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Summary: 'We met at The Flower Shop…' 'Everybody did…' 'And that's when I fell in love with you…' 'It's one place for our memories…'

The Flower Shop

Chapter 01

Yuna smiled as she finish tying up the bouquet of roses, there were 1 dozen, she had wrapped a white clothe like around it and tied a red bow to it, since the roses were red. She picked it up and inhaled the scent and then smiled again.

"Yuna?" a girl called out, "Are you ready with those flowers? Mr. Takashi is here to pick it up."

Yuna turned her head and answered back, "Yes Rinoa, I'm coming." She stepped out from the back and entered the front with the flowers in her hand, "Here you go Mr. Takashi, I hope you wife will love this."

He bowed, "Thank you for fixing it up for me, man if I didn't come here and ask you guy to fix up these flowers for me, my wife would kill me for forgetting to get her something for her birthday," he smiled to the girls, "Thanks a bunch, I owe you guys one."

"Oh Mr. Takashi don't thank me, it was all Yuna," Rinoa said.

Yuna smiled sweetie, "Don't worry about it Mr. Takashi, as long as we hear the news that your wife is happy then I'm good with that."

He nodded, "Well I better get going, thanks again girls," He said and left with a wave.

"Have a nice day," Yuna said.

Rinoa smiled then looked at Yuna, "And there we have a happy customer, all because of you Yuna."

Yuna shook her head, "I was glad to do it."

Rinoa giggled, "Okay Yuna, but now that our work is done, want to go out?" she asked.

Yuna thought about it, "Hum, I don't know, I have lots to do."

Rinoa sighed, "Aww, come on Yuna, it's not going to be that bad is it?"

Yuna giggled, "I would love to come Rinoa, but I've got to wake up early tomorrow for the daycare, I got a second job remember?" she reminded Rinoa.

"I know, I know," She looked down and kicked the floor lightly; "I guess we'll go some other time, but you have to promise, okay?"

Yuna nodded, "Promise Rinoa," she blew a kiss to Rinoa and then left the shop.

Rinoa shook her head as she laughed a little, she then sighed, "Oh Yuna, only if I could take your place. You work yourself too hard." She sighed once again and then left, leaving the boss to come lock it up later.

Yuna was walking home, since she didn't feel like driving that day, it was a cold windy day, but it was okay for her since it was warmer in the shop. She hummed a tune as she was walking home, she turned the corner and spotted a group of kids surrounding something, and she pushed and found a dog laying there with his paw hurt.

The kids were just standing there.

"That dog's a dummy," a 12 year-old kid said, he then threw a rock at it, "Stupid."

Yuna glared at the kid, "Hey! You stop it!" she yelled, "All of you go home now!"

They look at her and then walked away murmuring how dumb she was too.

Yuna walked over to the dog and looked at it. At first it barked at her, but she calmed him down, "Shhh… don't worry I won't hurt you."

He looked at her deeply then nodded.

Yuna looked at his paw, it was worst then she thought, his ankle was twisted badly, his foot was bloody though, it seems like some car ran over it.

It whimpered as Yuna touched it.

"Oh I'm sorry," she said as she looked at his collar, it read, 'Jaylyn,' she smiled, "Aww you have such a cute name," she smiled.

He barked a happy bark at her.

She then picked him up, "Oh boy, you sure are heavy for a dog you know?"

He tilted his head making a facile expression that was a questioning one.

She giggled, "Don't worry I don't live far from here," she said as she started to walk again.

!0 minutes later she was at her apartment, she took off her shoe and lay in the tub and took a wet clothe and wash the blood away. She tried not to brush against his paw, he did whimper a little. She was done then wrapped bandages around his ankle and his paw, she then picked him up again and set him on the living room, she had placed a rug there for him to lie on.

"There you're all cleaned up," she said as she smiled, but then she sighed, "Now all I have to do is find your owner, you know you have a really bad owner."

He looked at her with the question face again.

"Oh, you don't know what I'm saying," she said as she took a seat on the sofa next to him.

He then lifted himself lightly and then licked her hand.

She giggled as she felt his wet tongue on her hand, "Hey, its okay, you're welcome, now sit Jaylyn."

He stop licking and went to the rug again and then lay down.

Yuna then looked up to the ceiling and then drifted into a deep slumber.

The next day

Rikku walked into the shop and looked around, "Hello?"

