Once a Somebody

By Lynx of Organization VI

Rating: PG

Summary: The first six members of the Organization were once the apprentices of Ansem the Wise...but what about the other six? A look into the Somebodies of #7 through #12, and the Disney worlds they may have come from.

Author's Notes: The ideas came from chatting with Gext, who gets credit for a bunch of them, plus from another Roll-of-the-Dice challenge. (One of the chapters is the same as the themeset drabble.)

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts and its characters belong to Square and Disney, not me.


Arlene scoffed at the bundle of smelly kids pushing their way into the arcade, led by that one teen –what was his name?- Lee or Leigh or something. A slacker by any other name...

Let them play. With all the tech schooling she was getting, ENCOM was sure to hire her, and then her peers would be shoving quarters into her bank account. She didn't have time for games.

Or lunch, as it were. She tucked a newspaper under her arm, its headlines chattering about sightings of small black monsters in Central Park, like anyone believed that crap anymore, and bought a hot dog. Figure be damned, an authentic New York hot dog was always worth it.

When she was distracted by something rubbing against her leg.

Her automatic city female reaction to knee the bastard in the balls subsided when she realized it was just an orange tabby kitten. It gazed up at her with big green eyes and mewed hungrily.

"This dog's mine," Arlene said, wondering why she was even talking to the kitten. "Now scram."

The orange kitten continued to mew. Arlene rolled her eyes, having half a mind to give it a kick. "Look, no food for you, so just sh—"

She never finished. A brown-and-white mongrel wearing a red bandanna leaped out of nowhere and snatched the hot dog out of her hand. The mongrel and tabby both took off down the block.

Arlene gawked for only a second before giving chase. "HEY!"

She barely kept up with the animals as they dodged their way around the crowds. "Get back here, you MANGY little—"

In what must have been a well-practiced choreograph, the mongrel tossed the hot dog to a Great Dane waiting at the corner, who in turn sent it flying to a bushy Afghan Hound on the balcony a story above. Arlene barely caught up to the Great Dane before her lunch was passed once again, this time to a Bulldog and Chihuahua across the street.

"Let GO of my lunch, you stupid—"

She managed to grab ahold of the mongrel's bandanna, but it wriggled out of her grasp and tripped her onto the sidewalk.

The hot dog was tossed back to the mongrel, who hitched a ride on a passing taxi with true New Yorker skill. The other four dogs and the tabby kitten joined him, leaving Arlene sprawled and hot-dog-less on the sidewalk.

She blew a strand of platinum-blonde hair out of her face, and watched the taxi disappear with furious electricity in her eyes. "I HATE everything now."


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