[FILK][Sailor Moon]Silence Knight, Saturn Knight
Based on the Christmas carol, "Silent Night"
Arranged by Liu "Lufio" Fe

The following is a work of fiction, a filk based on the climax of the
Sailor Moon S season. Any resemblance to characters, anime or otherwise,
is most likely intentional. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is the
intellectual creation of Naoko Takeuchi. Subsequent release and
distribution of the listed work into new mediums are too much of a
hassle to keep track and to list here.

[To be sung when you've had too much _special_ egg nog.]
Silence Knight. Saturn Knight.
Gone is the Chalice of Light.
Comes now a soldier, woman yet child.
Last of the Senshi, fearsome yet mild.
Wielder of Death and Rebirth!
Wielder of Death'nd Rebirth.

Silence Knight. Saturn Knight.
Outers quake at the sight.
Cleansing pow'r within Silence Glaive.
Peace for the world, new hope she gave.
Death Reborn Revolution!
Death Reborn Rev-lution.

Silence Knight. Saturn Knight.
She accepts her role's plight.
To stop the Era of Silence's arise
Her life she gives in sacrifice.
Senshi of Death and Rebirth!
Senshi of Death'nd Rebirth.

Silence Knight. Saturn Knight.
Rescued by Moon's pure light.
Ready to die with Pharaoh's purge.
In the end though, she did emerge.
Safe in Moon's arms, she sleeps!
Safe in Moon's arms, she sleeps.

Arranger's Notes:
How many literary ideas have I had now due to something Serafita posted
in Delphi? Hmmm... It's only fair, after all. Turnabout is fair play.
Anyways, slice and dice as you see fit my rendition of the climactic
confrontation between the Senshi and Pharaoh Ninety. Please forgive this
poor lyricist's pragmatic titling of the Chalice and of Hotaru's duality
during the SM S season. The things I do for rhyme...