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The Flower Shop


"MOMMY!" yelled the six year old child; she pointed to the boy who stood two feet away from her, "Hero kicked me!"

Hero, her twin, looked back at her, "No I didn't!" he turn to his mom, "mom, I didn't do it!" he cried lightly.

"Its okay baby," Rinoa answered him, "Heaven probably thought you did it on purpose."

"Mommy," Heaven started, "What does puurpos mean?" she asked.

"It means that he did it because he wanted to, but Hero didn't do it because he wanted it, he didn't mean to hurt you, Heaven," Rinoa answered her. Just then Squall entered from the front door.

"Daddy," she yelled as she ran towards him, "I miss you."

Squall laughed, "I miss you too, my little girl," he kissed her on her head and came over to Rinoa; he planted a kiss on Rinoa's lips and then played with his son's hair. "Did I make you wait long?" he asked Rinoa.

"You always do," She said as she picked up Hero. She walked towards the living room, with Squall following her, "Hero, baby, what do you say we got visit Aunt Rikku and Aunt Yuna?"

Hero nodded, "Will I get to see the others?"

"Sure you will," Squall answered.

"Skylin and Emma too?" Heaven asked.

"Hugo too!?" Hero yelled.

"Yeah, are you ready to go see them?" Rinoa asked.

The children screamed and laughed. Rinoa and Squall got into the car and drove to Reji's place, they were going to have a picnic .

"Okay," Tidus said as he spoke into the phone, "Yeah, yeah, make a left, okay… how long you staying again?" he asked, "Oh, that's great, alright, see ya."

"TI!" Yuna yelled out, "Can you please help me by taking Hugo away!?"

Tidus sighed and went over to pick up his son, who was seven. Just then Skylin came up to him, "Daddy! Hugo was being mean to me!"

"Is that so?" Tidus asked and looked at his son who he was holding, "Were you Hugo?"

"Well," Hugo started, "She took my toy so I hit her."

Tidus sighed, "Say you're sorry Hugo."

Hugo pouted, "I'm sorry Skylin."

Skylin then gave his toy back and smiled, "It's okay," she then went off, she was five years old. "Mommy! Mommy! I see Emma!" Skylin yelled as she ran off.

Emma giggled as she ran towards Skylin, she was also five, "Lets go play!" Skylin and Emma ran off.

"Yuna!" Rikku smiled as she hugged her.

Yuna returned it, "I see that your daughter is doing well."

"Yeah," Rikku answered, "so is your children."

"Yeah, it's all my work, Tidus just sits," Yuna said as she looked back. Tidus was glaring at her, "Just messing honey!" Yuna yelled back.

Tidus was still holding on to Hugo.

"Hey!" Gippal started, "How you doing Hugo?"

He just smiled, "Hi Uncle Gippy," he said and hugged him.

Gippal hugged him back and then let him go, "Tidus, Rikku's pregnant again."

"That's great!" Tidus said and smiled, "Yuna doesn't know if she could take another one."

Gippal just laughed, "Look, here's Squall and Terry them."

Hero, along with Keilin joined Hugo, and Heaven joined the girls. Squall and Terry joined Gippal and Tidus.

Rinoa came up to Rikku and Yuna with Reji next to her, "Old times," was what Reji said.

Rinoa just laughed, "I guess."

"Yeah," Rikku smiled, "I'm pregnant."

They all screamed with excitement and went on catching up on stuff.

Just then another car pulled up and Lenne and Shuyin came out of the car with their child, Ben.

"Guy's, this is my brother! Shuyin, and his wife, Lenne," Tidus said and everybody greeted them as they joined the picnic. They shared laughter's and played games together. It's been so long since they've been at peace.

Yuna smiled at Tidus, "I'm lucky to fall in love with you," She said as she watch her children run around.

Tidus just chuckled, "You don't know how lucky I am to have met you," he said and kissed her.

"You have to thank Jaylin, okay," Yuna said to him.

Tidus sighed, "I already did, like every single day I do." Yuna just laughed at him and kissed him.

Soon all the other couples made out.

"Ewww…" Hugo said, "What are they doing?"

"It's called 'Kissing'," Emma answered him.

"How do you know that?" Hugo asked.

"My daddy told me," She smiled, "You want to see?"

"What?" Hugo was confused.

