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Kekki Genkai

Summary-Mika finally sits down and talks with her father about why, exactly he has such a problem with what she is.

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Mika wiped her salty sweat off of her forehead, having just finished her second round of rigorous weapons training with Sasuke. The sun had started to sink into the horizon so the Uchiha had seen fit to call it a night. Mika walked into the house to help her mother prepare supper when she noticed something. Her father, who usually helped her mother with supper, was nowhere to be found. Which was odd considering she had seen him come home from work.

She thought she knew, however, why he wasn't in the house. When she had seen him come home, she had been in the middle of weapons training. She had made brief eye contact with her father before he had scowled at her and gone into the house. Ok. Enough was enough. The man had had two days to come to terms with it and he still refused to. "Mom where's Dad?" she asked in a tired voice. "He's out on the front porch. Why?"

"Because, mom, I'm sick of the silent stares and the chilly atmosphere that's been in this house since I told you guys. He treats me like a freak because f my bloodline trait. I will not tolerate this." Mika pulled her hair into a ponytail with the scrunchie she wore on her wrist and walked out onto the porch.

Her father sat there in the dying sun. She stood at the screen door and looked at him for a moment. He looked so…beaten back. Like there were memories that he wanted to forget but he couldn't. She swung open the door and stepped out.

He may not have been her biological father but…he had raised her. And his approval was something she craved more than anything. But if he wouldn't accept her then…forget it.

She sat down in the chair beside his and looked at him, the question she wanted to ask him evident in her eyes. He beat her to the punch.

"Mika. I know what you came out here to talk about. I know what you want to ask. I haven't said two words to you since finding out you are a Kunoichi. And for that I'm sorry. I owe you an explanation. Forgive me…I'm just being stubborn."

Mika nodded and turned to look at the setting sun. "I understand. You've never been much for change." She smiled a little private smile. "I think I learned that from you."

He still refused to look at her. This raised her suspicions, which she voiced. "I've forgiven you for shunning me…now what?"

"There's something you should know…it's not just the fact that I'm stubborn. There's something else…that you need to know…especially now that…you're a Kunoichi. Before your mother…before you…because you know that, even though you aren't my biological daughter you're still…my daughter. Before you and your mom…I had a wife. And a son." He paused to take a breath.

"We lived in the land of waves."

The very breath was sucked out of her lungs. "The land of… what?" Was all she managed. "We lived in the land of waves…under the jurisdiction of the Mizukage."

To say that Mika was shocked was an understatement. Before she could say anything, however, her father continued.

"I loved my wife and my son with all my heart. I hated, with equal passion, the Shinobi of that land because of the fact they allowed themselves to be used as weapons of war, something I didn't believe in. My village shunned everyone who bore a bloodline trait, calling them impure and the like…we did horrible atrocities to those who bore the traits."

He shut his eyes against bad memories. "If she had told me about her…I would've gotten her out. But she didn't. And she passed it onto our son. I only found out about it when I saw our son…."

He buried his face in his hands as he spoke. "My wife bore a Kekki Genkai. One that she passed onto our son. Once this information was out to the rest of the village there was pressure from the Headman to kill them…I had to drink liters and liters of Sake before I had the courage to do it. I killed her…and my son came in while I did it…" Her father was crying by this point. "The last thing I saw of my son was an senbon needle made of ice pelting for me."

When he had said 'senbon needle of ice', something clicked within her mind. "No way…I know who your son is." She pointed a finger at her father.

"You're saying that you're Haku's father."

He looked at her, startled. "Yeah…his name was Haku."

She gave him an odd look. "Maybe it's you who has been watching too much Naruto…Haku killed his father." "No…he didn't. That's what he says because he didn't wait to find out I was alive. The villagers found me before I bled out. But I couldn't stay there. Too many memories. I went to the Mizukage and he sent me to the Hokage. The Third told me about the realm beyond the mirror. He sent me here." He looked up and gave a half smile. "So here I am."

Mika sat perfectly still. "So…my father…is the father of Haku from Naruto." He nodded. "Yes…so just give me time. Eventually…this will become something I accept. Old prejudices are just hard to let go of."

Mika nodded "Well then dad…you have all the time you need."

She went inside but as she walked to the kitchen, his words reverberated in her head. "Just give me time…"

'Time…maybe in time…he will accept with me what he couldn't with his wife…'

'He'll accept…my Kekki Genkai.'

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