Just then Rinoa stood up from behind the counter, "Rikku!" she yelled as she gave the girl a hug, "When'd you get back?"

"Just two days ago, man it sucked like heck, why did the boss send me to go check out a place like that?" She asks as she put on an apron and walked behind the counter, "That isn't my choice of place to choose to extend the business," she said and then sighed.

Rinoa just giggled, "Don't worry about it," Rinoa went into the back.

Just then somebody walked in.

Rikku greeted them, "Good morning, and welcome to The Flower Shop, how may I help you?" she asked with a huge smiled on her light skinned face.

He just looked at her and spoke in a low voice, "Um, I need a bouquet, about 1 dozen, of uh…"

Rikku looked at him in question, "Do you not know what to choose?"

He nodded, "I always got my mother flowers, but I don't know what I should give her this time."

Rikku giggled, "Okay, I'll be with you in a bit." She stepped into the back, "Hey Rin, there's this hot guy who doesn't know what to get his mother.

Rinoa thought for a moment, "Go ask him what he has been giving her."

Rikku nodded and went the front again, "What have you've been giving her for the past couple of years as flowers?"

The dark reddish-brunette thought about it, "Um, roses, mostly."

Rikku nodded, "Okay," she said then went into the back again, "Roses."

Rinoa giggled, "Just as I thought," she then stood up and looked around for a flower that would fit this person, 'Lilies? No, it's too common,' she thought then looked around again, 'Freesias? Sigh, no' she thought again, and then kept looking around, 'Ah… here we go,' she thought as she picked up the flower. She turned to Rikku and lifted it up so that Rikku could see.

Rikku looked at her in question, "And that is?"

Rinoa giggled, "How long have you been working here Rik? Gosh, they're Dendrobium Orchids." Orchid were a symbol of delicate beauty, they were really beautiful when they are full bloomed. They were like Daffodils, but Daffodils are Yellow, and Dendrobium Orchids are usually white. And white stood for pureness. They were soft and grew in a bunch, hanging from one stem. They looked like a puffy cloud.

Rikku nodded her head and took it to show to the guy, "How about this one?"

He stared at it, and looked it up and down, "Hum… it looks good, but what is it?"

Rikku laughed, "They are called 'Dendrobium Orchids'"

He nodded, "Sure, but are you going to fix it up?"

Rikku shook her head, "Oh, no, not me. I'm not that skilled with the flowers, I'll have my friend fix it up for you. Come back in an hour, it'll be done then okay?"

He nodded, "Okay, see you then."

Rikku turned, but then she forgot to ask for his name, "Oh wait!" but it was too late, he had already left. Rikku sighed and then went into the back and handed the flower back, "I didn't get his name, he left before I could ask."

Rinoa looked at her, "Oh?" she then thought for a moment, "What he look like?"

Rikku thought for a moment, "He was a really hot guy with reddish-brunette hair, he like had a scar on the nose, like in between the eyes," she said. (AN: hahaha I bet you know who he is now huh?)

Rinoa laughed, "What else is there, but his looks?"

"I'll leave you to look at him," Rikku laughed as she went back to the counter.

Rinoa shook her head lightly and then put the Orchids down, "Hum, how am I going to do this?" she asked herself. She sat down and started to grab a bunch.

At the Daycare

Yuna was having fun with her new job that she just got, if there was anything else she would like to work with, that would be the kids and little ones too.

"Hey," Yuna said as she laughed, "That's cold."

The little girls and boys slashed the water to her and giggled.

Yuna laughed as she ran away from the kids.

Not far from them there was an older woman standing there watching Yung, she sighed, "Oh, they kids really do love you huh?" she said to herself.

Just then only one popped up behind her, she was older looking, "Don't worry Claire, they like us too, but they just like they're new sister."

The woman, Claire looked at the elderly woman, "I know Maria, it's just it's been so long. Yuna's been the first ever since Tina left us."

Maria smiled, "I'm sure that Yuna will be perfected for the job, don't worry about her, look, she loves the kids."

Claire sighed, "That's a good thing, not like the last one we had. Oh she was rude to all the kids, what was her name?"

"Lisa," Maria said as she sighed, "we couldn't have somebody like that to watch over the kids with us, this is a daycare you know?"

Claire nodded.

