Author's Note: I got the idea for this after watching Assignment: Earth. I had always thought someone needed to say something about Mestral from the ENT episode Carbon Creek and so I have. I hope you enjoy it.

An Odd Meeting

Commander Spock and myself beam down to Earth in search of Gary Seven, to ensure that he does not alter the time line. Spock, I'm afraid, seems almost used to wearing a cap to cover his ears and make his eyebrows less obvious.

Scotty gives us a direction and we start our search for the strange man and his cat. My eye is caught suddenly by a family, they have the unmistakable air of tourists about them. A mother, father, and a little boy tugging at his father's hand and pointing at us. The father is preoccupied with something in a store window and as we pass by I can hear him talking to his wife.

"Something like that Maggie," his voice is oddly detached, unemotional even, "would be very practical."

She lets out a laugh, "Mestral, I have never heard anyone say that a painting was 'practical.'"

"It would go with the color scheme in the living room."

"No it wouldn't," she counters and my attention is drawn suddenly to the boy.

It is only now that I notice his baseball cap, low over his face and ears. He is looking straight at Spock, his hand up in the ta'al. And then the shocker, in perfect Vulcan he says, "Live long and prosper."

His parents both stop their conversation to look at us and I notice the man's eyebrows arch a little high under his low cap. He nods to us, raises his own hand in the ta'al and ushers his son away. The woman simply smiles our way as if there is some inside joke and follows behind.

"Spock," I say, "did that boy—"

"It is impossible for a Vulcan to exist on Earth at this time, even Mister Seven recognized that." Spock actually seems to be having trouble grasping what just happened.

"Come on," I say, sure I'll never know the details of what just happened, "let's go find Seven."