Emma then placed a shy kiss on Hugo's lips.

"Ewww!" Hero yelled, "Hugo has cooties now! Run away!" (AN: is that how you spell cooties? Lolx iono)

"No I don't!" Hugo yelled and looked at Emma, "Take it back!"

Emma was confused, "What?"

"Take your cooties back!" he yelled.

Emma started to cry, "but I want you to have it."

The adults laughed and calmed the children's.

"Daddy does Hugo have cooties know?" Skylin asked Tidus.

Tidus didn't know how to answer, "I don't know."

"Hero doesn't want to play with Hugo cause Hugo has cooties," Skylin said.

Tidus laughed, "Maybe you should give Hero cooties too, then he has to play with Hugo."

Yuna smacked Tidus on the arm, "Honey don't say that to Sky."

"Okay!" Skylin smiled and ran off to Hero.

Yuna glared at Tidus, "Tidus!"

Tidus just grinned, "What?"

Skylin went up to Rinoa, "Aunty?" she started.

"Yes Skylin?" Rinoa asked. "What would you like?"

"Where is Hero?"


"I want to give him my cooties," she said to Rinoa.

Rinoa's eyes widen, "what? You want to give him cooties?"

Skylin nodded, "is that okay?"

Rinoa just laughed, "Sure, he's over there," she said and pointed to the table.

"Thank you Aunty," Skylin said and went over to the table.

"What was that all about?" Squall asked, "I heard a lot about cooties." Rinoa just laughed and walked off.

Hero was talking to Keilin when Skylin came up to him.

"Hero-kun?" Skylin started.

"Yes?" Hero asked, "What do you want?"

"I have a gift to give you, close your eyes," Skylin said.

"Um, okay?" Hero answered and closed his eyes.

Skylin then placed a small kiss on Hero's lips.

Hero opened his eyes and blushed lightly, "COOTIES!" he yelled and wiped his mouth, "Why did you do that?"

"I told you it's a gift, now you could play with Hugo, cause you have cooties!" Skylin said and giggled.

"But I don't have cooties how am I suppose to play with them?" Keilin asked.

Skylin shrugged and then looked at Heaven, "Go steal Heaven's cooties!"

Keilin looked at Heaven who was sitting with Rinoa. "Okay," he said and went over. He then stood in front of Heaven and smiled.

Heaven just smiled, "Yes Keilin-kun?"

"Can I steal your cooties?" he asked.

"I don't know, do I have any?" Heaven asked, "Mommy do I have cooties?"

Rinoa just laughed and nodded.

"Okay," Heaven smiled. Just then Keilin pecked Heaven on the lips lightly and smiled, "Thank you Heaven," he said and ran off.

Heaven was confused and then looked at Rinoa, "Mommy, what did he do?"

"He kissed you," Rinoa said.

"So," Reji started as she sat next to Rinoa, "When do you plan on Heaven and Keilin's wedding?"

Rinoa just laughed at Reji.

Heaven shrugged and ran off to play with the others.

"I think we're bad influences," Rikku said as she witnessed all the kids kissing each other.

"It's okay," Gippal said and smiled as he kissed Rikku, "They'll all grow to undersatnd it."

Hugo, Hero, and Keilin was now playing with each other, after that cooties problem, the girls didn't have a problem with it. Until Heaven started to cry.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Squall asked her.

"Daddy, Keilin stole my cooties!" Heaven said, "I want them back!"

Squall chuckled, "Um, Honey, you still have lots of cooties."

"Really?" Heaven asked.

Squall nodded, "Yeah, Keilin only took a little, you still a lot left."

"Really!" Heaven was happy and ran off.

"I think cooties is a big problem guys," Rinoa said to her friends. But they all just laughed about it.

The Flower Shop was still the same, the girls were still working there, business has been good, it's was because they were famous for being wives of Tidus, Squall and Gippal. But it was good because of a great community. Lenne and Shuyin moved back to Japan after 3 months. Zell came back with a wife and has two sons.

Everything fitted perfectly. Their children married each other too. Keilin married Heaven. Hero married Skylin, and Hugo married Emma. Ben, Shuyin's son, married Melody, which was Gippal's second daughter, he then had a son soon after Melody. Zell's son, Paul married Cecilia, which was Squall's daughter. Zell's other son, Timothy married Terry's daughter, Molly.


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