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Side Story!

Sakura made an exasperated noise, and sat down on a bench tiredly. She had been chasing these orphaned semi-wild kittens for ages, and she still hadn't caught one. They'd readily come up to her grandmother's back door and eat the food she put out, but when she came out, they scattered.

What she needed what another person's help so she could corner them easier. But everybody else was on a mission. Well, she revised that. Everybody who would be willing to help was on a mission.

She remembered when she was little, how she would reach her small hand into the crack in the wood pile and pull the kitten out as gently as possible. And to a little kid, gentle wasn't so gentle. She'd grab a leg and pull it out protesting. And it got away every time to! But she didn't do that now.

A person sat down beside her. "hn."

She brightened. "Sasuke-kun! Would you help me catch some kittens?"

Sasuke didn't say anything for a moment. Sakura waited for a response, but he just shrugged. She was about to drag him along any how, but spotted Shikamaru.

"Shikamaru! Could you come here for a second?" Sakura asked. Shikamaru muttered something under his breath, but came over anyhow. As he neared, Sasuke glared at him.

"Nevermind Sakura, I'll help you catch those kittens."

Sakura gently tickled the stomach of one of the kittens, whose eyes were wide. Smiling gently, she set it down in it's box, and petted it until it gradually calmed down.

She had only wanted to catch one. It just happened to be Smudge, the one kitten who'd stay eating until her hand was 5 inches away and then scamper away.

Looking up, she beamed at Sasuke, catching him in a tight hug.

"Arigato Sasuke! Arigato very much!"

What surprised her the most was that he hugged her back.

"Your welcome Sakura."

As they stood there, she smiled. It had taken until she learned how to catch a kitten gently for her to catch one. It had been the same with Sasuke. When she stopped trying to force him to like her, even though it had taken time, he'd come.

Realizing she was comparing Sasuke to a kitten, she started laughing. Sasuke looked at her weirdly, and she shook her head at him.

When she imagined him with cat ears the laughing didn't stop for a long time.


Aria-chan: It's short, it's nothing much, but ah well.

I had wild cats living under a shed in my backyard, and the mother abandoned one and it just was meowing so loudly all the time! So we finally caught her and got her all fixed up and everything, and she was so tiny! KAWAII DESU!

Ja ne!