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Roxas grumbled slightly as he felt himself rouse from his sleep. His eyes remained closed as he inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet scent of his captive. Upon smelling Namine's scent, the vampire youth allowed a tiny smile to grace his lips.

This felt so right.

She felt so right.

Roxas put his nose against her neck and nuzzled her soft skin and took another deep breath. Yes, he could stay like this for eternity; all warm and cozy next the blond beside him. As the young man began to drift back into slumber, the girl, wrapped loosely in his arms, gave a low moan and pushed back against him. Roxas' eyes shot open as Namine proceeded to unconsciously grind herself against his crotch.

His breath hitched as he felt himself swell at the sensation. His arm tightened around her slim waist as he pressed himself against her ass and groaned quietly into her back.

"Fuck…" Roxas whispered as he began to remember one of his many erotic dreams with the delicious Namine.

It was a bright, sunny day, and Namine could be seen drawing in the deserted front yard of her home in Kirikins. Her mother and sister were both out for the day, leaving Namine alone and vulnerable to him. She was humming a tune he had never heard of when he approached her from behind. He was absolutely mesmerized by how the sunlight danced across her skin and hair, making her appear ethereal. While she dressed so airy and light, he was adorn his is dark cloak.

He knelt behind her slowly; his breath still as he leaned closer. When he deemed himself close enough, Roxas sprung into action and pinned Namine's upper body against the stump she was using as a table. She struggled and cursed, trying to kick back, but Roxas stopped her by spreading her legs apart and settling himself between them. He growled slightly when her white dress rode up and flashed her lacy, white panties.

"Get off, bastard!"

Roxas only answered by pressing this clothed erection against her core. Namine immediately ceased her efforts of escape and gave a small whimper, which made Roxas harder and exude supreme dominance over his weak angel. He leaned over her back and pushed her breasts down harder against the stump then he whispered in her ear.

"I've been watching you, my cute pet. You may appear innocent on the outside, but you're a dirty girl, aren't you?"

Namine panted slightly as he firmly rubbed himself against her.

"You may think you're alone, but every night when you finger yourself, you're actually giving me a free show."

Roxas removed his gloves and hood and moved Namine's panties to the side where he had the glorious sight of Namine's virgin core, pulsing and wet. Namine looked back at her captor, panting and blushing as he toyed with her. Roxas suddenly shoved two fingers into her dripping hole and smirked as she threw her head back with a pleasured scream.

"And I want in."

Roxas snapped out of his dream, panting and feeling extremely hot and bothered. As he regained his lost senses, he found that he was hovering over Namine's sleeping form, pressed hard against her core and fangs ready to penetrate her soft neck. He grimaced as flashes of his dream returned once again.

"A-ah yes, right there!"

He scrunched his eyes tightly and grazed his fangs against Namine's jugular, causing her breath to hitch.

"Harder, Roxas, please!"

He quickly removed himself from between Namine's legs and practically flew out the door into the blinding white halls of Castle Oblivion. Roxas was breathing rapidly as he glanced down at his straining bulge.

"God fucking dammit!"


Namine woke up alone, feeling cold and even more tired than when she went to bed. She glanced to her left and noticed that her captor was missing. With this detail in mind, Namine proceeded to remain in her spread-eagle position. Funny, she didn't remember ever being in this position before. Namine quickly shrugged that thought off and closed her baby blue eyes as she began to wonder about the strange dream she had.

The meadow was green and filled with all amazing assortments of flowers. Namine, delighted by such a sight, decided to lie down and bask in the beauties that surround her. As she began to doze off, Namine heard the soft fluttering of numerous wings nearby. She cracked her eyes open and quickly scrambled off the ground in disbelief and wonderment.

Before her, there were three fairies floating. One was dressed in the color red and the other two in green and blue. The three fairies beamed at her with wide, friendly smiles and immediately she felt calm and secure.

"Hello there, Namine. It has been quite some time since we have last seen you. My, have you grown!" The fairy in red doted as she flew closer to inspect Namine further.

