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Summary: (sequel to In the Shoes of a Shopaholic) Shopaholic Sakura is back! And this time, she's armed with a gorgeous diamond ring… because Syaoran proposed to her! Sakura is thrilled – so many choices, from Chanel to Vera Wang… But soon, her marital bliss is overshadowed by the cons of marriage – and she's not sure if it really is fab being married.



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Shopaholic Walks Down the Aisle

Chapter 4 – Shopaholic Matures?




I'm a grown woman now.

I have always been, but it's like I've gone through puberty all over again. Minus the thoughts of how I might have a tumor because of the unfamiliar blood in the toilet… or the first time I shaved and walked around, oblivious to my razor burns…

No, I'm engaged, thanks to this gorgeous ring!

And I'm moving out of the flat I've lived with Tomoyo in since we got out of high school.

I have grown up…

But as Tomoyo and I watch the movers do their job, we can't help but sniff. I mean, was our home, but Tomoyo got married, and now I'm getting married. We've moved on. Grown up. It's just so tragic… This is such an emotional moment…

I mean, sure, Syaoran's place is as luxurious as the Four Seasons in Vegas, which I've yet to spend a night at… but…

Tomoyo gives another sob and squeezes my hand. "I don't believe," she says for the thirtieth time, "You're moving out!" We begin to sob out in unison and hug each other. I see Syaoran sigh as he enters the flat, still talking on his cell. He reaches in his pockets for a smoke, but catches my eyes and stops. He sighs again before frowning, his eyes dropping to arctic temperatures.

"Yeah, but the fucking reason I have a fucking assistant is for fucking situations like this, right?" his jaw clenches – bad sign, "What's the point of paying him what I pay when shit like this happens?" he pauses and looks onto the boxes the movers are carrying out, his eyes softening a little. He covers the receiver and gapes at me, "They're still moving your shoes?"

"They take up more room when they're in their boxes!" I fluster.

"You kept the shoe boxes?"

"It's for sorting them out later!" I explain patiently.

Syaoran sighs, defeated, and switches back to his pissed-off-work-mode. "Alright, just shut the fuck up for a moment! I'm the boss, remember?" He heads out to the now-empty balcony. It's probably that new dimwit who's supposed to help him with some new deal…



It takes another hour for the flat to be cleared, and for Tomoyo and me to stop crying. We wipe the floors until the flat looks brand new.

Tomoyo sighs. "Well, it looks like it's ready. I should get going," she grimaces, "I'm meeting my mom in a bit."

I nod and hug her. "Thanks for coming."

She smiles, waves at Syaoran and heads out. I sigh out loud as Syaoran comes to kiss me.

"Ready to go?" he says, pocketing his cell phone.

I pause to look around the apartment for the last time. "Yeah," I say and force myself to exit the flat, then the building without a tear.

I've grown up. And it's only 12 o' clock.



Soon, we're in Syaoran's $100,000 penthouse in the centre of the Big Apple. I have the perfect keychain for my new set of keys. It's silver – like my ring – and has lttle charms of a purse, a shoe and a shopping bag.

Anyways, the apartment is amazing. It's so modern and sexy, furnished in real subtle earthy toned furniture. I love the wooden floor… and the long, wide windows overlooking the city… The windows are etched all across the side of the living room, right beside the foyer. I love it…

Syaoran immediately sighs at the boxes scattered in his… our house.

"This house is screaming for a housekeeper…" he mutters before taking off his shoes and loosening his tie. "Nope," I raise my chin as I look around the familiar place. "I can cook and clean."

Enjoy this moment, Sakura… cook something up! "I know!" I clap my hands together. "I'll make sandwiches!" Syaoran instantly grimaces and holds my hand. "I don't want you cutting your pretty fingers off, Sakura," he sighs dramatically and reaches for the phone, dialing a number I recognize.

I frown as he raises his eyebrows at me. "Hello? Pizza Hut?"

I gape at him in disbelief. He's ordering pizza for our First Lunch Together In Our Newly Shared Apartment? That's just not cool!

Syaoran orders and hangs up, grinning and hugging my shoulders. "At least no harm will be done to you except a few extra calories," he kisses my pout. I like pizza, but this is just insulting!

Hmph. Just because I tend to make things a bit burnt…



So, all day, we eat the pizza and begin to clean up. It was really cool, because I used to basically only come here for… uh… nights. And not usually to relax and clean like this. The only place without boxes is the kitchen, with its cool marble breakfast counters and stools. We hang some pictures up, unpack my boxes, make out on the floor, wipe the floors, make out some more on the couch… and it goes on.

This is a joyous and intimate moment you know? It wouldn't be surprising if we were already clothes-less. Which is kind of true… because my shirt's lying on the couch there, and Syaoran's shirt is somewhere in the bathroom. He spilled coke on it. Not me. Really.

And now, we're both slumped out in the living room and all the boxes have actually been unpacked and thrown away. It's almost eleven, but the day can't be over yet… I mean, it's our "First Day of Sharing Apartment" Day. Being the younger one with more stamina (I smirk inwardly), I crawl over behind him and place my chin on his shoulder.

Feeling all giddy, I begin nibbling at his earlobe, getting his attention. "Syaoran," I whisper huskily, "Maybe we could just wind down… and see where the night takes us..."

Oh God. I'm going to giggle. Where'd that just come from? See where the night takes us, oh man.

Syaoran's lips are twitching suspiciously, too. He leans back and nuzzles my neck before sliding down to lie down on my knees. "I love you," he whispers, pushing away strands of ever-so-messy hair. Now I really got the giggles…

Life is perfect.