Just then Yuna came up to them and bowed, "It's been fun with the kids, but I have my second job I must go to now."

Claire and Maria smiled and nodded.

Yuna bowed again, "Good bye Miss Claire, and Miss Maria, I'll see you tomorrow?"

They nodded again.

"Be careful!" Claire yelled after her.

She nodded and smiled, "Don't worry about me!"

Claire looked down again, and then looked at Maria, "I've decided, she's perfect for the job."

Maria smiled and nodded.

Back to the Flower Shop

Rinoa stood up and held the bouquet of Orchids, "Perfect!" she smiled. She had grabbed a dozen and snipped off the bottom of each of the single orchids. Then pulled off the bad petals, and dip each one of the single orchid in the water before putting all of them together. She then tied them with a ribbon, on the inside, then wrapped the Orchids with a clothe like around it. She decided to choose the color lilac for it, so that the flowers will look softer, she then tied another ribbon on the outside, and this time the color was silver, just to match the Orchids.

Rikku then stood next to her, "Oh wow, that's pretty."

Rinoa smiled, "yeah, but I bet it'll look better if Yuna did it huh?"

"Whatever!" Yuna said.

They both turned around to see Yuna standing there.

"Yuna!" Rikku yelled as she gave her a hug.

Yuna giggled, "Okay, okay, I miss you too Rik."

They let go.

Rinoa smiled, "Yuna," she walked over and showed her the bouquet.

Yuna smiled, "its lovely dear."

Rinoa rolled her eyes, "Whatever, like I said, you would have done it better than me." She said as she placed it on the table.

Yuna rolled her eyes right back at her, "Uh huh? Whatever you say Rin, but it looks good no matter what."

Rinoa smiled as she nodded, "Well… we better get ready for valentines, you know how it is?"

The both nodded.

Rikku nodded, "gosh, it's like a rampage."

Yuna and Rinoa looked at Rikku and then looked at each other evilly.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking Rin?" Yuna asked.

Rinoa nodded, "oh yeah."

Rikku looked at them, "What?"

Rikku got in her car, "Great, those two! Gosh, so mean, I have to set up everything for valentines?" she started her car up and drove home.


"Rikku, we have decided that you'll have to be the one this time to set up everything for the shop," Rinoa said.

"Whaa?" Rikku said with a face.

Yuna smiled, "It's your turn any ways you know?"

"What, but, but, why me?" Rikku asked.

"Because, me and Yuna had decided," Rinoa smiled, "Now then, you don't have to worry about fixing the flowers up, we'll do that, but then you'll have to put up stuff around the shop, and also Reji wanted red and white roses hanging from the ceiling, got that?"

Rikku just tilted her head to the side.

"But," Yuna continued for Rinoa, "you'll have to cut off the pokie pokie stuff okay?"

Rikku sighed, "You mean the thorns?"

Yuna nodded and laughed, "Yup, oh, don't worry Rik, you'll do just fine."

Rikku dropped her head down, "And what are you guys going to do?"

Yuna and Rinoa thought, "Relax?"

Rikku gave them a glare, "What!"

They laughed.

"No, we'll be here when you're done, to help you sale," Rinoa said.

Rikku nodded, "alright."

Yuna smiled sweetly, "Okay, since you're going to do that that means you get to go home early today, cause tomorrow is the big day!"

Rikku nodded and left.

Rinoa and Yuna giggled.

End of Flash Back

"Oh well, at less I get to go home early," She said to herself.

Back at the Shop

Yuna was in the back this time, she was fixing the flowers up for the valentines, even if it's like in a week, but they had to get ready for it any ways. Yuna looked up at the clock and it read 7:20ish, she sighed, 'Still have a long day,' she thought. Usually they would close at 10.

Just then Rinoa came up to Yuna, "Hey Yuna, if there's a hot guy with reddish-brunette hair, tell me okay?"

Yuna looked at her, "Is he your boyfriend?"

Rinoa blushed, "No way," she said, then clam then spoke again, "He's a customer, it's just that Rikku forgot to ask for his name, before he left."

Yuna rolled her eyes, "That's so Rikku."

They giggled.

Yuna stood up and went to the front, "I have to find the Tulips."

Rinoa nodded and started to help fix up the roses for valentines. Just then the door bell had rung, "Yuna?"

