There's No Place Like Oz--Chapter One

A year after Elphaba's "death"…

"I found it!" Elphaba announced. Fiyero ran into the library. He was starting to get sick of his wife trying to find a counter curse for him, as well as their old school mate, Boq, and the poor flying monkeys. Fiyero believed that there was no counter curse, but Elphaba disagreed. Lately she spent most of her time in the library researching and experimenting on a little white mouse (even though she didn't believe in hurting animals, but she would rather hurt a mouse than her own husband).

"Honey, this is your-"

"No, I'm serious this time! Look, the mouse is back to normal!" Elphaba pointed to the small white mouse that had very similar scarecrow characteristics to Fiyero days ago.

"Oh Elphaba, I'm shocked! You did it!"

"Yes, and tomorrow you will be back to normal, and we can return to Oz!"

"You- we can't go back!"

"What if I… change my name?"

"Oh please, you can't be that stupid. No offense or anything, but you were the only green witch in Oz, and when- no, if you return they might recognize you. And also, they think you're dead!"

"Yes they might recognize me, but, ah- what if I find, or even create a spell?"

"It took a year to find a counter curse for me; you know how long it will take you to create a spell?"

"I will do anything to go back to Oz! It's not like I have anything else to do; with you out on the filed all running errands all day I'm stuck here, alone. C'mon Fiyero, once you're not a scarecrow anymore, and we're back in Oz, all our dreams can come true! I can be governor, change Boq and the flying monkeys back! You, well you can have a dance teacher, or even own a studio! You have always wanted to do that! We can have a family! Our lives would be perfect! We can see Glinda-"

"First of all, she's Galinda, again, and now she's governor. And second of all, I've heard Oz is very different now, it's Galinda-fied, and the new Galinda is very different than the one we knew. She is very depressed, in one day she lost her best friend and fiancé, imagine how you would feel! The Emerald City has been changed to the Slate City, green reminded her too much of you…" His voice trailed off. Elphaba had tears in her eyes.

"Oh, all of this is my fault! We need to help her!"

"It's not your fault. Is it your fault you're green? No. Is it your fault that people thought you were wicked? No. Is it your fault that you were "killed" and then forced to escape from Oz? No, none of it is your fault!"

"I guess you're right, but we still should help her!"

"Yes, we should…" He paused. "But you better have that spell ready in a year!"

"I will!" Elphaba promised. She smiled; she knew she would return to Oz very soon.