You Don't

"Hey Squally!" Selphie was awful cheery for being awake at8 am and Leon cursed her for planning this ridiculous hiking trip at such a godforsaken hour of the morning.

"Leon." He groweld. He didn't do mornings.

"Oh, fine Leon. Why can't you just smile and say, 'Hi Selphie!'. Be happy! Or at the very least not angry." Leon looked at her blankly. He didn't smile and he most definitely did not do happy.

Leon had exactly three, count em' three moods; Angry, Furious and Livid. None of which were good for the general public but angry didn't get any one injured and/ or killed.

"...Whatever." Selphie sighed and bounded off, stopping to talk to Riku. He smiled at her, nodding as she babbled at him and walked towards Leon as she tackled Sora, stealing his cookies.

"Hey Leon." Did we mention Leon didn't do conversation either?

"Late night party?" Parties were yet another thing Leon did not do. Too many people who've had too much to drink getting too friendly with Leon. Leon didn't do friendly, thank you very much.

In fact, there's a bunch of things Leon doesn't do. Riku counted. But he also counted the things Leon does do. Let's have a look shall we?

1: He scowls. Definitely a winner in the Scowl-atha-lon.

2: He doesn't do happy or sad or even remotely enthused about anything. As we mention before, he does Angry, Furious and Livid. That's it.

3: He doesn't smile laugh or play nice with the other kids. He scowls, glares and growls. Nothing else. Ok, well, he does say 'Whatever' but that's an intirely non-commital response, so it doesn't count.

4:Leon doesn't have friends, aquaintances or even help little old ladies across the street. Leon had himself, knew himself and wait for it...helped himself.

5: Did we point out that fact that Leon is a world class sleeper? The whole planet could blow up around him and he'd still be sleeping like a baby. Of course, he'd be estatic if the world went away and left him alone. That is, if he did happy. Which he doesn't.

"Wait! I forgot." Riku put on hand on his hip and a finger on his lip in a mockery of thought.

Leon scowled.

"You don't do parties, or mornings or laugh or happy or...well, anything! What would you do without you're friends here to loosen you up?" Riku was laughing, a wicked gleam in his green eyes.

"...I don't do friends."

"Except ones as hot as myself." Riku smirked at him and sat in his lap, happily lightening Leon's mood by busying himself with the task of marking the pale neck with yet more bites and licks then he had the night before.

Leon smiled. That's right...

He did Riku.

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