In the front

Yuna was on the ground looking for the Tulips, but she couldn't find them, she then had to use the restroom, so she went to the bathroom first.

Just then somebody walked in, he spotted nobody, just then he heard a voice.

"Yuna?" a girl called out. Just then she came out from the back and looked at him, "oh?"

'Rikku was right,' she thought, 'he is hot,' she then shook her head, 'Rin what are you thinking about gosh, he's your customer' she smiled at him, "Hi how may I help you?"

He looked at her, "Um, I'm here for a pick up."

Rinoa looked at him, "you know pick up was supposed to be like 3 hours ago, didn't Rikku tell you to come back in an hour?" she said as she looked around for something.

He looked at her weird, "Rikku?"

Rinoa smiled, "The blonde girl," she said, and then went into the back.

Just then Yuna came out from the restroom, and she spotted him, "Oh, you must be the hot guy Rinoa was talking about."

"Rinoa?" He question, he then chuckled, and "did you just say hot?"

Yuna nodded.

Just then Rinoa came with the bouquet of Dendrobium Orchids, "Here you go."

He smiled, 'Whoa I haven't smiled in months,' he thought, "May I ask your name?"

She smiled at him, "Sure, it's Rinoa." She handed him the bouquet of Orchid.

He grabbed it, "I'm Squall, and Thanks for the compliment, I think you're cute," he said as he winked. Then he left.

Rinoa blushed and looked at Yuna who was giggling, "Yuna!"

"What? I just told him that you thought he was hot," she said.

"Rikku said it was hot," Rinoa said as she hid her pink cheeks.

"But you also use the word 'hot' too," Yuna said, and then giggle, "well I have to go to the truck to find the Tulips, there aren't any more."

Rinoa pouted, but she was still blushing, from embarrassment and something else, something that she doesn't know.

Squall still carried a smiled on his face, and boy he felt kind of happy, and silly, but more happy. His cell was ringing and he picked it up, "hello?"

"Squall?" a guy spoke.

"Yeah?" he answered.

"Where are you at?" he asked from the other line.

"I'm almost there Ti," Squall answered him.

"Well, you're mother is wondering where you are, and you know how my auntie gets mad," he said.

"You mean my mother?" Squall smirked, "Don't worry Tidus, I'll be there in a bit, and I know how my mother is, but don't worry, she'll be mad for a while, but she'll be loving me after that."

"Is that so?" the guy on the other line, Tidus said.

Squall sighed, "Alright, be there in a bit, bye," he said and hung up. He looked at the road, but then he took a glace at the flowers and smiled again, 'Rinoa?' he thought and then chuckled, "You're a cute one," he said to himself.

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Squall came out from his car and walked up to his big house, he waited until the door opened.

Just then the door was opened by the maid, "Good afternoon sir, come in."

Squall could hear yelling.

"What kind of son do I have?" a woman yelled.

Squall could tell it was his mother.

"He's just late auntie," Came a voice that sounded like Tidus.

"I can't wait any longer, he's my son, and, and," She started to break down.

Just then Squall came into the room, "Hi Mom."

She looked up at him with a glare, "How dare you come late to your mothers birthday party!"

She was walking up to him and yelling at the same time. But all was quiet when Squall pulled out the Orchids.

"Happy Birthday Mom," He said as he kissed her on the cheek, "These are for you."

"Oh, dearest, you…" She was shocked, she looked at him and he was smiling, "Why are you smiling dear?"

Squall tired hard not to smiled, but the thought of Rinoa made him smiled, "Oh mother it's nothing, I'm just happy that it's your birthday."

She smiled and hugged her son, "Oh thank you for the flowers, these are beautiful, and they're not roses," she said as she looked behind her. There were many bunch of roses sitting on the table, "You are very kind son for picking out different flowers from everyone else."

Everybody in the back groan.

She kissed her son on the cheek and then went to go admire the Orchid that she just had gotten.

Just then Tidus came up to him, "Why are you smiling Squall?"

He looked at him and chuckled, "It's nothing."

"Whatever, you haven't smiled in months!" he said as he followed Squall into the kitchen.

"Really it's nothing," He said once again.

"Who's the girl," Tidus asked.

He turned around, "Nobody…"

"Oh, so you met a girl?" Tidus asked.

"It's nobody Ti," he said and then left to his room.

Tidus smirked, 'I'll find out sooner or later Squall.'

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