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Chapter 1: Ponderings

He didn't get it. That blond girl had definitely been Terra, he was sure of it. But why hadn't she wanted to come back to the Titans, who were supposed to be her friends? Why did she deny her identity? What happened to her powers? And above all, how had she come back to life? There were many things that Beast Boy didn't understand in life, and Terra was one of them.

The green changeling ran as fast as he could out of Murakami High School. There was nothing he could do now. For some reason, Terra wouldn't come back to the Titans, to him. He didn't know why, and that's what caused his poor self so much grief.

Beast Boy let the tears fall as he dashed through the metal gates separating the High School from the rest of the city life. Outside the school's boundaries he leaned against the iron fence and closed his eyes.

Well, what did you expect, Beast Boy? A voice inside his head was telling him. After what happened, did you just expect her to come back with a smile on her face to your open arms? She betrayed you all, remember? That girl's got to have some guilt. And she hated her powers. Maybe she just wanted to live a normal life. Everything still hurt, though.

One of the spikes on the fence was starting to dig into his back. Beast Boy turned around and stole one last glance at Murakami School before morphing into an eagle and flying off into the sky, headed for the one place he called home. He knew that there were people who needed him more than Terra did, apparently, at the moment.


Tara Johnson, formerly known as Terra of the Teen Titans, stared out the wide glass window of her Geometry classroom. She watched Beast Boy fly off into the distance. It would have been a beautiful day if not for her current situation.

"Ms. Johnson?"

Tara was torn from her daydream.

"Tara, if you have completed your test, might I suggest bringing it up to me?" The stern eyes of her Geometry teacher, Mrs. Larson, bored right into Tara's being.

The blond teenage girl turned bright red in the face as she snapped her gaze back to the paper resting on the surface of her desk.

She couldn't concentrate. How could she, after all that had happened? After seeing Beast Boy again, after turning him down, after all that pretending to not know him…It felt like she was running away from him all over again. She felt horrible. And what was worse, she could tell by the way he looked at her that he knew who she was. Tara almost considered running out of class right now to head to the Tower and apologize. But of course she knew that she just couldn't. She would endanger them all.

Tara wasn't entirely sure of who she was these days. After being imprisoned in that stone form for so long she had gained new memories of herself, memories of seemingly another life. New emotions had been released as well, and she gained outstanding new knowledge. But after remembering all of this, a new fear struck her as well. She didn't want to remember anything about her first life and how she got like this.

All this time she could have been someone else, a different girl living a different life. She would have had a different family and different friends. She wouldn't have even had her powers. She would never have had to run away from home and she would never have met the Titans. She would never have betrayed them. Tara probably would have still been living with him to this day if it hadn't have happened.

But none of this mattered right now. All that mattered was to stay away from him at all costs and to avoid being caught by them. If she had rejoined the Titans, then it would have been all too easy for these people to find her.

In the meantime, she was trying to start a new life, a third one. This time she would get it right, without anybody fighting or getting hurt. While in hiding she would try to forget the past, but this was proving to be in despicably hard. The reality of it all was that her past was a part of her, whether she liked it or not.

Who was she, anyway? Tara, Terra, or-

The bell suddenly rang, signaling the end of the school day as well as the period.

Shoot, Tara thought. She still hadn't even begun her math test. She scribbled down a few guesses as she raced out the door. The test didn't matter much, anyway. She was already failing this class and besides, she had bigger problems to worry about.


A masked man sat in his chair before many computer screens. Every single one of the screens showed the same image: Three teenage girls, apparently friends, chatting in a school's courtyard. One girl was a fiery redhead with a face full of freckles. Another was a tall African-American girl. The third was a skinny blond. They all wore the same uniform of a pleated navy skirt, a white blouse, a black tie, and black Mary-Jane shoes with white knee socks.

Slade zoomed in on the blond girl. A close-up portrayed two deep, crystal-blue eyes.

The man smiled beneath his black and orange mask. He had found her. Which probably meant that soon the others would be searching for the girl as well. She was in danger.

Slade zoomed back out into a view of all three girls as he leaned back in his throne-like chair and listened in to their conversation.

"So I was like, 'No way! Ashley would never go out with you,'" The African-American girl was saying, "I hope you don't mind, Ash."

"Mind? You saved my life, Liz. I could never have dealt with that situation on my own like that," The redhead, who apparently was named Ashley, replied.

The blond girl, though, was just standing there the whole time, nodding at everything her friends were saying without much thought.

Liz frowned. "Tara, you're not still thinking about that Green Brat Boy, are you?"

"Oh, no," Tara replied quickly, forcing a smile on her troubled face. "Just, um, you know, that test last period was really hard." The other girls shrugged and continued their conversation.

Slade began to think. So Terra remembers everything now, he thought. She turned down Beast Boy's invitation to join back up with the Teen Titans again because she knows what will become of her if she does. He knew that Terra knew if she went back with the Titans, not only would he be able to find her, but so wouldmany others who were even more of a threat to her. Even so, staying at that school and at the home of her foster parents wouldn't help much, either. He had found her, hadn't he? He would protect her better this time. He was not prepared to lose the girl again. Old memories were starting to form in the man's mind, but he shook them away.

Slade turned back to watch the monitors, a plan forming in his mind.

"Don't worry my little blossom. Whether you like it or not, help is on the way."

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