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Birds chirped joyfully as the suns' rays peered through the young, blossoming girl's window. Grunting incoherently, the seventeen-year-old teen ducked under her periwinkle sheets, trying to escape the blinding light. Sometimes she just wished the sun would stay away.

"Namine, dear. It's time to get up!" Throwing the blankets off of her petite body, she lazily brushed her blond hair from her face. "I need you to run to the market for me today.

"Coming, mama…"

Standing and stretching, Namine dressed in a white, peasant dress that stopped neatly above her knees. After refreshing up a bit, she slipped on her matching sandals and headed off to get some breakfast.

Namine, herself, wasn't a very tall person. She had mid-shoulder length, blond hair that sat over her shoulder most of the time and had sweet, hypnotizing blue eyes.

She lived on the outskirts of town with her twin sister, Kairi and their parents. They were a family of artists, selling their artwork at the marketplace in Kirikins, their hometown, for the money that feed them. Making a decent amount, the Yamatas were considered between the classes of upper middle class and rich.

Declining her mother's offer of pancakes, Namine contented herself with four slices of toast with strawberry jam slapped on. She quickly devoured three pieces, leaving her last one as a snack on the way to town, but before she departed she realized something.

"Mama, where's papa and Kairi?" The older female turned from her sculpture and smiled at her child.

"Oh my, I've must of forgotten to tell you, honey. Kairi went to visit Selphie in town and your father went on a trip to the nearby village. He said something about an Art Show, so he said he'd return in about a month or so."

"Thanks, mama." Namine yelled out as she shut the front and trudged across the spacious, flowered lawn. Her fists were clenched at her sides as a picture of Kairi sticking her tongue out and flashing the victory sign floated in her head. Namine could almost hear her say...


Shaking her head vigorously to erase the image, she jammed the last piece of toast in her mouth to keep herself from screaming in anger. Namine walked over the old, yet stable bridge, down the dirt path, and into the small, bustling town.

Upon her arrival into the village of Kirikins, she spotted young boys that were playing with wooden swords, claiming to be heroic knights, while girls acted as damsels in distress.

The older population of the village though was stuck with chores just as Namine was. She glanced up towards the cloudless sky. The wind played lightly with her blond tresses.

'What a beautiful day today. It's a shame I can't enjoy it.'

Sighing, Namine continued along her path to the marketplace when she was stopped by a tall, handsome youth adorn in all black. "Oh Seifer…" The smaller girl slipped a strand of hair behind her ear. "I almost didn't recognize you with that outfit on."

The man's name was Seifer. His hair was short and dirty blond. His eyes were an icy, blue that portrayed confidence and arrogance. He never truly smiled, only smirked.

Though the most interesting feature about him was his large scar on his face. No one knew how he received it, but many believed it was a symbol of his fearless-ness and strength.

Seifer was the captain of the Kirikins Police Force. He was what boys wanted to be and what girls wanted to date. Namine liked Seifer as a friend, but the last couple of days he seemed different.

Something about him made Namine shivered, but nonetheless, she stayed polite. And when the hell did he start wearing a black, hooded trench coat anyway? (1)

"Ah, Namine. As beautiful as ever, I see." He took her hand, which soon disappeared under his hood as he kissed it. Namine could have sworn that she felt a little pinch on her hand when she was pulling away. "No sketchbook today?"

Namine stopped breathing. She quickly glanced at her arms in search of the beloved possession. How could she have forgotten her most precious item?

Then she remembered her storming off from home this morning.

"Oh no. It seems I've forgot it at home when I stormed out this morning." Seifer laughed. His laugh sounded colder and sinister than amused.

"Well, if you'll excuse me Namine. I have to get started on my rounds." And so he left, leaving a confused Namine in his wake. Shrugging off her bizarre feeling, she walked on.


It was about five o' clock when Namine had finished her errand. The day had grown hotter than excepted which left our girl a little sticky, but it was thankfully cooling down.

She, of course, hadn't anticipated that she would talk with Seifer or anyone else that day, causing her shopping to be completed so late.

'Ow…these bags are starting to hurt my arms. Funny...I haven't seen Kairi and Selphie all day.' Sighing loudly, Namine realized how dark it was becoming. Though this village was peaceful in the day; danger lurked around every corner at night.

Picking up her pace, the spunky teen made her way to the bridge that separated her home from the dirt road leading to town.

Suddenly on her right, the bushes started to shake rapidly. Namine, scared senseless from the sudden movement, dropped her groceries and sprinted.

She didn't know if she was beginning followed, for all she heard was the 'clip klop' sound of her sandals on the ground. Her house quickly came into view.

'Yes! Almost ther-!' Startled out of her thoughts, she was tackled from behind. Her indigo eyes were shut in fear; her mouth hung open in a silent scream.

'This is it…My young life is over and I haven't even been kissed yet! …W-wait a minute. Is that laughing?' Opening one eye cautiously, Namine found herself staring into the same hue colored eyes.

Pissed beyond belief, she pushed off the shadowy figure.

"Kairi." She took a deep breath. "Selphie." The laughter continued. "You don't know how much I hate you two right now."

Wiping a tear from her eye, Kairi, Namine's auburn haired twin, spoke.

"Oh my god! You should have seen your face."

"Yeah, Namine. It was priceless!" The emerald eyed girl behind Kairi with flipped out, brown hair piped in.

Huffing, Namine turned around, crossing her arms over her chest in irritation.

She forced from her warm bed to fetch groceries which she would have rather skipped.

She didn't particularly enjoy being frightened by Kairi and Selphie either.

A small tap on her shoulder awaken her back into reality.

Turning around, she saw Selphie holding out her shopping bag with an apologetic smile on her face. Kairi stood next to their green-eyed friend with the same expression.

"We're sorry, Namine." They said in unison. It was quiet all except for the light breeze blowing through the trees, causing them to sway and creak in protest.

Namine took the bag from Selphie's hands and placed it on the floor. This action confused the two jesters, but suddenly understood when Namine tackled both of them, laughing.

"Aw! You guys are just so cute when you try to apologize." Namine grinned. Selphie and Kairi looked up towards the now standing Namine, smiling widely. "Just don't ever scare me like that again. Promise?"

"Promise!" They shouted in unison again. Namine had to laugh at this as she offered them her hands to lift them up.

"I swear sometimes that you guys are the twins, not me and Kairi." After getting lifted up, Selphie glanced up towards the sky.

"Uh-oh. Mom's going to skin me if I don't get home now. I'll see you two tomorrow!" She yelled out as she was already by the bridge, waving.

The Yamata twins returned the gesture, picking up the package of food and heading towards the cottage.

Though they all remained unaware as four pairs of hungry eyes watched their backs.


(1) – Organization XIII's trademark outfit.

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