossed Dr. Rodney McKay."

"Aww, you big baby. Should I kiss it better?"

"No, it needs proper… What? Really?" He stared at her, his eyes passing over her lips to her black hair that was so black it was almost fake, in contrast to her pale skin.

"Get a hold of yourself. There's going to be no kissing in the future." She smirked and made her exit.

Rodney grumbled and went up to the counter, quickly paying for his gas without a word to the cashier, except a glare that permanently stopped the kid from laughing.

He left and headed to his car, the only one at the pumps and at the extra parking spaces. He saw Lennon digging in her pack on the sidewalk.

"You don't have a car? What are you going to do, walk there?"

Her head shot up, searching out whoever was talking. Her eyes fell on him as she pulled out a bottle of water, "That was the plan."

"Get in." He said without thinking and opened his car door.

"What?" Was he nuts? She punched him out and he was offering her a ride? Was he insane?

"Get in the damn car." He had to admit this mystery woman was rather intriguing. And since she apparently was working for the Oversight Committee… well best to make good with her.

She shoved the bottle back in the pack, "Pushy aren't, we?"

He leaned over the door, "Look, if you'd rather walk the two miles, be my guest." They hadn't actually talked about the SGC, so there was a chance she was only going to NORAD, but it was better to play it safe.

"Look, it's nice of you really, but I'm starting to think you may not have all your marbles." Just what she needed, a crazy extra.

"Why not? I'm the sanest person I know. You know it's getting hot out here." He fanned himself, "Walking in the sun would be terrible."

Lennon scowled, "Fine. But I'll have you know I don't do chit-chat with ex- every person I don't know."

"Good. We have something in common then." He got in the car and slammed the door as she opened the passenger side and threw in her pack in front of the seat. It landed with a thud that startled Rodney.

"What the hell do you have in there?"

She slid onto the seat, "Do you really want to know?" She was sure relaying off weapons and such things wouldn't be such a big hit.

"No." He clicked his seat beat and started up the car. "Uh, seat belt. I'd prefer not to be responsible for your death if some idiot side swipes us."

"What? Oh." She followed suit and pulled the seat belt over her chest as he pulled the car out of the station.

They sat in silence the few minutes it took Rodney to drive to the mountain, Lennon getting annoyed at him staying exactly at the speed limit. What's the fun in that? She glanced in the backseat and noticed a brown jacket and a brown leather bag. The guy owned something in every shade of brown imaginable.

Rodney periodically rubbed his jaw and rotated it, noticing that it wasn't broken after all, at least so he thought. Either way he'd have to pop in to see Dr. Fraiser. How was he supposed to explain it? He pissed off a member of the Committee, whether or not she only had clearance for NORAD.

As soon as they were a hundred yards from the gate to the parking lot, she commanded, "Let me out here."

"What? We're not even through the outer gate yet."

"I told my friends I'd meet them out here."

"Oh, well then." He pulled over and stopped the car. As she grabbed her pack by the top, he felt he should say something, "Bye."

She opened the door and launched out of the car, "Bye."

"No thank you?" He snipped, you give someone a ride, you expect them to appreciate it.

She lowered her head so she could see him through the still open door, "Thanks, Rodney."

He scowled at a stranger addressing him by his first name, but chose to ignore it, "Yep. Bye Mallory."

Lennon couldn't help but laugh as he pulled away and once the car was out of sight, ducked into the brush at the side of the road where her fellow Bunny Busters were already waiting.

"What took you so long?"

"Excuse me for being a minute late, Charlie." Lennon adjusted her pack's strap across her body after addressing the commander of the team.

Charlie fiddled with something in her leather vest pocket, "Don't make a habit of it."

"Who was that? In the car?" The other woman asked.

"No one. Just some guy giving me a lift, don't go throwing yourself into his arms too."

Charlie laughed, "She's got a point, Madge."

Madison defended herself, "I tripped, alright? Quinn just happened to be standing right there."

"Tripped on what? Your libido?"

"Can we just go already?" Madison, the youngest of the group asked, half-whining.

"Yes. We'll have to swing around and enter by one of the back hatchways. This is a recon mission and possible obliteration." Charlie pulled out a cigar and started chewing on the end of it.

"Yes, yes, we got it. There's been a report of a ship/amnesia bunny den on Level 28." Lennon made sure everything was in her pack and she didn't leave anything in the car with Rodney... she missed his last name.

"If it's there, we're to quietly clean it out and leave no trace. This fandom hasn't been taken over yet, and we're to keep it that way." Charlie started to lead the way through the field heading to the forest, "Lenny, you do have explosives, right?"

"Yes, since when in all the time you've known me have I not had explosives?" She fell into step beside her superior.

Madison smiled as she walked with them, "There was the time you left your pack at Langly's."

Lennon glared at the younger member, "One time and it comes back to haunt me! Sheesh."

A/N: The end or not? BiteMe Techie doesn't want it to be and is gently pushing me to that conclusion as well, anyone else?