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Chapter 4: A Brief Reunion

So she was running to the Titans now, Slade thought, Foolish girl. It will do her no good. Had he taught her nothing?

He snapped another weapon into his belt.

Current events must come into consideration. It is time for a change in plans.

After his belt was loaded Slade picked up his staff. He quickly retracted it with a swift movement and placed the small object in his belt as well, right in a small compartment in the circular buckle in the center. Pausing, he grabbed a selection of mysterious other weapons as well off a nearby shelf: a slender black gun with a silver "D" engraved, a shining metallic ball, and peculiar object about the size of his fist that resembled a small communicator.

He had not used these for years, which showed through the condition of the shelf. The shelf that they had been set to rest on was very dusty and appeared not to have been touched for decades. If the gadgets still worked it would be a miracle. Slade set his old weapons in his belt.

"That should be quite enough, Master Slade." An elderly butler entered the room. "You are merely bringing Rose to your primary safe house. Are you expecting a struggle, or even worse a fight?"

"Wintergreen, I am simply being precautious," Slade responded. "Not only do my reliable sources tell me that she has been discovered, but the Teen Titans have been brought into the picture also."

His friend arched his eyebrows and then squinted as his forehead wrinkled in thought.

"You need not bother yourself with the matter, my friend. All I have asked of you is that you take care of this place while I'm away."

Wintergreen shook his head and chuckled as he turned with the back of his white head fading as the old man left the room. "You're hopeless, Wilson."

"And I'm quite proud of it, thank you," Slade shouted after him.

Turning back to his own work, Slade took the black gun out of his belt and took a good look at it.

It's been too long, the mastermind thought, far too long.

He was ready. The plan was simple: retrieve Rose/Terra from Titans Tower by all means necessary, and then manage to avoid the Titans and N.O.A. while getting her to a safe place. What happened from there: He was still working on it.

Slade only hoped that the Titans were in good moods today. After what Beast Boy did to his last robot double…unfortunately, Slade couldn't afford the luxury of one this time.


Agent: Slade Wilson, also known as Deathstroke the Terminator.

"Well, it's not like it exactly a popular name, is it?" Raven broke the silence.

"It's him," Beast Boy whispered. "It's got to be."

"We need to get more information before we draw conclusions," Robin announced, although his fist clenched at the though that Slade could be connected to their encounter with the droid. "This site is the only lead we have so far. We need to investigate this 'N. O. A. L." as soon as possible."

"I told you, it's him!" Beast Boy spoke louder, annoyed. "One of his robot doubles attacked me right after Terra was angry and left the Tower!"

"What the heck?! You took her here? You saw Slade? Why didn't you tell us this before, BB?" Cyborg narrowed his eyes at his green friend.

"You never seemed to care about Terra before!" Beast Boy yelled back.

"Please, friends," Starfire interrupted, looking upset. "Let us make this conversation one that is the civil." She looked to Robin and Raven's direction for help.

"She's right, you two. Arguing doesn't solve anything," Raven added.

"It's in the past. But Beast Boy, will you tell us now what exactly happened after you talked to Terra?" Robin crossed him arms.

"It was just a robot, what does it matter? All it did was try to convince me that Terra didn't want to remember me," He snapped, then paused before he added, "Before I kicked its butt."

"It does matter," Robin said sternly, "This is the first activity we've seen from him since Trigon."

"And," Cyborg added, "If he was trying to steer you away from Terra-"

"Friend," Starfire interrupted. "You still have not notified us of the details of your discovery of friend Terra's return. Please, do share. Where is she? Was she not happy to see you?"

"I told you!" Beast Boy yelled. "She doesn't want to come back-"


It sounded like something was pounding at the front door of the Tower. Someone or something was trying to get in.

"Titans, be ready," Robin assumed a fighting stance as he and the Titans neared the door.

The door crashed open. A skinny blond girl in a bright red tank top and tan capris stumbled in, her hands bearing a now fading gold-colored glow. Her entire body was drenched in sweat.


"I don't believe it!"


"Sorry about the door," Terra panted. She looked wiped out and very frightened. The girl stole a glance at Beast Boy, but she looked away quickly.

"Terra! You are no longer made of rock!" Starfire thrust herself towards Terra, pulling her into a bone-crushing hug.

"That's three times now that you've nearly broken my limbs, Starfire," The girl laughed as she struggled to breathe.

"Oops," Starfire let go quickly.

"Well, welcome back," Cyborg smiled.

"We never did get the chance to thank you for what you did, you know, for saving the city and all." Robin held out his hand.

Terra turned pink as she took it.

"Um, no problem."

The only Titans who weren't falling over their long-lost teammate were Raven and Beast Boy. Beast Boy had stiffened ever since Terra had burst in, and Raven was wearing a scowl. She still hadn't gotten over the fact that Terra had fooled and betrayed them all, then tried to destroy them a while back.

"Uh, hi Beast Boy, Raven," Terra walked over to the two.

"What do you even think you're doing?" Raven snapped at the blond girl. Terra's face fell. "You betray us, try to kill us, break Beast Boy's heart twice, and now you expect us to welcome you back here with open arms?"

Beast Boy looked from Raven to Terra. Something she had said…

"How did you know about…?"

"It's kind of hard to miss. Plus, I'm an empath, remember?" Raven stated matter-of-factly.

Suddenly a silence filled the room.

"So," Cyborg cut in. "BB wasn't hallucinating."

It took Terra a while to understand what he meant.

"What- oh- well, no, he wasn't," She said quietly.

More silence.

Beast Boy sucked in air. "Why did you do it?"

Terra hung her head. "I- I don't know."

The other Titans just stared at them now.

"There's gotta be a reason you lied to me."

"I was afraid."

"Of what?"

"A lot of things."

"Such as…?"

"That you wouldn't accept me back -"

"Why would you even think of such a thing?" Beast Boy shouted. "We actually cared about you. I cared about you. I visited your statue practically every day, did you know that?"


"And did you realize that I abandoned a mission to go after you once you came back to life?"


Beast Boy took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He looked away from Terra.

"Now is not the time for personal reunions, Beast Boy. We do have business to attend to." Robin said sternly, but he gave his friend a sympathetic look, "Terra, what do you know about this man…" He gestured to the webpage on the Tower's computer, "…and this website?"

Terra's face fell, then jerked back to normal, but not before Raven sensed the fear pulsing through her veins.


Slade stood on top of the Titans' roof. He would break into the Tower momentarily, but for now he had to wait. As he stared out into the clear blue sky slowly fading to purple, one instinctive thought crossed his mind:

They knew he was here.

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