"I-I'm sorry I'm afraid we've never met before, Ms…" Namine questioned as she watched the three fairies look between each other in embarrassment.

"Ah! Where are our manners! Of course, you wouldn't remember us, dear. You, Kairi, and Selphie were just young babes when we met. My name is Flora." The fairy in red said as she hovered in a circle around Namine.

"My name is Fauna," The green fairy said, "And I'm Merryweather." The blue fairy exclaimed as she and Fauna hovered over.

"We're the Fairies of Light, and we have come to help you." The trio said in unison. Namine quirked an eyebrow in confusion at the odd trio's comment.

"Help me how?"

"Why to realize your true power, of course!" Merryweather cried out. "You, my dear as well as Kairi and Selphie, have the power to balance out the light and darkness. No more will the realms of Light and Dark have to feud over which one is supreme, but instead coexist."

Namine's eyes widened, and she clasped her hands together and knelt before the fairies in awe.

"Tell me! What kind of power? Will it be enough to stop the Organization!"

The fairies suddenly frowned as the meadow began to become hazy.

"I'm afraid that question will have to be answered by you, Namine. We must go now. You're being to wake up."

Namine shot to her feet and started to chase the fading trio as the scenery grew hazier and hazier.

"No wait, please! I need to know how to stop the vampires!"

Finally the meadow disappeared completely, and Namine was left to float in a cloud of grey. Before she surrendered to consciousness, Namine heard a faint echo.

"Look into your heart."

Namine opened her eyes with a frown.

"'Look into your heart?' What the hell is that suppose to mean?" As soon as she muttered the question, the door to Roxas' room burst open to reveal the devil himself. He looked irritated and had a mean scowl on his face as he trudged into the room. Namine was about to make a rude, smartass comment when she noticed that Roxas only had on a towel. She blushed scarlet as she unwillingly admired Roxas' lean, well-sculpted back and arms.

She turned even redder when he dropped his towel.

"W-What the hell are you doing!" Roxas merely looked over his shoulder and smirked at Namine's flustered face.

"What's wrong, Namine? You want to see the front too?" He made a move to turn, but Namine threw herself under the covers and mumbled, "In your dreams, asshole…"

Roxas' smirk suddenly dropped to a frown at her words.

"Right…Only in my dreams…"The vampire brushed off his depressing thought and quickly got dressed in his traditional black cloak. When he was finished, he walked over to the bed and ripped the covers right off. Roxas was going to sneer at her, but he instead was enticed by the sight before him. Namine was laid out on her side with her eyes closed, and her nightgown that he had forced her to wear rode up to the top of her thigh, exposing her long creamy legs. He also noticed a small hint of cleavage popping up at the top of the gown.

Roxas mentally cursed as he felt himself go hard again. He had just taken care of this problem not even ten minutes ago!

With a heated growl, he gripped Namine's ankles and wanted to drag her to the end of the bed to at least assert some of his pent up dominance. Namine let out of soft cry as Roxas put some pressure on her wounded ankles. He immediately released her when he heard her cry. Namine whimpered softly as she looked up at him with teary eyes from the pain that he caused her.

Instead of saying sorry like a gentleman would, Roxas turned his back on her. Namine was about to make a biting remark when she watched Roxas kneel down at the edge of the bed with his back still turned to her.

"Come on." He mumbled quietly. "You smell and need to take a bath."

Instead of feeling the urge to throttle the vampire bastard, Namine sensed in his voice the subtle hint of apology and that giving her a piggyback ride was his way of saying sorry. Namine smiled slightly and crawled over to Roxas and quickly latched herself onto his back, wrapping her slim legs around his waist.

Roxas stood and hoisted Namine up, hooking his hands beneath her thighs and bit his lip as he felt the silkiness of them. When the pair began their trek to the washroom, Namine placed her mouth near Roxas' ear and whispered:

"Thank you."

The vampire nearly had another orgasm just from the sound of her sweet, melodic voice being so close.


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