"I love you too," I whisper back. I feel his hand move up my stomach and cup my breast as I lean down to kiss him. (Sort of like the Spider-man kiss.)

And let's just say… the Night led us pretty far.


Stupid Night.

Now I can't even hold my coffee. I hope I don't spill it on Syaoran again. I yawn, accidentally cracking my neck and stretching my aching back. Man, I bet Syaoran's hiding a pack of Viagra somewhere. Seriously… Well, if he actually is using it, I can't complain.

I drain my coffee and place it in the sink before following Syaoran out of his flat. I mean, our flat. I think he feels as rigid as I do, because he winces when he bends down to get into his car. I guess I was wrong about daily sex in marriage… but sex burns calories!

After we've all got our essentials - more coffee from Starbucks, muffins and the daily papers, we've arrived at work. We enter through the stupid rolling doors. I nearly trips but he grabs me just in time, clicking his tongue. It was a perfect moment to show the company that we are, in fact engaged and very much in love. So are pucker up and make ready to kiss fully on the lips…

But before I could, we were attacked by the brightest flash I've ever experienced. It kept coming from all directions in rapid fire as I stood, still in Syaoran's arms. I feel myself stagger as I realize the entire huge lobby is full of reporters and cameramen. Cameras and microphones are shoved into our faces, flashes continue to fire.

"Sakura, how does it feel to be engaged one of New York's most successful man?"

"Syaoran, is it awkward to have your fiancée working for you?"

"Can you describe your secret engagement party to us?"

"Syaoran, what's your comment on Emily Lauren's new boyfriend?"

I nervously glance at Syaoran. His face is stony, his jaw clenched. Oh shit. I wince as I prepare myself for his scary outburst.

"SECURITY!" he yells so loudly that the reporters flinch, one actually dropping his camera.

Syaoran grabs my hand and walks towards the elevators as the security guards rush to make a path for us. As soon as the elevator doors close, he relaxes. I catch my breath as he pulls me into a hug.

"I guess word spreads fast," I breathe. He nods, sighing and ruffling his hair.

We finally exit onto our peaceful and quiet floor. "Well," he pecks me on the cheek, "I'll se you later." He disappears into his office. I slump down on my chair, still numb with the light spots in my view.

I nearly fall down my chair as the phone gives a shrill ring. Line one, line two, line three… all blinking. Shit. Here I go again.

I clear my throat and pick up the phone. "Syaoran Li's office."

"OH MY GAWD! Are you like, his fiancée? HII! I'm like, Syaoran's, like, ex-, ex-, ex-…"

I roll my eyes and flick to line two. "Syaoran Li's office."

"Hello," says a more mature woman, "This is Kim Height, and I am a lawyer specializing in divorce."

I wince.

"May I please congratulate Mr. Li and Ms. Kinomoto on their engagement. If they're possibly looking for a lawyer in the future for divorce, my number is-"

"Yes, thank you," I snap, "Good day to you too." I hang up.

I get engaged and they want us to consider divorce? HA!

I pick up line three. "Syaoran Li's office."

"Hello," an old man greets, "This is Maple Funeral Homes. May we be the first to congratulate on Mr. Li and Ms. Kinomoto's betrothal."

I gape at the receiver.

"What better present is there than adjacent lots for the happy couple? There is a perfect-"

"Yes, I don't think that's necessary… yet. Thank you," I hang up.

Maybe we should be cremated instead… NO, Sakura! Don't listen to them! They're just doing their jobs. They want us to divorce then die.

I pick up line one and smoothly hang up. I'm good… until the phone rings again. Oh God. I forgot. Syaoran's like, a media favourite these days… because, well, of me! And the endless phone calls and emails prove that…



It isn't until around noon I actually have time to read my papers…

Oh look… Syaoran and me… more us… and more us…

Headlines scream out, "New York's Most Waited Wedding" and "NYC's Newest Hot Engagement!" I can't help but grin at all this publicity! And to think I look hot in all these pictures, and not half-blinking or half-naked, like last time…

I flip through my Vogue and nearly choke on my coffee.


Me walking into Barney's in my sexy, lux black Chanel jacket, outlined with silver chains, a black shirt, white Guess skirts and huge Chanel shades… topped with a Chanel layered chain necklace.

I look hot. When did this happen? Wow… I never knew… I've got to keep wearing hot clothes!

The caption reads, "The Mrs. Syaoran Li-to-be, Sakura Kinomoto, 23, knows how to pull off a simple and sexy look! Wrapped in Chanel and Guess, she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Oh wow. I'm sexy. I can pull off a sexy look. Oh wow!! I have to cut this page out and show it to Syaoran, then keep it in an album to show our children…

I eagerly flip through Star magazine and grin as I see me on the CHIC girl of the week! I think this was when I getting out to go clubbing with Syaoran, because I'm wearing khaki capris, a creamy cardigan and a black tank top that shows off my for-once flat stomach and my belly ring! Oh man.

"Looks like the soon-to-be-the-bride-of-Syaoran-Li is ready to party! She looks flirty and slim in the boyish capris, which she glammed up with her shirt and her heels."

I giggle to myself and spin around in my chair. I'm becoming a celebrity! I take a moment to stare down the window overlooking the busy street. The pin-thin girls and women in designer clothes… they'll all see my fabness!

Speaking of fabness…

I starer down at my ring and smirk.

I think I just might go down and talk to the girls…

Life is good. Life is perfect. Nothing can go wrong!

I mean, Syaoran and I are the new Nick and Jessica! It's a match made in heaven…



Chapter 4 – Shopaholic Matures? - End


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